Chat codes and previews of the new weapon set
Wednesday 5th of November 2014
You might wonder why I didn't include these in yesterday's data-mining post: these are NPC only weapons at the moment and the codes are a bit of a mess. So ignore the MONSTER ONLY part of the links and enjoy!

PS. There is absolutely no reason to assume these will be Black Lion weapons yet, and won't be available for at least two weeks.
[&C3gWAAA=]Fleet Scepter
[&C3kWAAA=]Fleet Shield
[&C3oWAAA=]Fleet Staff
[&C3sWAAA=]Fleet Longbow
[&C3wWAAA=]Fleet Torch
[&C30WAAA=]Fleet Sword
[&C34WAAA=]Fleet Warhorn
[&C38WAAA=]Fleet Pistol
[&C4EWAAA=]Fleet Axe
[&C4IWAAA=]Fleet Rifle
[&C4MWAAA=]Fleet Shortbow
[&C4QWAAA=]Fleet Dagger
[&C4UWAAA=]Fleet Focus
[&C4YWAAA=]Fleet Greatsword
[&C4gWAAA=]Fleet Hammer
[&C4kWAAA=]Fleet Mace