Upcoming features and chat codes from the Edge of the Mists
Tuesday 4th of February 2014

I have been away for quite a while now, but to keep it short I'm glad to be back. I've also decided to change things a little bit from now on:

  • Chat code and DAT file updates will now share a single post
  • Updates to the post will be done in the following order: DAT file > textures and maps > Chat codes > Screenshots
  • ID's (italic) will be replaced over time by chat codes (bold) if found
  • Screenshots will be shown as [»] after the description
  • From now on I'll add information that doesn't directly tie in to do the story or specific items. An example would be the new harvest festival I've mentioned in the post below.

Old stuff

I've added a small summary of items from the past few updates below. You've probably seen most of these before, but some might be new to you.

New stuff

Multicolored commander icons are coming

Item Description
Wow! Very love! Much serene!
109861_0010 Get Your Own Playable Harp!
109861_0011 Make any of your events truly special with the beautiful sounds of this harp.
[&AgFTrwAA] Musical Harp
Chocolate warfare
109861_0012 This box contains chocolates that you can eat or throw for various effects in Costume Brawl.
109862_0316 Eat this delicious milk chocolate candy to return to normal size.
109862_0317 Milk Chocolate Candy
109862_0318 Costume Brawl. Eat a mystery chocolate to perform a random costume brawl ability.
109862_0319 Mystery Chocolate
109862_0320 Costume Brawl. Throw wrappers on the ground to knock down other costume brawlers.
109862_0321 Scatter Used Chocolate Wrappers
109862_0322 Eat a dark chocolate candy to shrink in size.
109862_0323 Dark Chocolate Candy
109862_0324 Eat a white chocolate candy to grow in size.
109862_0325 White Chocolate Candy
109862_0326 Costume Brawl. Roll a Bonbon Bomb that explodes after it has traveled a short distance.
109862_0327 Bowling Bonbon Bomb
[&AgH8vwAA] Gift-Wrapped Booster
[&AgENwAAA] Permanent Quaggan Finisher[s]
109861_0013 Crush your opponents with cuteness by using this quaggan featured finishing move in PvP and WvW.
[&AgEMwAAA] Permanent Ascalonian-Leader Finisher
[&AgERwAAA] Permanent Skritt-Scavenger Finisher
[&AgFPrwAA] Permanent Dhuumstone Finisher
[&AgFQrwAA] Permanent Martial Finisher
Reward chests
[&AgEnwwAA] Mini Chest[s] of the Mists
[&AgEowwAA] Chest[s] of the Mists
Achievement point rewards
[&AgHnwgAA] Hellfire Greaves Skin [»]
[&AgHxwgAA] Radiant Greaves Skin [»]
109861_0020 Double-click to apply this look to any other footwear. Additional copies of this item are available from the achievements panel.
Weapon skins
109862_0574 Lovestruck Weapons [» Dulfy.net]
[&AgFbrwAA] Lovestruck Axe
[&AgFerwAA] Lovestruck Anlace
[&AgFhrwAA] Lovestruck Focus
[&AgFkrwAA] Lovestruck Greatsword
[&AgFnrwAA] Lovestruck Hammer
[&AgFqrwAA] Lovestruck Longbow
[&AgFtrwAA] Lovestruck Mace
[&AgFwrwAA] Lovestruck Pistol
[&AgFzrwAA] Lovestruck Rifle
[&AgF2rwAA] Lovestruck Scepter
[&AgF5rwAA] Lovestruck Protector
[&AgF8rwAA] Lovestruck Short Bow
[&AgF/rwAA] Lovestruck Staff
[&AgGArwAA] Lovestruck Sword
[&AgGFrwAA] Lovestruck Flame
[&AgGIrwAA] Lovestruck Call
WvW under development
109861_0195 Account-Bound WXP
109861_0191 WvW WXP is account-bound now! Load into a map with each other character to have its WXP added to your account.
109862_0506 WvW Rank: __ WXP user: __ WXP char: __
109862_0508 World vs. World Overflow
109862_0509 World vs. World Center Map Jumping Puzzle
Siege Golem Mastery
109862_0538 Siege Golem Mastery
109862_0539 Improve siege golem skills
109862_0540 Increases the base power and precision stat bonuses of the golem you are piloting by 15
109862_0541 Your golem gains 50 increased movespeed for 20 seconds after destroying a gate
109862_0542 Projectiles blocked by shield skill give Golem Might
109862_0543 Increases the base vitality and toughness stat bonuses of the golem you are piloting by 15
109862_0544 When the golem you are piloting dies, it creates a ring of warding
Reinforcement Mastery
109862_0545 Reinforcement Mastery
109862_0546 Improves your ability to get back to the fight
109862_0548 Improves your ability to get to the fight faster and safer
109862_0549 Gain bonus experience from enemies
109862_0550 Gain improved swiftness when leaving your base
109862_0551 Reduces the cost of armor repairs
109862_0552 Gain stealth when you leave your base
109862_0553 If you have less than five supply, periodically replenish supply when leaving your base
Assaulter Mastery
109862_0554 Assaulter Mastery
109862_0555 Gain buffs, send players back to base, and stuff from killing enemy players
109862_0556 Gain buffs when killing players and send them back to their base
[&AgH4vwAA] Black Lion Chest


Edit: That's about it for most stuff probably missed a few (will add these later).. and oh my at story (let me grab some popcorn!)
Edit 2: Found some new commander icons

For more information please visit the chat code page at dulfy.net.
This information is NOT official and is subject to change.