Upcoming features from the August 11 update
Tuesday 11th of August 2015

Mini Pets
[&AgFXEgEAAA==]Mini Tiger (Shows Mimic)
1030377_0275Miniature Tiger Available
[&AgFaEgEAAA==]Mini Mimic Chest
1030378_0511Miniature Mimic Chest Available
1030379_0623Double-click to summon this miniature to follow you around. Only one miniature may be in use at a time.
[&DBoAAAA=]Wedding Attire
1030367_0956Romantic Gift Pack
1030372_0944Shadow of the Dragon Value Pack
1030376_0611Account Bump
963358_0198Thank you for purchasing Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns—Ultimate. Your 4,000 gems will be applied to your account within the next 72 hours.
1030380_0351The 4,000 gems from your Heart of Thorns: Ultimate purchase have been delivered.
[&AgFWEgEAAA==]Item Booster
1024287_0133Heroic Booster
1024284_0193Experience Booster
1030369_0124Cannot currently add more time to that booster.
[&AgFjEgEAAA==]Permanent Birthday Finisher
992364_0837This finisher is awarded to accounts that have a three-year-old character.
1030380_0315Second Birthday Gift
1024287_0327You are leaving the playable area. Return to the playable area or you will be killed.
1030367_0388Dwayna's Weapons
1030367_0538Dwayna's Dagger
1030367_0899Dwayna's Pistol
1030376_0301Dwayna's Mace
1030376_0373Dwayna's Torch
1030376_0998Dwayna's Axe
1030377_0085Dwayna's Shield
1030379_0165Dwayna's Scepter
1030379_0264Dwayna's Focus
1030379_0416Dwayna's Greatsword
1030369_0739Dwayna's Warhorn
1030371_0209Dwayna's Short Bow
1030372_0398Dwayna's Longbow
1030372_0526Dwayna's Hammer
1030372_0778Dwayna's Staff
1030374_0880Dwayna's Rifle
1030376_0099Dwayna's Sword