From days past - The full list of loading screen messages
Wednesday 27th of August 2014
I was watching WoodenPotatoes' latest video (go watch it, it's awesome) and remembered that I had a long list of those loading screen messages laying around for such an occasion.

Something to note:

  • Orr and Arah never had loading screen messages because they were still in production when they ditched the idea.
  • "Mount Maelstrom" went by the name "Steamspur Mountains".
  • Godslost swamp had its own loading screen complete with unique concept art.


  • Divinity's Reach is the greatest city of Kryta, the human nation. It is laid out like a giant wheel, and its central plaza contains Queen Jennah's royal palace and the Chamber of Ministers. Six high roads, each dedicated to a god, divide the lower city into districts.
  • Divinity's Reach is divided into neighborhoods and residences. Of all the city's twisting streets, this is the place that you call home, where familiar faces smile to see you, and your friends await to buy you a drink, or listen to your tales.
  • Divinity's Reach is the greatest city in the human nation of Kryta. It is laid out like a giant wheel. Its upper city contains Queen Jennah's royal palace and the Chamber of Ministers. Six high roads, each dedicated to a god, divide the lower city into districts.
  • The Busted Flagon is legendary both for its alcoholic beverages and the continual fights that break out on a regular basis. Both beer and brawls draw visitors from all over Kryta.
  • Mina Starling operates a shooting gallery in the shadow of one of the great high roads. Its clockwork mechanisms have been provided by Minister Caudecus, for the benefit of all.
  • With these halls Queen Jennah meets the both the mighty and the common folk, and rules with wisdom and affection.
  • Queensdale is the heartland of the reforged human nation of Kryta. These rolling hills and well-watered fields are threatened by marauding centaurs and thieving bandits. The Seraph serve as its protectors.
  • Malevolent spirit monsters from the Underworld haunt the Godslost Swamp, where the barrier between this world and theirs is the thinnest. The greatest and most terrifying of these fell beasts is the Shadow Behemoth, a gargantuan fiend that broke through to the world of light and substance to devour and destroy all that it can.
  • At the southern border of embattled Kryta, the Kessex Hills are overrun with marauding centaurs. Wrecked human towns dot the countryside, and a heavily-patrolled road from Lion's Arch connects with lands to the south.
  • Gendarran Fields is an area of contrasts. The Shiverpeaks rise in the east, farms dominate its southern hills, and to the west, Krytans fight centaurs in a centuries-old war. Meanwhile, at the heart of the region, pirates gallivant upon Lake Gendarr and raid surrounding communities.
  • Seraph Headquarters is the main base of the protectors of Kryta. It contains offices upstairs and holding cells in the lower levels.
  • Lion's Arch, built upon the wreckage of the Krytan City of the same name, has grown and prospered in the years since the rise of the Orrian Dragon. Founded by pirates and dependent on trade, the city has become a common ground for all the races of Tyria.
  • The Bloodtide Coast is a haven for pirates, brigands and ruffians of all types. The region's many islands and caves hide those who prey on travelers from Lion's Arch, even as the rising tide of undead forces ships inland from the sea.
  • Broad estuaries give the Orrian undead easy passage into Sparkfly Fen. A wave of Zhaitan's minions drove hylek refugees before it and captured vast territory. Wyld Hunt valiants and Vigil crusaders fight to regain control from an untiring enemy.


  • Built upon the ruins of the human city of Rin, the Black Citadel is the headquarters of the charr legions in Ascalon. Commanded by Smodur the Unflinching, Imperator of the Iron Legion, the great city is dominated by the huge metal-shod sphere at its center.
  • Long ago, the human kingdom of Ascalon occupied the Plains of Ashford. Now, the ruins of that once-great nation lay strewn across the landscape, and the ghosts of the past haunt any who pass through their territory.
  • The Black Citadel is an impregnable fortress built to dominate hostile territory, and sees a continual influx of new warbands. The Hero's Canton is home to a common sight in the Citadel—warbands from different legions, all camped cheek-by-jowl next to each other.
  • The commander of the Blood Legion in Ascalon works out of this office, balancing with the Ash Legion to power of the Iron Legion Imperator.
  • The heart of the Iron Legion in Ascalon and the center of the Black Citadel, the imposing edifice of the Command Core displays the power of the Iron Legion and its Imperator, Smodur the Unflinching.
  • All military commands demand descipline—the charr are no different. The threat of the stockade, or of fighting in the Bane, keeps the more problematic malingerers in line.
  • Tucked beneath imposing hulk of the Core Command, the Bane is the greatest stadium of the charr in Ascalon. It is a place for gladitorial fights, battles with wild animals, and settling of personal scores.
  • The Diessa Plateau's ranches and mills supply the legions with food and materials critical to their operations. Saboteurs, such as human Separatists and the Flame Legion, prey on workers, buildings, and requisitions shipments throughout the region.
  • The charr once ruled the Blazeridge Steppes, but the rising of the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik left a corrupted swath across the land. Now the legions contend not only against the creatures of the Dragonbrand, but against the ogres who have come down from the mountains.
  • The Fireheart Rise writhes in the grip of the Flame Legion. Once the rulers of the charr, this deposed legion has been driven back by the other charr, but still controls this blasted wasteland of volcanoes and tar pits from their massive fortress at the Citadel of Flame.
  • The Iron Marches was once a resource-rich region of Ascalon, but has been transformed into the front lines of the fight between the Flame Legion and the rest of the Charr. Forces of both sides skirmish along the edge of the Dragon Brand, each seeking control of the region.
  • Until recently, the Fields of Ruin were the scene of the ongoing struggle between humans and charr, centering on the siege of the human city of Ebonhawke. Now a fragile truce exists between the two races, while radical elements on both sides seek to shatter that peace.

