Rise of the Tengu mini expansion
Thursday 3rd of April 2014
I’m very proud to reveal the very first paid mini expansion to you all - Guild Wars 2: Rise of the Tengu is set to be released in the second half of this year!
A very big thank you to anonymous beta tester /u/ash-hattman for revealing all this stuff to me over the past weeks. He even managed to capture some screenshots, send me a couple of the string files and even got me some audio. For now the information is a bit sparse but expect more stuff like the story to be leaked later!


The Quaggan have shown their true face, cast aside by the human gods over a thousand years ago they’ve sworn to take revenge on them and their worshipers. With the recent outburst of dragon magic they’ve started to summon their saviors back into the world of Tyria once and for all.
Join up with the proud Tengu and stop the bloodthirsty Quaggan from sacrificing more innocent civilians. Are you in time to stop the White Mantle and Mursaat from taking over Tyria once and for all?
  • Two exclusive new zones: Temple of Tolerance and the Aerie!
  • An exclusive level 90 dungeon!
  • Create a playable Tengu!
  • Level up to 90!
  • Wield polearms!
  • Completely reworked underwater combat system for PvP!
  • 100% Underwater PvP map - the Fall of Abbadon!
  • And much more!

Temple of Tolerance

The Quaggan have shown their true nature and are trying to bring back the Mursaat into this world. Join up with the Tengu to put a hold to their plans and fight for the freedom of Tyria! This zone has 3 new World bosses that spawn every 30 minutes, defeating these bosses (and the new dungeon) will be the only way to gather new Legendary materials.
In this zone you’ll also find diary entries made by Tsuru Whitewing who has witnessed the return of the Mursaat to Tyria. Gather all of them for an achievement.
The zone has multiple sections:
  • Songfeather's Forest: A dark forest in which the Quaggan perform blood sacrifices to summon Mursaat
  • Temple Ruins: The main stronghold of the Mursaat
  • Bloomanoo Village: The main town of the Quaggan led by Bloomanoo
  • Mirror Lake: The last outpost of the white mantle
  • Heart of Primordus: Magic is bursting out of the crust of the earth after Scarlet hit the layline in Lion's Arch

The Aerie

The main city of the Tengu, in the current alpha version it's impossible to enter the zone. Developers described it as being a vertical map like the grove only much higher.


The Tengu are an avian race, they’ve secluded themselves from the rest of the World, but now the Quaggan have shown their true evil nature their homeland is being overrun by Mursaat.
Miscellaneous info about the Tengu:
  • To save lot of time the Tengu won’t have any personal story to worry about
  • After a short introduction you’ll be automatically leveled to 80.
  • You will need to buy a special character slot (about twice the price of a regular slot) if you want to play as a Tengu
  • In the current Alpha version you can not customize your looks


You will now be able to wield polearms. These will only drop in the Dominion of winds and require a 15 gold unlock for each character. In the current beta version only mesmers are able to wield polearms:
Mesmer skills:
Ether BashStrike your target with the polearm
Cry of PainGrab the wrong end of the polearm. Apply torment and confusion to foes. Inflicts bleeding on self.
ClumsinessThrow your polearm to a random location. Apply confusion to foes in the area and enrage allies. Disables weapon skills for 5 seconds.
FrustrationCreate a phantasm that uses a random attack to damage and cripple foes.
Tear spaceCreate a tear in space at your location
Rip timeCreate a rip in time at your location launching foes through it in the opposite direction.

Fall of Abbadon

Underwater combat has been completely revamped for PvP after retiring the Raid on the Capricorn. The new map takes place entirely underwater and is very vertical.

List of (gemstore) items


Access passes
110762_0060Dominion of Winds access pass
[&AgEX/gAA]Gain access to the Dominion of Winds for 1 day
[&AgEY/gAA]Gain access to the Dominion of Winds for 7 days
[&AgEZ/gAA]Gain access to the Dominion of Winds for 30 days

[&AgEb/gAA]Rare Skin Unlocker
110761_0763Unlock a Rare skin of choice in the wardrobe.
[&AgEa/gAA]Exotic Skin Unlocker
110760_0883Unlock a Rare skin of choice in the wardrobe.
[&AgEc/gAA]Random Skin Unlocker
110761_0437Unlocks a random skin (rare quality or higher)

Skritt Mercenary
110762_0057Hire a Skritt mercenary to follow you around. Increases magic find by 100. Gold find from foes increased by 50%. Autoloot radius increased by 200%. For every Skritt Mercenary in your party you will gain 10 extra magic find an 5% gold find from foes. Single use 1 hour. Up to 3 Skritt Mercenaries can be active per player.
110761_0710Skritt Mercenary
110762_0062Spawns a Skritt Mercenary. Consumable single use.
110760_0883Spawns two Skritt Mercenaries. Consumable single use.
110760_0686Spawns three Skritt Mercenaries. Consumable single use.
110760_0883Endless Skritt Mercenary. Consumable. Account bound.

