Upcoming features from the HoT closed beta patch
Tuesday 17th of March 2015
Today's patch was huge and contained a lot of assets and strings for the HoT closed beta. Too bad 99% of the "new" strings are either old or numeric placeholders.


350111_0697Your beta character is currently unavailable because there are no Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion beta events in progress. Please check our website for more details about beta events:https://heartofthorns.guildwars2.com
963309_0045Item and coin attachments are disabled in beta maps.
963374_0640Progress and rewards earned in beta maps will not be saved.
[&AgFQDQEAAA==]Coming soon
Other weapons
[&AgGWDwEAAA==]Fargate opener
[&AgFcDgEAAA==]Katana (dagger)
[&AgGADQEAAA==]Katana (sword)
Make shift weapons
[&AgFSDAEAAA==]Short Bow
[&AgH6DgEAAA==]Superior rune of the Revenant
[&AgH+DgEAAA==]Major rune of the Revenant
[&AgF0DAEAAA==]Minor rune of the Revenant
Revenant Weapons / Armor
[&AgEiDQEAAA==]Mistward Headwrap
[&AgF0DQEAAA==]Mistward Plate
[&Cx4XAAA=]Mistward Pauldrons
[&CxYXAAA=]Mistward Legguards
[&CxUXAAA=]Mistward Warfists
[&CyEXAAA=]Mistward Warboots
[&CwMXAAA=]Resplendent Curtain
[&C/0WAAA=]Veil Piercer
[&CyAXAAA=]Mist Scrim
[&AgF7DwEAAA==]Shadow Torch Skin
[&AgEfDwEAAA==]Shadow Mace Skin
[&AgH2DgEAAA==]Shadow Shield Skin
[&AgGADgEAAA==]Shadow Staff Skin
[&AgF3DgEAAA==]Shadow Rifle Skin
[&AgE9DgEAAA==]Shadow Dagger Skin
[&AgEEDgEAAA==]Shadow Pistol Skin
[&AgGNDQEAAA==]Shadow Sword Skin
[&AgGCDQEAAA==]Shadow Axe Skin
[&AgFTDQEAAA==]Shadow Hammer Skin
[&AgERDQEAAA==]Shadow Longbow Skin
[&AgGHDAEAAA==]Shadow Greatsword Skin
[&AgFyDAEAAA==]Shadow Short Bow Skin
[&AgFjDAEAAA==]Shadow Scepter Skin
963328_0743Bring the noise to your next event with this charr-inspired bass guitar.
963389_0144Get Your Own Playable Bass Guitar!
963386_0283__ is digging.
Streaming client
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Map Locations
[&BM8HAAA=]Pact Ship: Lethal Vantage
[&BNUHAAA=]Mellaggan's Valor Waypoint
[&BN4HAAA=]Shipwreck Peak Waypoint
[&BOAHAAA=]Itzel Grounds
[&BOUHAAA=]Nomad's Oasis
[&BO4HAAA=]Utogi's Archive
[&BO8HAAA=]Faren's Flyer Waypoint
[&BAEIAAA=]Shrouded Ruins Waypoint
[&BAgIAAA=]Pact Flagship Waypoint
[&BBMIAAA=]Dust Dancer Plateau
(thanks /u/Bogyesz for some of the codes!)


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