Upcoming features from Tequatl Rising
Tuesday 17th of September 2013

Looks like we've got a bit more data than last time

Flame Ram Mastery
109848_0501 Flame Ram Mastery
109848_0435 Flame Ram Mastery V: Skill—Iron Will
109848_0432 Flame Ram Mastery IV: Skill—Impact Slam
109848_0431 Flame Ram Mastery III: Reduce the recharge on flame ram skills
109848_0426 Flame Ram Mastery II: Flame Blast now applies Structural Vulnerability to doors
109848_0436 Flame Ram Mastery I: Gain Iron Hide while operating flame rams
109848_0502 Improve flame ram skills
109848_0503 Improve your flame ram skills
109848_0504 Gain Iron Hide while interacting with the flame ram
109848_0505 Flame Blast now applies Structural Vulnerability to gates
109848_0506 Reduce recharge of flame ram skills
109848_0507 Skill: Slam Impact—Launch enemies on the other side of the door
109848_0508 Skill: Iron Will—Support skill that applies Iron Hide to nearby allies
109848_0424 Apply Iron Hide (50% damage reduction) to allies in an area.
109848_0433 Ram target with a forceful attack. Does extra damage to gates and launches foes on the other side of the gate.
109848_0427 1% extra damage per stack
109848_0428 Structural Vulnerability
109848_0429 Vent fire all around the ram, burning foes and applying Structural Vulnerability to gates.
109848_0430 Vent fire all around the ram, burning foes. Applies Structural Vulnerability to gates.
109848_0437 50% damage reduction
New dye sets
109817_0888 Deathly Dye Pack
109817_0887 Double-click to gain a random deathly dye color. Includes a chance at 1 of 6 exclusive colors.
109663_0219 Contains one random armor dye from a pool of 25 colors that includes six new, exclusive colors. Once a dye has been unlocked on a character, you can use it as many times as you want to color armor and town clothes. Dyes also can be used as components for Mystic Forge recipes.
109845_0327 Caustic
109845_0328 Acrid
109845_0329 Acid
109845_0330 Toxin
109845_0331 Swampblack
109845_0332 Algae
Unlimited pickaxe
109817_0442 Bone Pick
109817_0441 Used to mine all metals. Unlimited use.
PvP finisher
109848_0417 Vigil Megalaser Finisher
109811_0234 Blast your opponents with this Vigil Megalaser finishing move in PvP or WvW.
109812_0715 Limited-Use Vigil Megalaser Finisher[s]
109812_0717 Permanent Vigil Megalaser Finisher[s]
Mini pets
109831_0511 Tequatl's Revenge Mini Pack
109829_0547 Double-click to receive a miniature Risen Brute, Risen Thrall, and Risen Plague Carrier.
109662_0328 Contains 1 of each of the following miniatures: •Mini Risen Brute •Mini Risen Thrall •Mini Risen Plague Carrier
109755_0970 Mini Risen Thrall
109757_0165 Mini Risen Brute
109757_0171 Mini Risen Plague Carrier
109757_0172 Mini Risen Abomination
109759_0629 Mini Risen Hylek
109762_0512 Mini Tequatl the Sunless
109762_1019 Wings of the Sunless
109765_0908 Double-click to imbue another back-slot item's stats into this appearance (one-time ability).