Upcoming features from Tangled Path
Tuesday 18th of November 2014
These are the new items and features from Tangled Path


109886_0204Use high-quality morphological antialiasing. Smooths more edges at the cost of performance.
[&DA4AAAA=]Jungle Explorer Outfit[s]
Pact Fleet weapons
109598_0362Show your support for the Pact Fleet by collecting all of the weapons from their armory.
109599_0365Pact Fleet Weapon Collection
109599_0466Unlocked / Pact Fleet Weapon Skins
109599_0470Unlock all __ Pact Fleet weapon skins in your wardrobe.
109886_0212Pact Fleet Weapons
[&AgGzCQEAAA==]Pact Fleet Mace
[&AgGqCQEAAA==]Pact Fleet Torch
[&AgGwCQEAAA==]Pact Fleet Focus
[&AgGrCQEAAA==]Pact Fleet Warhorn
[&AgGfCQEAAA==]Pact Fleet Scepter
[&AgGdCQEAAA==]Pact Fleet Pistol
[&AgG1CQEAAA==]Pact Fleet Greatsword
[&AgGxCQEAAA==]Pact Fleet Hammer
[&AgG0CQEAAA==]Pact Fleet Longbow
[&AgGnCQEAAA==]Pact Fleet Shield
[&AgGpCQEAAA==]Pact Fleet Staff
[&AgGsCQEAAA==]Pact Fleet Sword
[&AgGgCQEAAA==]Pact Fleet Rifle
[&AgGyCQEAAA==]Pact Fleet Dagger
[&AgGvCQEAAA==]Pact Fleet Axe
[&AgGeCQEAAA==]Pact Fleet Short Bow
[&AgGmCQEAAA==]Enchanted Hourglass
109886_0119The sands of your hourglass are flowing. When they run out, you will return to your starting position.
109886_0120Flowing Sands
109837_0602Let Loose the Sands of Time!
109837_0603Double-click to activate your hourglass, counting down for 10 seconds. At the end of this time, you return to your starting location. Cannot be used in PvP, WvW, activities, dungeons, or combat.
109837_0561Contains one of 25 random colors reminiscent of the good dragon, Glint. Includes the possibility of six exclusive winter colors created in honor of her struggle against Kralkatorrik.
[&AgGXCQEAAA==]Glint's Crystal Dye
[&AgGYCQEAAA==]Glint's Ambition Dye
[&AgGZCQEAAA==]Glint's Rebellion Dye
[&AgGaCQEAAA==]Glint's Isolation Dye
[&AgGbCQEAAA==]Glint's Purview Dye
[&AgGcCQEAAA==]Glint's Sanctuary Dye
[&AgGtCQEAAA==]Salvager's Supplies
109837_0559Get Everything You Need to Salvage at a Big Discount!
109837_0560Double-click to receive the following items: 1 Copper-Fed Salvage-o-Matic, 1 Silver-Fed Salvage-o-Matic, 3 Upgrade Extractors, 3 Black Lion Claim Ticket Scraps, 25 Salvageable Hides, 25 Valuable Metal Scraps, 25 Discarded Garments, 25 Equipment Bags.
109885_0795Show your support for your favorite region with a World Tournament Series finisher!
[&AgGhCQEAAA==]Chinese World Tournament Finisher[s]
[&AgGoCQEAAA==]European World Tournament Finisher[s]
[&AgGuCQEAAA==]North American World Tournament Finisher[s]
109885_0825Summon the fearsome Chickenado to finish off your foes!
[&AgEWCQEAAA==]Chickenado Finisher[s]
109839_0529Carapace Glove Box
109599_0478Luminescent Gloves
109613_0548Collected / Parts
109599_0483Collect the __ parts required to assemble Luminescent Gloves.
[&AgGNCQEAAA==]Essence of Nightmares
[&AgGLCQEAAA==]Key of Greater Nightmares
109886_0203You require a Key of Greater Nightmares to open this chest.
109886_0163Reaper's Blessing
109886_0162+3% Damage vs. Mordrem
109886_0164+5% Damage vs. Mordrem
109886_0165+7% Damage vs. Mordrem
Royal Club
[&AgGiCQEAAA==]Chalice of Royal Essence
[&AgGjCQEAAA==]Flask of Royal Essence
[&AgGkCQEAAA==]Phial of Royal Essence