Upcoming features from the Festival of the Four Winds - Part III
Tuesday 17th of June 2014
Very small update this time (just a few hundred lines or so).


109616_0075Exclusive New Colors! For Hair and Eyes.
109640_0462Wizard Lightning Finisher
109640_0455Magically electrocute your opponent with this finishing move for WvW and PvP.
Black Lion Introductory Package changes
[&AgEsAwEAAA==]Black Lion Introductory Package
109603_0437This pack contains the following items: •1 Box o' Fun •5 Dye Packs •5 Black Lion Chest Keys •1 Recovery Package •1 Tradesman's Package •5 Experience Boosters •5 Speed Boosters •1 Mini Egg (Series 1) •1 Black Lion Trading Satchel (18-Slot Bag) •1 500-Point Essence of Luck
[&AgEkAwEAAA==]Skritt Bucket
[&AgEmAwEAAA==]Water Fight Balloon Bucket
109616_0488Make a Splash with the New Water Fight Toys!
WvW Rewards
[&AgEwAwEAAA==]WvW Tournament Claim Ticket
109640_0770Take this ticket to a WvW Battle Historian.
109640_0810Speak with a Battle Historian in any World versus World map to claim your replacement tournament rewards chest. We've voided any previously awarded tournament tickets and are reissuing new tickets in the replacement chest. Enjoy these additional tickets with our compliments.
109640_0767Contains rewards based on your world's performance in the previous WvW season. Double-click to open.
109640_0768WvW Spring Tournament 2014 Reward Chest (Unlocked)
PvP Custom arena
109649_0270Arena Vendor
109649_0272Custom Arena Items
109791_0063Used to add one day of time to a Custom Arena. Used from your Custom Arena management panel or double-click while playing in any Custom Arena to add time to that arena.
109791_0064Custom Arena Time Token[s]
Miscellaneous things
109617_0678Camping Aficionado