Upcoming features from Echoes of the Past
Tuesday 4th of November 2014

These are the upcoming items and features from Echoes of the Past


Home Instance
[&AgECCQEAAA==]Basic Cloth Rack
109857_0534This activates a basic cloth rack within your home instance for daily gathering.
[&AgH7CAEAAA==]Pact Airship Balloon
Mini pets
[&AgH9CAEAAA==]Miniature Belinda Delaqua
[&AgH+CAEAAA==]Miniature Sand Giant
[&AgH/CAEAAA==]Miniature Pact Airship
[&AgEACQEAAA==]Miniature Drooburt's Ghost
[&AgEBCQEAAA==]Miniature Avatar of the Tree
[&AgHCCAEAAA==]Mini Mordrem Husk Copper
109878_1014Mini Mordrem Thrasher
[&AgEFCQEAAA==]Mini Scruffy
[&AgG7BwEAAA==]Storm Wizard Weapon Box
[&AgHHCAEAAA==]Endless Arid Devourer Tonic
[&AgHJCAEAAA==]Endless Dust Mite Tonic
109878_1020Double-click to transform for 15 minutes. You will be unable to fight while transformed.
[&AgFdBwEAAA==]Replica Job-o-Tron Backpack
109871_0373Replica Job-o-Tron Backpack Available Now!
109871_0639Customize your appearance with this talking Replica Job-o-Tron Backpack. He has found gainful employment on your back. It does not increase your combat effectiveness but does provide moral support. Sometimes.
109878_0191New Permanent Gathering R-Model Trons Available Now
109878_0318New Master Salvage Kit! Never Runs Out!
109878_0320This rare salvage tool never runs out of charges. It can break an unlimited number of items down into their base components. 25%% chance of rarer materials. 80%% chance of recovering upgrades. Costs 60 copper per use.
109857_0537Bundle up with Fancy Winter Apparel
109857_0538This full winter outfit can be toggled to replace the appearance of your current armor. Also includes a crystal scepter bundle item with five fun, nonlethal costume skills!
Runes and Sigils
[&AgFICQEAAA==]Superior Rune of the Defender
[&AgFJCQEAAA==]Superior Sigil of Blight
Verata's Armor
[&AgH5CAEAAA==]Verata's Nomad Insignia
109878_0322Crafted in the style of the famous necromancer, Verata.
[&AgFyBwEAAA==]Verata's Masque
[&AgFzBwEAAA==]Verata's Shoulderguard
[&AgF0BwEAAA==]Verata's Leggings
[&AgF1BwEAAA==]Verata's Visage
[&AgF2BwEAAA==]Verata's Grips
[&AgF3BwEAAA==]Verata's Guise
[&AgF4BwEAAA==]Verata's Striders
[&AgF5BwEAAA==]Verata's Epaulets
[&AgF6BwEAAA==]Verata's Breeches
[&AgF7BwEAAA==]Verata's Greaves
[&AgF8BwEAAA==]Verata's Wristguards
[&AgF9BwEAAA==]Verata's Doublet
[&AgF+BwEAAA==]Verata's Footwear
[&AgF/BwEAAA==]Verata's Pauldrons
[&AgGABwEAAA==]Verata's Tassets
[&AgGBBwEAAA==]Verata's Visor
[&AgGCBwEAAA==]Verata's Warfist
[&AgGDBwEAAA==]Verata's Breastplate
109879_0284Verata's Seared Ring
Verata's Weapons
[&AgH1CAEAAA==]Verata's Nomad Inscription
[&AgFeCQEAAA==]Verata's Impaler
[&AgFfCQEAAA==]Verata's Trident
[&AgFgCQEAAA==]Verata's Herald
[&AgFhCQEAAA==]Verata's Brazier
[&AgFiCQEAAA==]Verata's Blade
[&AgFjCQEAAA==]Verata's Spire
[&AgFkCQEAAA==]Verata's Harpoon Gun
[&AgFlCQEAAA==]Verata's Short Bow
[&AgFmCQEAAA==]Verata's Bastion
[&AgFnCQEAAA==]Verata's Wand
[&AgFoCQEAAA==]Verata's Reaver
[&AgFpCQEAAA==]Verata's Revolver
[&AgFqCQEAAA==]Verata's Flanged Mace
[&AgFrCQEAAA==]Verata's Greatbow
[&AgFsCQEAAA==]Verata's Razor
[&AgFtCQEAAA==]Verata's Warhammer
[&AgFuCQEAAA==]Verata's Claymore
[&AgFvCQEAAA==]Verata's Artifact
[&AgFwCQEAAA==]Verata's Musket
Carapace Armor
109880_0203Carapace Jerkin
109880_0206Carapace Vambraces
109880_0209Carapace Boots
109880_0226Carapace Cowl
109880_0211Carapace Mask
109880_0212Carapace Leggings
109880_0214Carapace Shoulderpads
109880_0240Carapace Pants
109880_0260Carapace Shoes
109880_0263Carapace Tassets
109880_0266Carapace Helmet
109880_0269Carapace Gauntlets
109880_0272Carapace Breastplate
109880_0281Carapace Greaves
109880_0284Carapace Gloves
109880_0287Carapace Vestments
109880_0289Carapace Pauldrons
109880_0290Carapace Mantle
Luminescent Armor
109880_0210Luminescent Cowl
109880_0215Luminescent Shoulderpads
109880_0216Luminescent Shoes
109880_0217Luminescent Vestments
109880_0218Luminescent Gloves
109880_0219Luminescent Gauntlets
109880_0220Luminescent Pants
109880_0221Luminescent Greaves
109880_0228Luminescent Breastplate
109880_0244Luminescent Leggings
109880_0245Luminescent Mask
109880_0248Luminescent Vambraces
109880_0251Luminescent Jerkin
109880_0254Luminescent Boots
109880_0257Luminescent Mantle
109880_0275Luminescent Helmet
109880_0278Luminescent Tassets
109880_0279Luminescent Pauldrons
[&C3QWAAA=]Glint's Gaze Mask Heavy
[&C3MWAAA=]Glint's Gaze Mask Medium
[&C3IWAAA=]Glint's Gaze Mask Light
[&C4cWAAA=]Welding Torch
[&AgG8CAEAAA==]Eternal Sands
109878_0416Double-click to choose an ascended armor piece with Sinister stats.