110761_0059Private waypoint
110761_0060Create a waypoint at your location. Waypoint can be used by anybody in your party.
110762_0066Public waypoint
110761_0137Create a waypoint at your location. Waypoint can be used by any player.
110761_0437Set waypoint fee. Sets your public waypoint fee. A 15% cut will go to the Asura mobile waypoint krewe.

110761_0711Obsidian Node
110761_0765Double-click to create an unstable Fissure of Woe rift in your home instance. The node can be gathered from once per day.
110761_0763Vegetable Garden
110761_0764Add a vegetable garden containing Carrots, Potatoes, Lettuce and Sylvarium plants. The nodes can be gathered from once per day.

110761_0806Gravity Booster
110761_0868Decrease falling damage by 70%
110762_0058Recipe: Powerful Potion of Quaggan Slaying
110762_0059Recipe: Powerful Potion of Mursaat Slaying

BLC Chest items
90718_0648Endless Transmutation Charge
110762_0061Endless Experimental Rifle
110762_0063Double-click to gain an Experimental Rifle. Account bound.
110762_0064Endless Experimental Teleportation Gun
110762_0067Double-click to gain an Experimental Teleportation Gun. Account bound.
110761_0058Endless Spy Kit
110761_0439Create a distraction to confuse nearby foes. Stealth yourself. Account bound.
110762_0060Black Lion Claim Ticket Scrap Fragment
110762_0061Collect enough scrap fragments to turn in at a Black Lion Weapon Specialist for a Black Lion Claim Ticket Scrap.
110714_0365Double-click to advance a character to level 80. Can only be used by characters below level 80.
110718_0647Grandmaster Experience Scroll
110718_0648Double-click to advance a character to level 90. Can only be used by characters above level 80.

110718_0826Dress like a legend! Heritage armor skins now available in the gemstore!
110718_0832Heritage armor box
110718_0833Contains a single-use armor skin for medium helm, coat, legs, boots, shoulders and gloves.
[&AgG1UQAA]Heritage light armor
[&AgG2UQAA]Heritage medium armor
[&AgG0UQAA]Heritage heavy armor

Mini Pets
110729_0002Legendary Miniatures
110729_0067Contains 1 of each of these miniatures: • Miniature Orange Tabby • Miniature Orrian Baby Chicken • Miniature Rockfur Raccoon. Each mini can be activated from your inventory to follow you around the world. Combine these three minis in the Mystic Forge to create a Red Servitor Golem.
[&AgHUUQAA]Miniature Orange Tabby
[&AgHTUQAA]Miniature Orrian Baby Chicken
[&AgHWUQAA]Miniature Rockfur Raccoon
[&AgHVUQAA]Miniature Red Servitor Golem
110762_0067Mini Shaman the Explorer

110718_0587Double-click to change your skill bar and play for your friends.
110718_0594Singing Saw
110718_0835Double-click to change your skill bar and play for your friends.
[&AgFtLwAA]Rotten tomato.
110727_0841Throw a tomato. Interrupt instrument skills for 20 seconds. Stacks in duration.

110728_0631Diamond Pickaxe.
110718_1010Used to mine all metals. 10% Chance of rarer materials. Unlimited use.

110718_0834Contains one random radiant-themed armor dye from a pool of 42 colors, including six exclusive new colors.
[&AgEX/gAA]Licorice Dye
[&AgEY/gAA]Eerie Black Dye
[&AgEZ/gAA]Charleston Green Dye
[&AgEa/gAA]Black Leather Jacket Dye
[&AgEb/gAA]Jet Dye
[&AgEc/gAA]Phthalo Green Dye

110719_0002Sonic Ring
110729_0070+50 Precision, +50 Healing power. Increase movement speed by 25%
110729_0106Supersonic Ring
110718_0733+68 Precision, +68 Healing power. Increase movement speed by 33% - GOTTA GO FAST!

110718_0834Angora Wool Scrap
110761_0439Bolt of Angora Wool
110762_0060Mahogany Log
110762_0061Mahogany Wood Plank
110714_0365Kaolinite Plated Dowel
110718_0647Kaolinite Ore
110761_0059Kaolinite Ingot
110761_0060Cured Hardened Quaggan Leather Square
110762_0066Hardened Quaggan Leather Section
110761_0137Multispectrum Vision Crystal
110761_0437Used in crafting Legendary items.

110718_0587Gift of Jadoth
110718_0594A gift used to create legendary armor pieces.
110718_0835Gift of Lazarus
110729_0002A gift used to create legendary trinkets.
110729_0067Gift of the Tengu
110718_0594A gift used to create legendary polearm Orokana.