Specialization Calculator
Saturday 2nd of May 2015
As you might have seen in WP's elementalist video a few days ago I've been working on a trait builder that mimics the upcoming in game version of it. To keep things short:
  • All traits have been written down by /u/dulfy and are based on last week's ready up stream
  • The elementalist tooltips have extra flavor thanks to /u/WoodenPotatoes helping out
  • Revenant traits are based on what we know of from the stress test
  • You can share builds by copying the URL and changing your traits will automatically update the link
  • More flavor will be added to the tooltips the coming week(s)
If you have any suggestions, complaints or other messages just leave them below!



  • URLs no longer fill your browser history on HTML5 capable browsers
  • URLs are now human readable (old links will work for a while but will be removed in the future)
  • Fixed a bug with wilderness survival not fitting inside the box