Dishonorable, mini pets, MOTD, armors and much more from the DAT file!
Tuesday 23rd of July 2013
Hello everybody! This update was a bit larger than expected, enjoy!

New mini pet series
109813_0764    Series 2 Miniatures! Now Available!
109813_0767    This pack comes with 3 randomly selected minis (2 common and 1 uncommon) to add to your collection. Minis are tiny models of your favorite monsters and characters from the world of Tyria.
Royal Terrace
109813_0777    Special Access Pass!
109813_0825    Gain entry to the Royal Terrace in Divinity's Reach.
                * Asura Gates to All Cities
                * Crafting Stations
                * Bank and Guild Bank Access
                * Mystic Forge
                * Merchants 
                * And more! All within easy reach, for those who enjoy the ultimate convenience.
"Unlimited" salvaging
109814_0312    Salvage  Without the Fuss!
109814_0321    This basic salvage tool can break down items an unlimited number of times, but each use costs a small fee. It does not recover upgrades from armor or weapons.
Time limited consumables
109817_0446    Banker Golem[s] (2 weeks)
Armor and weapon sets
109814_0306    Use this ticket to select a special helmet skin.
109817_0454    New weapon skins available!
109819_0076    Contains a single-use armor skin for heavy helm, coat, legs, boots, shoulders and gloves.
109819_0231    Contains a single-use armor skin for medium helm, coat, legs, boots, shoulders and gloves.    
109819_0233    Contains a single-use armor skin for light helm, coat, legs, boots, shoulders and gloves.
109819_0860    Braham's Warboots
109819_0861    Braham's Chestplate[s]
109819_0865    Braham's Gauntlets
109819_0868    Braham's Warhelm[s]
109819_0869    Braham's Legplates
109819_0872    Braham's Pauldrons
109820_0025    Phoenix Shoes
109820_0026    Phoenix Vest[s]
109820_0027    Phoenix Gloves
109820_0028    Phoenix Mask[s]
109820_0029    Phoenix Pants
109820_0051    Phoenix Mantle[s]
109820_0052    Magitech Boots
109820_0053    Magitech Jerkin[s]
109820_0054    Magitech Armguards
109820_0063    Magitech Helmet[s]
109820_0075    Magitech Leggings
109820_0076    Magitech Shoulderpads
Treasure hunting
109605_0298    Double-click this item to place an X on your map, then dig at that location to create a treasure event for all nearby players.
109605_0299    Treasure Map[s]
109814_0424    Find Buried Treasure!
109814_0425    Using one of these maps marks a hidden treasure location on your map. Treasures may be guarded by hostile enemies. 
Guild MOTD
109840_1006    Message of the day for ____: ____
PvP Dishonorable
109840_0728    You are considered Dishonorable because you've repeatedly abandoned your team during rated PvP matches. You may not participate in PvP until this effect expires.
109840_0729    Dishonorable
109841_0016    You cannot join this match because you have been dishonorable. Please wait before joining another match.
109840_1011    Leaderboard[s]
109840_1012    View the leaderboards online.
Game optimization
109841_0003    Character Quality:
109841_0004    Character Limit:
109841_0005    Limit detail of particle effects.
109841_0006    Effect LOD
LFG Update
109840_1004    LFG System Abuse
109840_1005    Reporting a player for inappropriate use of the LFG System sending a notification to the GM team. GMs may conduct a careful review of that player's behavior. If it is confirmed that the player has been using inappropriate group descriptions, frequently disrupting multiple groups or disbanding other groups' parties, that player's account may be banned.
109840_1013    Your Group
109840_1014    Group content designed for parties of 5 players. Dungeons are broken into easier Story mode experiences that let you fight alongside Destiny's Edge, learning more about their story, and the more challenging Explorable mode which requires more coordination and skill.
109840_1015    A scaling 5-man dungeon displaced by time and space that records players progress every three incidents as they delve deeper into the mists.
109840_1016    As the ever evolving world of Tyria changes new stories and dungeons will appear. Like minded adventurers should gather here to find others looking for help with the current content.
109840_1017    The story of your character in the world of Tyria.
109840_1018    Structured Player vs. Player where everyone is fighting on an even level. All skills and traits are unlocked for 3 capture point Conquest style maps.
109840_1019    Large scale conflicts where three worlds face off against each other in a 3-way fight for domination. All players are scaled up to level 80.
109840_1020    You cannot join a party while the following player(s) are in instances:
WvW / sPvP finisher update
109797_0973    Stomp Your Enemies
109797_0974    Crush your opponents with a falling cow finishing move in PvP and WvW. This is a permanent account unlock.
109797_0976    Crush Your Enemies
109797_0977    Crush your opponents with Whump, the giant's finishing move in PvP and WvW. This is a permanent account unlock.
109797_0979    Customize Your PvP Finisher
109797_0980    This modifies your finishing move in PvP and WvW combat. This is a permanent account unlock.
109797_0982    Send your opponents back to the grave in PvP and WvW. This is a permanent account unlock.
109797_0983    Be a Thorn in Your Enemies Side
109797_0984    Summon a lethal bramble finishing move in PvP and WvW. This is a permanent account unlock.
109797_0986    Use a Super Bomb on Your Enemies
109797_0988    Blast your opponents away with a Super Adventure Box Super Bomb finishing move in PvP and WvW. This is a permanent account unlock.
109797_0989    Destroy Your Enemies with Snow
109797_0990    Crush your opponents with a deadly snowman in PvP and WvW. This is a permanent account unlock.
109797_0992    Scare Your Enemies
109797_0993    Feed your opponent to the birds with this finishing move in PvP and WvW. This is a permanent account unlock.
109797_0995    Finish your opponent by plunging a sword through them in PvP and WvW. This is a permanent account unlock.
109797_0996    Buy an Assassin
109797_0997    Summon a shadowy assassin for a finishing move in PvP and WvW. This is a permanent account unlock.
New WvW Ranks
Platinum Invader ____ Legend
Mithril Invader  ____ Legend
Diamond Invader  ____ Legend
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  • The bank slot expansion and exclusive hairstyles strings have been upped a notch as well