Open source laurel to gold converter web-app
Monday 1st of June 2015
I've just released a silly side project of my trading post side project (that's a lot of side projects).


This web-app will show a list of laurel items you can purchase at the vendors and calculate the actual worth in gold using real-time data from the trading post.:
  • It uses T6 Material bags because these currently have the highest laurel to gold conversion. It uses real time trading post data to generate 3 possible outcomes:
    1. LOW: worst case scenario, this is the least amount of money you could make with these bags
    2. AVERAGE: the average amount of gold you will get out of 1 bag
    3. HIGH: you got lucky, this is the maximum amount of gold you could've made
  • Some items require globs of ectoplasm as well. These are fetched from the trading post and are added to the final price


Why not, it's just a side project and can be useful if you have to make a tough decision between gold or cats.

But why a web app??

Unlike regular android/ios apps a web app is just a website that's optimized for mobile devices and has a manifest file so it can be added to your home screen to function like a regular app. On the plus side it works just as well on your home computer and obscure devices like windows mobile. (also did I mention it's free, no ads and open source?)

ok.. maybe I should give it a try..