Maguuma Jungle

  • Sylvari awaken in the Grove and consider it their home. The Pale Tree stands at its heart. Also known as the Mother Tree, she gives love and wise guidance to her sprouts. Faolain, one of the firstborn, has established a haven for the court in this maze of passages.
  • Caithe is one of the Firstborn, the first Sylvari who sprung from the fruit of the Pale Tree. She wanders Tyria, but when she in the Grove, she is usually found here.
  • Beneath the protective leaves of the Pale Tree, each Sylvari has one piece of ground that they are particularly comfortable in.
  • The Pale Tree is everywhere her children are, but here, high among the branches, visitors may commune most directly with her and hear her song.
  • The greatest city of the Asura is a wonder of arcanic architecture. It is a great subdivided cube that floats over the surrounding terrain, impressing all the races with the might of its magic.
  • This particular lab was used the Asuran genius Snaff, and kept in excellent functional order by his last apprentice, Zojja.
  • Personal laboratories litter the hills around Rata Sum, where brilliant inventors and their krewes labor to produce new developments in the art of magic.
  • High above the rest of Rata Sum, the Arcane Council sits and plots for the good of their people.
  • Metrica Province is the domain of the asura of Rata Sum. The landscape is littered with their private laboratories and discarded experiments, and entire landscapes have been transformed under the not-so-gentle hands of these small geniuses.
  • Caledon Forest, the sylvari homeland, spreads outward from the base of the Pale Tree. Sadly, this vast green land knows little peace. Orrian undead emerge from the surf, threatening the Grove.
  • The Nightmare Court is a group of sylvari who have rejected the teachings of the Dream and the Ventari Tablet.
  • Unclaimed by any nation or race, the Brisban Wildlands are a haven for secretive asura labs, bandit encampments, and large communities of skritt. Its eastern regions are dominated by Mount Gnashington, but the great cavern-riddled mountain gives way to more desolate terrain to the west.
  • The rugged uplands of the Steamspur Mountains are overshadowed by the power of a singular great mountain. This is the wildest of lands, far from the prying eyes of the races of Tyria.

Shiverpeak Mountains

  • Hoelbrak has become the social center of the norn race. When the Elder Dragon Jormag drove norn ancestors out of the Far Shiverpeaks, the Spirits of the Wild—Bear, Raven, Wolf, and Snow Leopard—guided them to this area, and now great halls dedicated to those spirits dominate the settlement.
  • Legendary warrior Knut Whitebear looks out over Hoelbrak from his quarters at the apex of the Great Lodge. From there, he keeps an eye on those who shelter beneath his roof.
  • Both travelers and locals use the upper levels of Hoelbrak's Great Lodge where, on the oak balconies, they find a welcome respite from a chill world: warmth, comfort, friends, good food, and better drink.
  • This homestead overlooks the Frost Basin and has traditionally served as the workplace of Hoelbrak's most accomplished sculptors. Examples of their craft litter the grounds.
  • The awakening of Jormag flooded much of the north, and now new races are fleeing into this land ahead of the Elder Ice Dragon's terrible minions.
  • The Dredgehaunt Cliffs were once the domain of the dwarves, but when that race went down into the depths, the mole-like dredge claimed these lands as their own, and battle with the jotun, the grawl, and the norn for control.
  • Snowden Drifts, a frozen stretch of high peaks and deep lakes, is the main artery between Kryta and Ascalon. Sons of Svanir, centaurs, and dredge all stalk the Drifts, and travelers are advised to stay on the main road or within the protective walls of a haven.
  • Lornar's Pass is a string of narrow valleys that lead down from the Shiverpeaks in the north to the Sea of Sorrows in the south. Its deep valleys are the haunts of wild creatures, ancient ruins, and hidden places of power long concealed from prying eyes.
  • The norn around Hoelbrak have established the Wayfarer Foothills as their primary hunting grounds. Further north, there lies a treacherous landscape of frozen fields and icy crags corrupted by the Sons of Svanir, norn who revere the Elder Dragon Jormag.
  • Timberline Falls is a rugged upland dominated by two great river systems. It is on the frontiers of Tyrian civilization, and is the home of lone freeholds, adventurer camps, and a myriad of races, including hylek, dredge, and quaggan.


