Upcoming features from the Festival of the Four Winds
Tuesday 27th of May 2014
These are the item codes and upcoming features from the Festival of the Four Winds. Enjoy!

109599_0365Double-click to unlock this outfit for all characters on your account.
[&DAkAAAA=]Ancestral Outfit
Mini pets
[&AgGoAgEAAA==]Mini Panda
109838_0274Bazaar Quaggan Mini Pack[s]
More customisation options
109598_0972New Faces! Only in Total Makeover Kits!
109598_0974Customize Your Combat! With a New Look!
109598_0979New Hairstyles! Only in Hair and Makeover Kits!
Crafting recipes
109771_0348Recipe[s]: Shadow Shoes
109771_0349Recipe[s]: Shadow Garb
109771_0351Recipe[s]: Shadow Mantle
[&AgGhAgEAAA==]Festival Welcome Gift
[&AgGgAgEAAA==]Bronze Boss Blitz Chest
109599_0162Double-click to open. Contains a single piece of masterwork or better gear.
109599_0168Equipment Bag[s]
109599_0169This box contains light, medium, and heavy versions of the Horns of the Dragon helm skin.
109599_0171Horns of the Dragon Helm Set
109599_0210Redeemable in the Labyrinthine Cliffs for a fabulous festival reward or in the Crown Pavilion for a Sovereign Weapon Skin.
109599_0225Favor[s] of the Festival
109599_0220Double-click to combine a Favor of the Bazaar with a Favor of the Pavilion to create a Favor of the Festival.
[&AgGuAgEAAA==]Favor[s] of the Bazaar
[&AgGvAgEAAA==]Favor[s] of the Pavilion
109599_0225Redeemable in the Labyrinthine Cliffs for various rewards and prizes.
[&AgGwAgEAAA==]Festival Token[s]
109605_0398Gauntlet Ticket Vendor
109605_0421Sovereign Weapon Vendor
[&AgG0AgEAAA==]Monkey King Tonic
109599_0185Double-click to transform into a dolyak calf for fifteen minutes. You will be unable to fight while transformed.
[&AgGmAgEAAA==]Endless Dolyak Calf Tonic[s]
109599_0519You've been transformed into a dolyak calf.
109599_0522Dolyak Calf
[&AgHmAgEAAA==]Ancestral Shoes
[&AgHrAgEAAA==]Ancestral Pants
[&AgHvAgEAAA==]Ancestral Gloves
[&C1AVAAA=]Chaos of Lyssa
[&C1IVAAA=]Phoenix Axe
[&C1MVAAA=]Phoenix Dagger
[&C1QVAAA=]Phoenix Focus
[&C1UVAAA=]Phoenix Greatsword
[&C1YVAAA=]Phoenix Hammer
[&C1cVAAA=]Phoenix Longbow
[&C1gVAAA=]Phoenix Mace
[&C1kVAAA=]Phoenix Pistol
[&C1oVAAA=]Phoenix Rifle
[&C1sVAAA=]Phoenix Scepter
[&C1wVAAA=]Phoenix Shield
[&C10VAAA=]Phoenix Short Bow
[&C14VAAA=]Phoenix Staff
[&C18VAAA=]Phoenix Sword
[&C2AVAAA=]Phoenix Torch
[&C2EVAAA=]Phoenix Warhorn
109599_1010You have been silenced. You will be able to use chat again in __
109599_1012You are already in the selected game.
109599_1019Daily Reward-Track-Points Cap Reached for Unranked Play
[&AgGtAgEAAA==]Sparkling Effervescence
Testing 123 Testing
109599_0417Test Finisher
109599_0542Summon Babies

New trait requirement descriptions.

109870_0501Find and defeat Sharky the Destroyer in Arca Lake of the Harathi Hinterlands.
109870_0502Find and defeat Captain Jayne in the Brigantine Isles of Gendarran Fields.
109870_0514Find and defeat the Giant Blood Ooze in the Challdar Gorges of Bloodtide Coast.
109870_0525Find and defeat Gargantula, the spider broodmother of Wynchona Woods in Harathi Hinterlands.
109870_0526Find and defeat the Krait Witch of Nonmoa Lake in Timberline Falls.
109870_0537Find and defeat the Champion Ice Wurm in the Posternus Caverns of Lornar's Pass.
109870_0538Find and defeat Lord Ignius the Eternal at Venison Pass within Lornar's Pass.