Upcoming features from the Queen's Speech
Tuesday 20th of August 2013

Hello everybody, I'm in a bit of a hurry but it doesn't look like I've missed anything important this update. I will take another look later so stay tuned for updates!

Edit: Looked through all data once more and I've added a loading screen and WvW booster.
One giant PSA:
This update does not contain any information about the next story (no models, no audio, no text). Or in other words, Anet has stopped streaming story content in advance. Either they are actually starting to crack down on data mining or they really want to keep the next update a secret..
Only time will tell if I will still be able to write these posts, but to be honest I fear we might have blew it.

109844_0302 Congratulations! It's the anniversary of your account activation, and in recognition of your last year of heroic deeds in Tyria, here is a gift from us to you. Thanks for playing Guild Wars 2!
109844_0303 The Guild Wars 2 Team
109844_0304 Happy Birthday, ____
Mini Pets
109621_0572 Miniature Collection—Set II
109844_0264 Minis 3-Pack[s] (Set 2)
109844_0265 Mini Twisted Horror
109844_0266 Mini Twisted Reaver
109844_0267 Mini Enraged Twisted Nightmare
109844_0268 Mini Twisted Nightmare
109844_0269 Mini Ice Imp
109844_0270 Mini Twisted Mender
109598_0983 Mini Seraph Juggernaut
109604_0058 Mini Seraph Recruit
109604_0060 Mini Bandit Scout
109604_0066 Mini Bandit Saboteur
109604_0068 Mini Bandit Cutpurse
109604_0070 Mini River Drake
109604_0079 Mini Modniir Ice Sage
109604_0080 Mini Skarn Darkhoof
109604_0081 Mini Harathi Sharpshooter
109604_0082 Mini Tamini Warrior
109604_0086 Mini Seraph Archer
109604_0089 Mini Ragar Shardhammer
109604_0091 Mini Svanir Hunter
109604_0094 Mini Wolfborn Berserker
109604_0096 Mini Wolfborn Shaman
109604_0098 Mini Wolfborn Hunter
109604_0101 Mini Wolfborn
109604_0103 Mini Frost Fang
109604_0110 Mini Dredge Resonator
109604_0111 Mini Dredge Strazar
109604_0116 Mini Shaman Of Jormag
109604_0117 Mini Swamp Drake
109604_0119 Mini Swamp Spider
109604_0121 Mini Eelob Poisonfang
109604_0125 Mini Hylek Tlamatini
109604_0127 Mini Hylek Cuicani
109604_0129 Mini Hylek Amini
109604_0131 Mini High Inquisitor Maut
109604_0132 Mini Inquest Golemcaster
109604_0133 Mini Inquest Extinguisher
109604_0134 Mini Inquest Technician
109604_0135 Mini Peacemaker Shocktrooper
109604_0138 Mini Zojja
109604_0139 Mini Peacemaker Sharpshot
109604_0140 Mini Peacemaker Soldier
244387_0358 Mini Black Moa
244387_0360 Mini Skale Brackish
244387_0362 Mini Lynx
Treasure Hunting
109818_0321 Stash Map
109818_0400 Locate Treasure
109818_0401 Search Area
109818_0772 Friendship Chest
109844_0314 Enjoy this free World vs. World XP Booster with our compliments, as you take part in warfare on an epic scale! To access WvW, press "B," then select which world you wish to enter, or hop through the asura gates in Lion's Arch that lead to the WvW borderlands. We'll see you on the battlefield!
109844_0315 Free WvW XP Booster Gift
109818_0159 For one hour, gain an additional 50% karma each time you earn karma. This does not affect karma gained from consumable items.
109844_0565 This does not affect karma gained from consumable items.
109844_0566 This item is not affected by karma boosters.
109844_0367 100% boost to magic find, karma gain, WvW rank gain, PvP glory gain, experience from kills, and gold from kills.
109844_0368 Birthday Bonus
109844_0369 200% increase in magic find and coin from kills.
109844_0370 Friend of the Game**
109844_0373 Increases WvW Experience gain by 50%.
109844_0374 50% WvW Experience Bonus
109832_0709 Double-click a stack of 250 to assemble a Twisted Watchwork Shoulder Skin.
109832_0710 Twisted Watchwork Shoulder Scrap[s]
109832_0711 Contains random objects of value. Random chance for Twisted Watchwork Shoulders.
109832_0769 Twisted Watchwork Shoulders
PvP Finisher
109828_0670 Double-click to permanently unlock the PvP Twisted Watchwork Finisher.
109828_0671 Permanent Twisted Watchwork Finisher
Trebuchet Mastery
109844_0511 Load Large Mega Explosive Shot
109844_0512 Trebuchet Mastery IV: Skill—Healing Oasis
109844_0513 Trebuchet Master IV: Skill - Water Well
109844_0514 Fire healing Oasis
109844_0515 Trebuchet Mastery I: Increases damage
109844_0516 Trebuchet Master I: Increases damage of skills by 20%
109844_0517 Trebuchet Mastery II: Cow ammo now drains supply from enemy players
109844_0520 Trebuchet Mastery III: Increases radius of all trebuchet skills
109844_0521 Trebuchet Mastery V: Basic shot now drains supply from hit supply depots
109844_0522 Trebuchet Master V: Base shot now drains supply from hit supply depots
LFG Update
109844_0572 Edit Party Description
109844_0573 Edit Description
109844_0574 Remove Party from LFG
109834_0131 Living World Dungeon (Cross World)
109834_0132 Find others to join you through this month's party-instanced content.
109834_0379 Need more party members? Click here for the LFG system.