Additional mastery tiers
Friday 22nd of May 2015
With the closed beta coming up next week here are some additional mastery tiers that were added to this week's patch to get you in the mood.

Gliding Mastery

  • Improved design to your glider handles and wing slits lets you confidently fly into updrafts, allowing you to gain altitude and travel to previously unreachable locations.
  • You learn to bind the wings of your glider with stronger straps, allowing you to fly through downdrafts without being blown out of the air!
  • Finding deep core strength after many flights, you've learned to maintain flight while tilting backwards and stalling in midair. You've also learned to land without noise to gain temporary invisibility on landing.
  • With practice, you've perfected your flying style. You can now lean forward and increase your airspeed at the cost of endurance.
  • You and your glider fly as one. Outside of leaning abilities, you're able to fly without endurance cost.

Exalted Lore

  • The Exalted have taught you to use springs found throughout the jungle to cure your ailments and receive beneficial effects.
  • The Exalted have taught you to methodically remove rare materials from ore in Auric Basin, giving you a chance to get <insert exalted resource> while you're mining.

Nuhoch Lore

  • The Nuhoch have taught you to stand in defiance of the wyverns. They can no longer knock you down with their wing buffets.