AoE Looting, Aetherblade and more!
Tuesday 11th of June 2013

As always the update to the dat file holds more secrets. A few of the earlier items I've found now have finalized strings (expect them soon) and here are some other interesting new things.

AoE Loot is comming!
109710_0931    AoE Loot    
109710_0930    Automatically loot all lootable objects in a radius around you.
109822_0170    AoE Loot On Interact
109822_0171    AoE Loot whenever you press the Interact key.
WvW Booster:
109710_0926    Increase your WvW skills faster.
109710_0927    Gain an additional 50%% World vs World experience from kills for one hour.
Some new mini pets:
109817_0231    Mini Holographic Branded Minotaur
109817_0232    Mini Holographic Axe-Wielding Destroyer
109817_0233    Mini Holographic Corrupted Wolf
109817_0234    Mini Holographic Colossus
109817_0235    Mini Holographic Risen Knight
109710_0759    Contains 1 of each of these Miniatures:
                            * Holographic Axe-Wielding Destroyer
                            * Holographic Branded Minotaur
                            * Holographic Corrupted Wolf
             Combine the 3 miniatures in the Mystic Forge with the "Mini Holographic Risen Knight" from a Dragon Coffer to receive a "Mini Holographic Colossus."
And a little bit more info on those ((DELETE ME!)) Aetherblade achievements (not going to spoil the story):
109624_0261    Complete %num2% Aetherblade achievements.
109624_0267    Against the Aetherblades
109624_0270    Aetherblade Achievements: %num1%/%num2%
109624_0273    Recover Aetherblade caches from across Tyria and the Mists.
109624_0279    Caching Out
109624_0280    Caches Recovered: %num1%/%num2%
109624_0289    Recover the Aetherblade cache from Goemm's Lab located in Metrica Province.
109624_0292    Mad Cache
109624_0327    Cache Recovered: %num1%/%num2%
109624_0881    Recover the Aetherblade cache from the Hidden Garden located in Mount Maelstrom.
109624_0883    Cantle Cache
109624_0889    Cache Recovered: %num1%/%num2%
109626_0167    Recover the Aetherblade cache from Fawcett's Bounty located in Harathi Hinterlands.
109626_0225    Shipshape Cache
109626_0230    Recover the Aetherblade cache from Obsidian Sanctum inside World vs. World.
109626_0252    Blackout Cache
109626_0256    Recover the Aetherblade cache from Vexa's Lab located in Flameheart Rise.
109626_0283    Vexxing Cache
109626_0290    Recover the Aetherblade cache from the Tears of Itlaocol located in Caledon Forest.
109626_0295    Weeping Cache
109626_0316    Recover the Aetherblade cache from Sector Zuhl, in Timberline Falls.
109626_0319    Troll Cache
109626_0328    Kill Aetherblade in the following Ascalonian maps: Plains of Ashford, Diessa Plateau, Fields of Ruin, Blazeridge Steppes, Iron Marches, and Fireheart Rise.
109626_0342    Aetherblades of Ascalon
109626_0379    Ascalon Aetherblades Killed: %num1%/%num2%
109627_0580    Kill Aetherblades in the following Krytan maps: Queensdale, Kessex Hills, Gendarran Fields, Harathi Hinterlands, Bloodtide Coast, and Southsun Cove.
109627_0582    Aetherblades of Kryta
109627_0701    Krytan Aetherblades Killed: %num1%/%num2%
109628_0174    Kill Sky Pirates in the the following Maguuma Jungle maps: Caledon Forest, Metrica Province, Brisban Wildlands, Sparkfly Fen, and Mount Maelstrom.
109628_0373    Aetherblades in the Jungle
109628_0375    Maguuma Jungle Aetherblades Killed: %num1%/%num2%
109628_0415    Kill Aetherblades in the following Shiverpeak Mountains maps: Wayfarer Foothills, Snowden Drifts, Lornar's Pass, Dredgehaunt Cliffs, Timberline Falls, and Frostgorge Sound.
109628_0442    Aetherblades of the Shiverpeaks
109628_0449    Shiverpeaks Aetherblades Killed: %num1%/%num2%
109626_0819    Unfriendly Skies
109626_0854    Aetherblade Airship Destroyed: %num1%/%num2%
109627_0481    ((Pew Pew Pew))
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I will keep this post up to date with more info if necessary.