Upcoming features from The Dragon's Reach Part 2
Tuesday 12th of August 2014
These are the new items and features of today's patch. On a side note, I've successfully launched @GW2Version, a tiny bot that will automatically post new updates to twitter. Enjoy!



[&DAsAAAA=]Ceremonial Plated Outfit
[&DAoAAAA=]Ceremonial Plated Outfit

Chaos Weapon Skins
[&AgHUBQEAAA==]Chaos Greatsword Skin
[&AgHaBQEAAA==]Chaos Axe Skin
[&AgHcBQEAAA==]Chaos Warhorn Skin
[&AgHfBQEAAA==]Chaos Torch Skin
[&AgHnBQEAAA==]Chaos Longbow Skin
[&AgHoBQEAAA==]Chaos Sword Skin
[&AgHpBQEAAA==]Chaos Staff Skin
[&AgHqBQEAAA==]Chaos Short Bow Skin
[&AgHrBQEAAA==]Chaos Shield Skin
[&AgHsBQEAAA==]Chaos Scepter Skin
[&AgHzBQEAAA==]Chaos Pistol Skin
[&AgH0BQEAAA==]Chaos Mace Skin
[&AgH1BQEAAA==]Chaos Spear Skin
[&AgH2BQEAAA==]Chaos Hammer Skin
[&AgH4BQEAAA==]Chaos Focus Skin
[&AgH5BQEAAA==]Chaos Dagger Skin
109830_0722Chaos Harpoon Gun Skin
[&AgEBBgEAAA==]Chaos Trident Skin
[&AgECBgEAAA==]Chaos Rifle Skin

Belinda's Greatsword
109830_0249Belinda Tribute Weapon Skin
[&AgGbBQEAAA==]The Delaqua Family Blade
[&AgGcBQEAAA==]The Delaqua Family Blade (Imbued)
[&C9EVAAA=]Belinda's Greatsword (Imbued)
[&C9IVAAA=]Belinda's Greatsword

Vine skins
[&AgHKBQEAAA==]Cultivated Vine
[&AgHMBQEAAA==]Mordrem Vine (Infused)
[&AgG6BQEAAA==]Mawdrey (Infused)
[&C6kVAAA=]Cultivated Vine
109837_0912This vine that you cultivated from seed, seems to almost like you. Is it possible that it is loyal to you as a child is to a parent?

[&C6YVAAA=]Wreath of Cooperation
[&C6cVAAA=]Wreath of Cooperation
[&C6UVAAA=]Wreath of Cooperation

109830_0306New Master Salvage Kit! Never runs out!
109830_0307This rare salvage tool never runs out of charges. It can break an unlimited number of items down into their base components. 25% chance of rarer materials. 80% chance of recovering upgrades. Costs 1 silver per use.

[&AgF3BQEAAA==]Skill point scroll (30)
[&AgF4BQEAAA==]Skill point scroll (20)
[&AgF6BQEAAA==]Skill point scroll (15)
[&AgF9BQEAAA==]Skill point scroll (10)
[&AgGABQEAAA==]Skill point scroll (5)
[&AgGCBQEAAA==]Experience Scroll (Level 60)
[&AgGDBQEAAA==]Experience Scroll (Level 50)
[&AgGEBQEAAA==]Experience Scroll (Level 45)
[&AgGFBQEAAA==]Experience Scroll (Level 40)
[&AgGGBQEAAA==]Experience Scroll (Level 25)
[&AgF/BQEAAA==]Experience scroll (Level 30)

Mini Pets
109838_0156Mini Beetle
109830_0735Mini Mordrem Leyleecher
109830_0229Please enjoy your very own Mini Llama, attached below. Thank you for participating in a Guild Wars 2 competitive event!

It's my birthday and I cry if I want to..
[&AgGRBQEAAA==]Birthday Blaster
[&AgGHBQEAAA==]Birthday Gift
109831_0542Birthday Vendor
109833_0337You've had too much sugar. You can't benefit from another birthday cake right now.
109830_0322This character has already benefited from a scroll of this type.
109602_0384You have a character that is more than 1 year old.
109602_0385Birthday—Year 1
109675_0977You have a character that is more than 2 years old.
109675_0979Birthday—Year 2
109737_0491You have a character that is more than 3 years old.
109754_0428Birthday—Year 3
109758_0761You have a character that is more than 4 years old.
109760_0267Birthday—Year 4
109760_0269You have a character that is more than 5 years old.
109764_0002Birthday—Year 5
109764_0003You have a character that is more than 6 years old.
109765_0155Birthday—Year 6
109765_0156You have a character that is more than 7 years old.
109766_0322Birthday—Year 7
109766_0323You have a character that is more than 8 years old.
109766_0839Birthday—Year 8
109768_0230You have a character that is more than 9 years old.
109768_0337Birthday—Year 9
109770_0035You have a character that is more than 10 years old.
109770_0111Birthday—Year 10

Birthday Titles

2 Year Anniversary
109830_0278Anniversary Sale! More Sales Every Day
109830_0276Set 1 Miniatures Available for a Limited Time!
109830_0315Set 2 Miniatures Available for a Limited Time!

109830_0233+40 to All Attributes +10% Karma +15% Magic Find +15% Experience from Kills
109830_0240Once consumed, any utility item used for the next 12 hours will have at least the same duration as the remaining utility primer time. (Maximum 12 hours.)

109830_0241Travel around Tyria diplomatically!
109830_02431 Hairstyle Kit, 1 Unidentified Green Dye, 6 Transmutation charges, 1 Top Hat skin, 5 Metabolic Primers, 5 Utility Primers
109831_0543Tier 06 Zephyrite Merchant • Buy Supplies • Sell Items
109830_0360Favor of the Zephyrites (Tier 6)
109830_0361A gift given in gratitude from the leaders of Tyria.
[&AgGhBQEAAA==]Summit Hero's Reward

109811_0761This residue lies dormant. It could be imbued at a strong phantasmal energy source. Double-click to show.
109811_0762Pile of Phantasmal Residue
109830_0379A humming emanates from this orb. It could be amplified with an additional source of Chaotic Radiation. Double-click to show.
[&AgGpBQEAAA==]Chaos Orb
109830_0385An inert pile of dust from a ley line. A jolt of energy from a specialized asuran lab will energize it. Double-click to show.
[&AgGsBQEAAA==]Pile of Ley Line Dust
109830_0393This powerful cluster of foxfire still needs a catalyst to fully unlock its growth potential. Double-click to show.
[&AgGwBQEAAA==]Enormous Foxfire Cluster
109830_0395Just needs a little extra something to attune this lamp for maximum growth potential.
109830_0396Grow Lamp
109830_0404Double-click to learn the recipe for a Heat Stone.
109830_0409Recipe: Heat Stone
109830_0446After spending so much time cultivating this powerful vine through the generations, it's hard to not feel an attachment to it. Your beloved pet almost cuddles you in its tendrils. Clearly it feels a similar attachment.
109830_0461Combine in the Mystic Forge with a Clay Pot, Bloodstone Dust, and Foxfire Clusters to create a Mists Infused Clay Pot. A stone taken from the Mists, steeped in its power.
109830_0462Mists Stone
[&AgHABQEAAA==]Mist Infused Clay Pot
109830_0479A simple heat stone isn't quite enough to channel the sweltering temperatures of the deep Maguuma Jungle.
109830_0480Heat Stone
109830_0492Heart of the Destroyer

Recipes (thanks /u/howellq !)
[&CkEmAAA=]Recipe: Grow Lamp (Exotic)
[&CkImAAA=]Recipe: Heat Stone (Ascended