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Tuesday 26th of November 2013

109855_0502 Exclusive Gifts This Month with Gem Purchase!
109855_0503 Holiday Miniatures! (these are extremely cute)
109855_0574 Wintersday Minis 3-Pack[s]
109855_0504 Contains 1 of each of these miniatures: • Mini Fawn • Mini Puppy • Mini Arctic Fox Kit Each mini can be activated from your inventory to follow you around the world. Combine these three minis in the Mystic Forge with either 25 Ugly Wool Sweaters, 50 Ugly Wool Hats, or 100 Ugly Wool Socks to create a Mini Dolyak Calf.
109855_0544 Mini Fawn
109855_0545 Mini Arctic Fox Kit
109855_0546 Mini Puppy
109855_0547 Mini Dolyak Calf
Weapon skins
109855_0558 Cooling Rod
109855_0559 Safety Shield
Armor skins
109855_0577 Flamewrath Heavy Armor Skin[s]
109855_0578 Flamewalker Medium Armor Skin[s]
109855_0579 Flamekissed Light Armor Skin[s]
Helm skins
109855_0619 Heavy Stag Helm[s]
109855_0620 Stag Helm Skin[s]
109855_0621 Light Stag Helm[s]
109855_0623 Medium Stag Helm[s]
109855_0624 Heavy Grenth Hood[s]
109855_0625 Grenth Hood Skin[s]
109855_0627 Light Grenth Hood[s]
109855_0629 Medium Grenth Hood[s]
109855_0521 Recipe[s]: Superior Sigil of Momentum
109855_0520 Recipe[s]: Superior Rune of Resistance
Ascended gear
109855_0514 Double-click to open. Contains 1 Empyreal Star, 1 Dragonite Ingot, and 1 Bloodstone Brick.
109855_0515 Hoard of Ascended Materials
109855_0505 Destroy your enemies with these 6 finishers!
109855_0506 This package contains a permanent version of each of the following finishers: Cow, Spectre, Thornroot, Whump the Giant, Vigil Megalaser, Twisted Watchwork.
109855_0532 Endless Fractal Tonic[s]
109855_0531 It smells like some sort of furniture polish. Use this item to transform into...something. You'll never know what until you try.
109855_0809 Tag In
109855_0808 Switch places with a living ally. This will "phase" this player out in exchange for "phasing" you in.
109856_0136 Hide Rarity
109856_0137 Show Rarity
109856_0138 Fade Unequipable Off
109856_0139 Fade Unequipable On
109856_0140 Show New Item Highlights
109856_0141 Hide New Item Highlights

Mistlock Instabilities

Mistlock Instability Effect
Social Security Effectiveness is greatly reduced when allies are away.
Critical Miss Missing attacks causes damage.
Sorry! Watch your aim.
Supportive Power is greatly reduced while not under the effect of a boon.
Barbaric Only two-handed weapons are effective.
Double Tag Team Two players must remain out of combat.
Tenderfoot The floor hurts you.
Weak Link If one party member dies, all die.
Steadfast Incoming damage is increased while endurance is low.
Hardcore You cannot resurrect allies.
Conscientious Objection Combat is agonizing. Abstaining will make you feel better.
Nemesis Certain enemies will deal more damage to you.
Carriers Enemies spread a plague when defeated.
Finish Them Off Damaged enemies are healed when unattended.
Mist Stalker, Part Two Return of Mossman.
Paranoid The effects of combat are always active.
Butterfingers Take damage when swapping weapons.
Dance Fever If you can stand, you can't stand the urge.
Finesse Two-handed weapons are very ineffective.
Dangerously Defiant The unshakeable buff grants extra damage.
Tag Team One player must remain out of combat.
Stay Aloft You cannot deal damage while on the ground.
Stamina Outgoing damage is reduced when endurance is low.
Bloodlust Combat is agonizing. Get a kill for relief.
Playing Favorites Untargeted enemies take half damage.
Keep Them in Line Damaged enemies gain boons when unattended.
Outflanked Enemies do more damage when attacking from behind or the sides.
Mist Stalker The Mossman stalks you through the fractals.
Conditional Enemies cannot be damaged unless they are afflicted by a condition.
Positional Frontal attacks are ineffective.
Last Laugh Enemies explode when killed.
Antielitism Elite skills cause death.
Doctor Death Skills from the healing slot cause death.
Enrager Enemies deal extra damage when wounded.
No Second Chance Downed state equals death.
Social Issues Nearby allies reduce your toughness.
Malefactor Take damage when you apply boons.
Infection Healing power is reduced.
Broken Mirrors You cannot reflect missiles.
Social Anxiety Nearby allies reduce your power.
Eye See You You cannot become invisible.
Social Awkwardness Nearby allies reduce your healing effectiveness.
Losing Control Outgoing control effects have reduced effectiveness.
Impotent Potion Boon duration is reduced.
Determination Enemies occasionally become invulnerable.
No Pain, No Gain Enemies receive random boons when dealt critical damage.
Reflection Enemies randomly reflect projectiles.
Sick Day Random conditions are applied to you when you deal critical damage.
Tepid Toxins Your condition damage is reduced.
Resistance Is Worthwhile Enemies randomly block attacks.
Fleeting Precision Your critical chance is reduced.
Overextended Take damage when you deal critical damage.
Sluggish Recharge rate of skills is reduced.
Ill and Chill Poison, chill, and confusion have unintended effects.
Soft Thorns Bleeding, immoblize, and cripple have unintended effects.
Antigravity Knockdown and blowout have unintended effects.
Injustice Retaliation, might, and stability have unintended effects.
Empyrean Suffering Burning, blindness, and fear have unintended effects.
Not So Fast Swiftness, fury, and aegis have unintended effects.
Ticklish Torment, vulnerability, and weakness have unintended effects.
Anticoncussive Daze and stun have unintended effects.
Tainted Renewal Regeneration, protection, and vigor have unintended effects.
Agonizing Expedition You are frequently afflicted with agony.
Reaper Death periodically strikes.
Ensnared Spike traps periodically appear.
Halloween Something terrifying periodically appears.
Shield Your Eyes Birds attack periodically.
Black Death A condition-spreading plague periodically appears.
Tremors Tremor
Minefield Explosions periodically occur.
Frosty Periodically leave a patch of chilling frost.
Stormy Weather Lightning periodically strikes.
Your Pain Is Delicious Enemies have life-stealing attacks.
Afflicted Enemies apply random conditions.
Precise Predators Enemies are more likely to deal critical damage.
Wavering Lose endurance when you are struck.
Can't Kick Back You cannot deal damage while downed.
Staggering Incoming control effects are more serious.
Lethargic Reduced endurance regeneration.
Thorny Shield Take damage when you block an attack.
Impaired Immunity Conditions applied to you last longer.