Upcoming features from Twilight Assault
Tuesday 1st of October 2013

Extreme dungeon running
109818_0161 Half Life
109818_0167 ../.. Completed
109819_0060 Complete the dungeon with the 50 percent health gambit active.
109819_0061 l33t Less
109819_0062 Complete the dungeon without using utility or elite skills.
109822_0162 One Life to Live
109822_0163 Complete the dungeon without going downed or dying.
109822_0165 Man Down
109822_0166 Complete the dungeon with only 4 players, start to finish.
109822_0167 Touchdown
109822_0168 Complete the dungeon with a party member that is level 70 or lower.
109848_0989 Cobbled together from delicious candy corn.
109848_0990 Candy Corn Cob[s]
109850_0208 Grants you a bundle item that has 10 charges of red-, blue-, green-, and yellow-colored fireworks and a one-time finale firework that grants a 50% magic-find boost to all nearby allies. "No tricks—just treats and colors that can't be beat."
109850_0209 Hallows Fortune Fireworks
109850_0210 You cannot create a Hallows Fortune Fireworks Launcher right now.
109850_0211 Halloween Pail
109850_0236 Mini Bloody Prince Thorn[s]
109850_0237 Mini Ghost Carlotta[s]
109850_0238 Mini Candy Corn Elemental[s]
109850_0301 Get three special Halloween minis.
109850_0302 Spooky Pack[s]
109850_0308 Jack-in-the-Box Scythe[s]
109850_0281 Ghost Trick or Treater
109850_0282 Assassin Trick or Treater
109850_0283 Aviator Trick or Treater
Daily Activity
109850_0383 Activity: Gladiator
109850_0384 Activity: Assassin
109850_0387 Activity: Lunatic Inquisition
WvW Season 1
109850_0341 This key will unlock one WvW Season 1 Reward Chest containing rewards based on your server's performance in the previous season. WvW Season Reward Chests are awarded at the end of a WvW season to all players who achieved the meta-achievement for the season.
109850_0342 WvW Season 1 Reward Chest Key
109850_0343 WvW Season 1 Participation Bag
109850_0344 WvW Season 1 Achievement Chest
109850_0345 Contains rewards based on your world's performance in the previous WvW Season. Requires a WvW Season 1 Reward Chest Key to unlock
109850_0346 WvW Season 01 Reward Chest (Locked)
109850_0368 Here are your spoils for placing first in your League in WvW Season 1.