[&AgG9BwEAAA==]Sinister Armor Chest
109878_0425Satchel of Sinister Exalted Armor
109878_0427Satchel of Sinister Emblazoned Armor
109878_0429Box[pl:"Boxes"] of Sinister Draconic Armor
109879_0034Sinister Weapon Recipe Book
109879_0035Sinister Armor Recipe Book
109879_0000Sinister Jewelry Recipe Book
109878_1023Double-click to choose a recipe for crafting gear with the Sinister stat combination.
[&AgFKCQEAAA==]Exquisite Charged Ambrite Jewel
[&AgH4CAEAAA==]Sheet of Charged Ambrite
109878_0453Recipe: Exquisite Charged Ambrite Jewel
109878_0452A recipe to make an Exquisite Charged Ambrite Jewel. Charged Ambrite Jewelery recipes can be found in buried chests in the Silverwastes.
109878_0455Recipe: Sinister Orichalcum Imbued Inscription
109878_0454A recipe to make a Sinister Orichalcum Imbued Inscription.
109878_0474Recipe: Sinister Intricate Gossamer Insignia
109878_0473A recipe to make a Sinister Intricate Gossamer Insignia.
[&AgEvCAEAAA==]Charged Ambrite Orichalcum Earring
[&AgEwCAEAAA==]Charged Ambrite Orichalcum Amulet
[&AgExCAEAAA==]Charged Ambrite Orichalcum Ring
[&AgFGCQEAAA==]Mysterious Exilir
[&AgFHCQEAAA==]Fragnant Cactus Fruit
[&AgH8CAEAAA==]Celebration Booster
109878_0437Bountiful Tuning Crystal
109878_0449Furious Tuning Crystal
109878_0456Bountiful Maintenance Oil
109878_0457Furious Maintenance Oil
109878_0458Furious Sharpening Stone
109878_0464Bountiful Sharpening Stone
[&AgE+CQEAAA==]Sandford Family Ring
[&AgFCCQEAAA==]Plague Signet
[&AgHNCAEAAA==]Ogden's Gratitude
109879_0006Contains rare gear, tomes of knowledge, obsidian shards, and various gemstones.
[&AgFECQEAAA==]Forgotten Band
[&AgE3CQEAAA==]Quetzal Crest
109879_0271Etched on the back are the words, "We are not so easily fooled."
109879_0274Caithe's Blossom
109879_0273I'm done with your games, and I'm finished with you. I am not your dearheart. —Caithe
[&AgE5CQEAAA==]Ventari's Chisel
109879_0275Never leave a wrong to ripen into evil or sorrow. —Tenets of Ventari
109879_0279Ogden's Ankh
109879_0278We all die. Some sooner than others. —Ogden Stonehealer
109879_0281Aspect Amulet
109879_0280The summer sun shone bright once more, warmed wood and cloth of home. —Zephyrite Song
[&AgE+CQEAAA==]Sandford Family Ring
109624_0404Even in the deepest darkness, there is some light.
[&AgHLCAEAAA==]Bandit Crest
109879_0001Can be traded with merchants in the Silverwastes for valuable items.
109879_0004Bandit Cache
109879_0003Contains a rare bandit weapon, bandit crests, and other supplies.
109878_1007Bandit Coin Purse
109878_1006Contains a gold coin, luck, a magic find booster, and various bandit supplies. Usable as a bag after opening.
109878_1009Bandit Combat Journal
109878_1008Unlocks the Bandit Weapons Specialist collection.
109878_1012Bandit Skeleton Key
109878_1011Used to open lost bandit chests in the Silverwastes. Chests can only be found with Silverwastes Shovels.Buried locked chests can contain armor, weapons, recipes, ambrite, and more.
109879_0036Created by imbuing beetle remains from Dry Top at an underground pollen cloud in the Silverwastes. This item only has value as part of a collection.
109879_0037Imbued Beetle Shell
109879_0038Obtained by proving your perseverance (stack size: 3) to Silverwastes quartermasters. This item only has value as part of a collection.
109879_0039Luminescent Laces
109879_0040Luminescent Strap
109879_0041Created by imbuing firefly luminescence from Caledon Forest at an underground pollen cloud in the Silverwastes. This item only has value as part of a collection.
109879_0042Imbued Firefly Luminescence
109879_0044Turn in to the cryptobotanist for extra bandit crests. Double-click to locate.