  • Eir Stegalkin, the norn hero, has gone into these ancient, ghost-haunted catacombs. Rytlock Brimstone wants you to go after her, before she stirs up King Adelbern's long-dead citizens.
  • King Adelbern and his ghostly citizens have been foiled, but now, even darker entities roam the Ascalonian catacombs.
  • Legate Minister Caudecus often host parties at his home, Beetlestone Manor. While a vocal opponent of the Queen, he swears his loyalty to Kryta.
  • The Nightmare Court are Sylvari that turned their backs on the Pale Tree and sought their own cruel purposes in life. Their leader, Grand Duchess Faolain, makes her lair here in the Twilight Arbor, surrounded by loyal minions.
  • Faolain has fled the Twilight Arbor, but the evil that infects this region remains. In her wake, other forces have now flooded in to take advantage of her foul magics to their own ends.
  • The dredge have claimed all their former lands of the dwarves. What was once Sorrow's Furnace is now Sorrow's Embrace, but great powers may still be found within these depths.
  • The Inquest have been driven out of Sorrow's Embrace, but the politics of the dredge have left the situation turbulent as various factions joust and position themselves for power.
  • The Citadel of Flame is the main base of the Flame Legion, the deposed former legion of the charr. It is here that Gaheron Baelfire plots to retake command of the charr and crush the humans utterly.
  • Gaheron Baelfire has been slain, but his dreams of godhood are still alive. Now the Citadel of Flame is abuzz with his followers seeking to restore their lost leader.
  • The Inquest are seeking to utilize the power of the Elder Dragons themselves in their desire to dominate the other races. Unless they are stopped, they risk all of Tyria with their maniacal greed.
  • Kudu is dead, but the evil that asura do lives on beyond their end. One part of the Inquest's master plan has been shattered, but the machine of terror they have created lives on.
  • The Elder Dragon Jormag has driven the Kodan south in their great santuary ships. Now, the ship called the Honor of the Waves lies stricken and sinking from an assault from the dragon's minions.
  • In the wake of the Voice's demise, Jormag's servants have infested the kodan sanctuary ship Honor of the Waves. They must be eliminated before they corrupt all the secrets of the kodan.

Creature Codex Library

  • Based on current combat reports, this up-to-date manual will be released to all serving in the legions. "Didn't we already defeat them once?" —Rytlock Brimstone
  • A report from the largest scale ghost assault in recent history. Tribune Rytlock Brimstone and a collection of crack soldiers expertly turned the tide of the battle. "We barely made it out alive." —Crista Sureshot, Blood Legion
  • An observer's guide to the proud and noble griffon. It contains information regarding these elusive and formidable creatures. " So lovely... So majestic... So deadly!" —Academy of Griffon Appreciation
  • These notes brim with information regarding the long-deplored, scarcely studied devourers, important predators in Tyria's rich ecosystem. "We believe the extra tail to be a recent adaptation, and feel we may one day find an elusive three-tailed species." —Devourer Preservation Society
  • A scorched book of enchantments used by the Flame Legion to prepare their effigies for battle. "Call the fire, call the flame." —Flame Legion Chant
  • The fevered scrawlings of a pure madman. Only the first couple pages contain anything cogent, or legible, about the Shadow Behemoth. *"My n-nightmares will never end." —Crazy Ivan *
  • This song recounts one the greatest hunts of recent memory, for the great wurm Issormir. "That battle will be sung about for ages." —Eir
  • An overview of the culture and history of the reclusive Tengu race. "May the wind be at your back" —Swiftwing Family Motto
  • This frigid book is given to scholars entering the Shiverpeaks to better prepare them for the dangers they face. *Caution: Cold *
  • This document describes the male norn clan known as the Sons Of Svanir, that worships the Ice Dragon."We serve Jormag."
  • These field notes overflow with eloquent prose that manages to obscure the vileness of these disease-carrying beasts. "Truly the noblest of swamp creatures" —Priory Scholar Gleev
  • This tactical report describes the recent centaur assault on Shaemoor involving a giant earth elemental."More than the lightning or the rocks, watch out for the flying cows." —Clerk Sanderson
  • This tattered book is filled with battle-won insight into commonly-used Krytan bandit tactics. "Always go after the one with the bomb first." —Major Winters
  • A report detailing Zojja's shutdown of the Inquest's runaway Prototype X golem, with some welcome assistance. "The Inquest are nothing if not demonstrably asinine." —Zojja