Alternate Universe - Evon Gnashblade wins - mail and audio from the dat file
Monday 5th of August 2013

As promised (and to get rid of people who keep insisting it was fixed from the start) I've made a small compilation of the things that would've happened if Gnashblade had won. Enjoy!
In-game mail:

Hello to Lion's Arch, and to all my supporters. You're in a league all your own. The Ship's Council has awarded me the seat, and I'm ready to get to the business of making us all a little richer. Here's how.
I'm going to enact the following changes:
  • Discounted Black Lion keys for four weeks.
  • I'll work with the Fractals to research the fall of Abaddon.
  • I'll dig into the secrets behind the Molten Alliance and Aetherblade pirates!
  • I'll sponsor a weekly rotation of more Southsun Survival, Sanctum Sprint, Keg Brawl, and Crab Toss games, just to keep things spicy!
—Captain Evon Gnashblade