Upcoming features from the July 28 update
Tuesday 28th of July 2015

Small buggy patch today 

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[&AgEvEgEA]Mini Wyvern
1024289_0558Mini Wyvern Now Available!
[&DBoAAAA=](Placeholder) [[587807]]
Account Security
1024289_0337Thank you for registering with our Account Security SMS system. Please accept this Mini Mystical Dragon as a token of our appreciation.
1001462_0344LOR-748 Title-Issuing Error
992378_0859Scholar Aiti
Living world Season 1
1024287_0620Magister Ela Makkay
1024284_0642History Lesson
1024286_0884Scarlet's War
1024288_0663Summary of Chapter 01
1024289_0148Season 1 History Lesson
1024288_0449Season 1 Recap
1030378_0334Transforms (Death Shroud, Tornado, etc.) must be removed before starting an adventure.
963248_0970The Mastery tab shows you each available Mastery for your current region. Here you can spend points to unlock tracks. Equipping a track funnels your experience gain toward rewards in the track.
1030376_1002Gliding was selected for you to start off so you wouldn't miss any experience.
1024286_0216Stealth Gliding
1024289_0692Learn to glide silently and undetected through the air for short periods by dodging while gliding.
1024287_0718Advanced Gliding
1024288_0376Learn the gliding technique of leaning forward to increase your gliding speed and leaning back to brake midair at the cost of endurance. Your improved technique also increases your total endurance pool when gliding.
1024286_0047Learn to glide with such efficiency that you no longer use endurance to stay up in the air, only to perform lean techniques.
1024289_0253Ley Line Gliding
1024285_0416Learn to enter ley-line energy flows while gliding to be moved along with the flow, gaining access to otherwise inaccessible places.
1024287_0473Nuhoch Hunting
1024285_0617Nuhoch Stealth Detection
1024285_0540Learn to spot enemies that practice stealth techniques, rendering them visible to your trained eye.
1024285_0674Learn the difficult dialect of the Itzel, endearing yourself to the local Itzel and gaining access to vendors with exclusive wares.
1024285_0768Learn the Nuhoch's traditional language, and gain the ability to trade and converse with the more wary members of the group.
1024286_0188Learn to efficiently pierce through Impenetrable Bark, which makes some powerful Mordrem unbreakable.
1024287_0231Master the use of Nuhoch Wallows, learning to traverse these hidden passages to gain access to locations both far and hidden.
1024287_0332Train with the Nuhoch to learn to remove the chak's powerful acid with your healing skill. Without this ability, chak acid can obliterate foes.
1024289_0443Challenge the Nuhoch champion Belly Floppin' Phil in combat to earn the Nuhoch's respect and unlock a powerful cache of rewards.
1024289_0863Nuhoch Wallows
1024289_0766Learning to eat these mushrooms tweaks your adrenal glands, giving you a surge of adrenaline and instantly refreshing your skills.
1030376_0234You must unlock the Mastery ability Nuhoch Language to purchase from this vendor.
1024284_0241Itzel Poison Lore
1024284_0301With stomach training, learn to ingest the speed-increasing mushrooms found scattered in the Heart of Maguuma. Run at blazing speeds with the help of nature!
1024286_0385Carefully study the Itzel fighting style, and then challenge their champion and claim a valuable daily prize.
1024286_0917Learn about Itzel poisons, and gain the ability to pass through poisonous Mordrem vines and withstand poison hazes that exist in Maguuma.
1030378_0060You must unlock the Mastery ability Itzel Language to purchase from this vendor.
1024284_0238Exalted Gathering
1024288_0608Learn from the Exalted how to gather rare materials around the Maguuma Jungle. Learn to mine up Lumps of Aurillium from ore nodes in Auric Basin.
1024289_0127Exalted Assistance
1024285_0760Learn to use Exalted Recall devices found in the Maguuma Jungle to summon an Exalted warrior to fight for a short while.
1024288_0138Become honored among the Exalted by challenging their champion each day, and unlock their finest treasures within the Forgotten City.
1030376_0993You must unlock the Mastery ability Exalted Acceptance to purchase from this vendor.
1024288_0502Learn to take special trophies from foes in Maguuma and to harvest Sawgill mushrooms, unlocking rare collections and items.
1030378_0120You have found a Sawgill Mushroom. Train the Nuhoch Hunting mastery in Nuhoch Lore to harvest this mushroom.
1030378_0146You have found a Bouncing Mushroom. Train the Bouncing Mushrooms mastery in Itzel Lore to use it.
1030379_0231You have found a Speed Boost Mushroom. Train the Blazing Speed Mushrooms mastery in Itzel Lore to use it.
1030367_0955Chak Lore
1030369_0229Dinosaur Lore
"Collectible" placeholder weapons

Hall of Monuments Mail

My records indicate you are one of the recent recipients of the title "God Walking Amongst Mere Mortals."
However, I have some unfortunate news. Your title was the result of my golem, LOR-748, believing you earned the honor and issuing this esteemed accolade. Now, there's no way my golem made any sort of miscalculation, which means there is only one explanation: the Eternal Alchemy itself is wrong.
To clarify, the illegal modifications I made to LOR-748's title-issuing program had absolutely nothing to do with this title-issuing mistake.
In an effort to remedy this error—again, not mine—your title and any other unearned Hall of Monuments rewards must be revoked. This is regrettable, but the Alchemy is a living thing that, if not corrected, corrects itself—and no one wants to leave this up to the uncaring universe. This reversal will also keep the Arcane Council from incarcerating me until, as they put it, "your bones turn to dust."
Apologies, Scholar Aiti