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Monday 26th of October 2015
So I thought I'd do a mini data-mining post with a bunch of items you won't find in your wardrobe. If I'm going to do a full data-mining post of HoT it will be at a much later stage. Also an important PSA for future posts: Anet decided to remove all gemstore related images from the DAT file so you won't get any sneak peeks of those any more.


[&DBwAAAA=]Lunatic Guard Outfit
[&DB4AAAA=]Lyssa's Regelia
Glittering Weapons
[&C+wYAAA=]Glittering Axe [»]
[&C3cYAAA=]Glittering Dagger [»]
[&C4UYAAA=]Glittering Focus [»]
[&C34ZAAA=]Glittering Greatsword [»]
[&C3oYAAA=]Glittering Hammer [»]
[&C18YAAA=]Glittering Longbow [»]
[&C5YYAAA=]Glittering Mace [»]
[&CzwZAAA=]Glittering Pistol [»]
[&Cz8ZAAA=]Glittering Rifle [»]
[&C9UYAAA=]Glittering Scepter [»]
[&C34YAAA=]Glittering Shield [»]
[&C8EYAAA=]Glittering Short Bow [»]
[&C+gYAAA=]Glittering Staff [»]
[&C/wYAAA=]Glittering Sword [»]
[&Cy0ZAAA=]Glittering Torch [»]
[&C+MYAAA=]Glittering Warhorn [»]
Halloween shoulder related
[&CzUZAAA=]Gyve of Madness (heavy)
[&C/0YAAA=]Gyve of Madness (light)
[&CzsZAAA=]Gyve of Madness (medium)