Upcoming features from Halloween 2014
Tuesday 21st of October 2014
Hello everybody,
Patch was a bit late today but here are the new items and features from this patch, enjoy!

Items and codes

[&DA0AAAA=]Noble Count Outfit
[&DAwAAAA=]Hexed Outfit
[&C0wWAAA=]Replica Job-o-Tron Backpack
109765_0427Replic Job-o-Tron is watching you.
109621_0734Replica Job-o-Tron Backpack Available Now!
109621_0736Customize your appearance with this talking Replica Job-o-Tron Backpack. He has found gainful employment on your back. It does not increase your combat effectiveness but does provide moral support. Sometimes.
Mini Pets
[&AgE4BwEAAA==]Mini Candy Corn Ghoulemental
[&AgEkBwEA]Mini Gwynefyrdd
109709_0335This peaceful spirit seeks to protect children and innocents from harm. Also, she likes snuggling.
[&AgElBwEA]Mini Zuzu, Cat of Darkness
109709_0337A feline familiar frequently found following the footpaths of fallen foes.
Trinkets and upgrades
[&AgEqBwEAAA==]Poly-luminescent Undulating Refractor (Green)
[&AgEsBwEAAA==]Poly-luminescent Undulating Refractor (Orange)
[&AgEvBwEAAA==]Poly-luminescent Undulating Refractor (Black)
[&AgEtBwEAAA==]Oont'z Necklace
[&AgE/BwEAAA==]Haunted Gramophone
[&C00WAAA=]Haunted Gramophone (preview)
109633_0096The Haunted Gramophone is the best way to get in the haunting spirit! Get yours today!
109765_0493Theremin Riffs
109765_0494Ghastly Haunts
109765_0495Grisly Scenes
109765_0497Horrific Creatures
109765_0501Evil Omens
109765_0502Psycho Strings
109765_0505Note 3
109765_0507Pipe Organ
109765_0508Haunted Choir
[&AgEzBwEAAA==]Bottle of Batwing Brew
[&AgErBwEAAA==]Flask of Pumpkin Oil
[&AgExBwEAAA==]Vial of Maize Balm
[&AgEoBwEAAA==]Sharpening Skull
[&AgEnBwEAAA==]Lump of Crystallized Nougat
[&AgEmBwEAAA==]Recipe: Pumpkin Oil
[&AgEpBwEAAA==]Recipe: Crystallized Nougat
[&AgE0BwEAAA==]Recipe: Batwing Brew
[&AgE1BwEAAA==]Recipe: Maize Balm
[&AgE2BwEAAA==]Recipe: Sharpening Skull
[&AgFJBwEAAA==]Job Done
[&AgFBBwEAAA==]Candy Corn Gobbler
109621_0657Bloody Prince's Toybox
109621_0655Ugh. It's my sixth birthday all over again. —Prince Edrick Thorn
109637_0406Foil-Wrapped Candy
109626_0910Harness the magic of your candy corn to transform yourself and receive boosts.
109688_0407Double-click to transform into a swarm of bats.
109691_0716Endless Bottle of Batwing Brew
109725_0148Double-click to unlock the Tricks and Treats collection.
109695_0626Double-click to unlock the Bloody Prince's Toybox collection.
[&AgEjBwEAAA==]Bloody Prince's Toy Chest
109654_0534This necklace shimmers with strange, spectral luminescence.
109662_0373Oontz's Necklace
[&AgE3BwEAAA==]Old Pillowcase
109781_0538Paranormal Disturbance Zone
109764_0966Feline Blessing
109765_0399Reviving an ally grants Feline Fury to both you and your revived ally. Feline Fury increases all attributes by a small amount. +10%% Experience from Kills +30%% Magic Find
109765_0403Ghoul's Blessing
109765_0404Reviving an ally grants Ghoul's Grasp to both you and your revived ally. Ghoul's Grasp increases condition damage, precision, and toughness. +10%% Experience from Kills +30%% Magic Find
109765_0405Pumpkin's Blessing
109765_0406Reviving an ally grants Pumpkin Prowess to both you and your revived ally. Pumpkin Prowess increases power, toughness, and vitality. +10%% Experience from Kills +30%% Magic Find
109781_0535DO NOT LOCALIZE - This event serves as "impending doom" UI for the statue being destroyed in LA.
109765_0449Attaching items and coins to in-game mail is restricted for new accounts. As you continue to play, this restriction will be lifted.
109765_0453You can't teleport while a player is in a full map.
109765_0454You must be in a party to teleport.
109765_0455You can't teleport while a player is in a tutorial.
109765_0457You can't teleport to a player in another shard.
109765_0459You can't teleport to an offline player.
109765_0460You can't teleport while a player is in an instance.
109765_0463You can't teleport while a player is in combat.
109765_0465You can't teleport right now.
109765_0467You can't teleport while a player is on the character selection screen.
109765_0470Are you sure you want to travel to __?
109765_0471You can't teleport while a player is in PvP.
109765_0473You can't teleport while a player is in WvW.
109765_0475Summon a friend to your location.
109765_0477Teleportation is possible once every %num1% hours.
109765_0479Summon Friend
109765_0481Summon Request (__)
109765_0486Teleport to a friend's location.
109765_0489You can't teleport to a player in a different world.
109765_0491You can't teleport to a player in another build.