Upcoming features and changes from the latest dat file!
Tuesday 6th of August 2013

Hi everyone, although I'm sick to the bone at this moment I've managed to mine the latest stuff from the dat file, I've also changed the title (as requested) of my posts so that it doesn't spoil stuff anymore. And I'm trying a new layout.
Back to sleep for me.. enjoy!

109627_0671 Double-click to randomly reassign a character's appearance settings: height, body type, skin color, markings, face, and hair. Race, gender, and profession will remain the same. This item will be consumed when finished.
109628_0097 Random Makeover Potion[s]
109629_0520 Random Hair Tonic[s]
Bank space
109780_0685 Double-click to increase the maximum stack size of all bank collections by 250.
109780_0686 Collection Expander
Anniversary (not your birthday)
109837_0747 A thank you to all who celebrate our first anniversary by playing Guild Wars 2 with us. All those who play on August 28, 2013 receive 200 free Gems.
109837_0748 Guild Wars 2 First Anniversary
109837_0749 First Anniversary Attended
109838_0212 Receive 200 free Gems for logging in on August 28, 2013.
Advanced Transmutation
109841_0956 Recover Transmuted
109841_0957 Will return the original appearance item and stats item from an existing transmuted item. All items will remain soulbound.
109841_0958 Recover Upgrades
109841_0959 This tool will remove the upgrade from any item, without destroying either the upgrade or the item.
109841_0960 Customize your Stats!
109841_0961 Change the stats combination once on a particular piece of equipment. Item will become soulbound. Combination choices are limited by item type, level, and rarity.
109842_0205 Item Stat Changer
109842_0206 Double-click to separate a transmuted item into the two base items it is made from. If the target item has been transmuted more than once, only the current appearance item and the current stat item will be recovered.
109842_0207 Transmutation Splitter[s]
109842_0208 Removes the upgrade from any item, without destroying the item.
109842_0209 Upgrade Removal Tool
Secret Treasure Maps
109842_0035 Secret Treasure Map
109842_0034 Use this map while in the Iron Marches to track down hidden treasure
109842_0037 Use this map while in Fireheart Rise to track down hidden treasure
109842_0039 Use this map while in Mount Maelstrom to track down hidden treasure
109842_0040 Use this map while in Frostgorge Sound to track down hidden treasure
109842_0041 Use this map while in Sparkfly Fen to track down hidden treasure
109842_0050 Double-click to salvage crafting materials from an item in your inventory. 10% chance of rarer materials. 20% chance of recovering upgrades. Requires 3 copper per use.
109842_0051 Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic
Royal Terrace
109842_0053 Grants access to the Royal Terrace in Divinity's Reach. Redeemable at any time. Expires two weeks after first use. Double-click to display the pass.
109842_0054 Royal Pass (2 weeks)
Consumable Portals
109842_0077 Double-click to receive a bundle item that can create a portal between two locations.
109842_0078 Watchwork Portal Device[s]
109842_0079 Reverse-engineered plans for a personal portal.
109842_0080 Recipe[s]: Watchwork Portal Device
109843_0106 Supply Master I: Pick Up Supply Faster
109843_0107 Supply Master III: Gain Courier Speed for a Short Duration
109843_0108 Movement speed increased by 50%
109843_0109 Courier Speed
109843_0111 Supply Master IV: Chance to Get Back Some of Your Supply That Is Spent
109843_0112 This buff is to track the cooldown on Supply master 4-5
109843_0113 Supply Master V: Your Placed Siege Sites Are Invulnerable for a Short Duration
109843_0114 Supply Master II: Gain Swiftness When You Spend All Your Supply
109842_0519 Scarlet Encounter
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