Just something I had laying around for months
Monday 26th of October 2015
So as you might have noticed I do not always post everything I find (and I'm still keeping stuff under wraps because the expansion is still new and fresh). But I wanted to give you a single example of one of the bigger things I've found a couple of months ago that in my opinion could have negatively affected all hype and discussion.
During the first WvW beta ArenaNet copied their live client, added the new borderlands to it but somehow managed to also include a lot of tiles showing very early alpha versions of the HoT maps (this was even before we knew about it going to be 4 maps at all).
So, now I could've done what a couple of websites and YouTubers accused me of at time and post everything for a moment of fame and glory, but in my opinion that would've been a cheap shot at both ArenaNet and the community (Just compare the final version of the maps with these and you'll see they're vastly different and completely unfinished). This was one of the cases I decided to report directly to ArenaNet instead.
Now you may dislike or praise me for not sharing this but in the end it was the right decision.

Images late 2014 / early 2015