Upcoming features from the December 1 update
Tuesday 1st of December 2015
Looks like the 64-bit client is having some trouble downloading the patch (solution use the 32-bit client for now). Not that much item wise and I'll update the chat-codes over time. Enjoy!
Let me conclude with a little bit of hype.


[&DCAAAAA=]Slayer's Outfit
Merciless Weapons
1303053_0427Merciless Axe
1303051_0883Merciless Dagger
1303052_0077Merciless Focus
1303053_0122Merciless Greatsword
1303051_0555Merciless Hammer
1303052_0078Merciless Longbow
1303052_0376Merciless Mace
1303051_0398Merciless Pistol
1303053_0531Merciless Rifle
1303051_0902Merciless Scepter
1303052_0642Merciless Shield
1303053_0596Merciless Short Bow
1303052_0850Merciless Staff
1303051_1002Merciless Sword
1303052_0955Merciless Torch
1303052_0759Merciless Warhorn
Ascended Gear
[&AgGqLgEAAA==]Vial of Salt
[&C5oZAAA=]Wintersday Wreath Backpack
1232637_0521Snowflake Glider (visible in wardrobe)
The Ascension
1303054_0284Congratulations! You've obtained the backpack and glider skin for the Ascension.
[&C6EZAAA=]The Ascension Glider
[&C5wZAAA=]The Ascension
1303053_0627Year of the Ascension Part I
1303053_0630Year of the Ascension Part II
1303051_0176Year of the Ascension Part III
1303051_0869Year of the Ascension Part IV
Mini Pets
[&AgHhLgEA]Mini Turai Ossa
[&C54ZAAA=]Recruit's Wings of Glory
[&C6AZAAA=]Veteran's Wings of Glory
[&C60ZAAA=]Champion's Wings of Glory
[&C6IZAAA=]Elite's Wings of Glory
1313462_0124The PvP league season has started! Queue for ranked arena in the Heart of the Mists to begin your legendary journey. Learn more here.
1076069_0742PvP League Season One
1303051_0169PvP League Ticket
1232633_0121Division 1: Amber
1232636_0676Division 2: Emerald
1232636_0883Division 3: Sapphire
1232635_0198Division 4: Ruby
1232634_0599Division 5: Diamond
1129132_0373Division 6: Legendary
1232637_0980PvP Legendary Items
[&AgGnLgEAAA==]Mystic Essence of Determination
[&AgG0LgEAAA==]Mystic Essence of Challenge
[&AgHPLgEAAA==]Mystic Essence of Success
1303053_0322Mystic Essence of Discipline
[&AgG1LgEAAA==]The Thrill of Battle
1303054_0225Combine 5 of these in the mystic forge with 2 Vision Crystals, 250 Shards of Glory, and a Perfect Mist Core to create the Gift of Skirmishing.
1303054_0904Combine with 20 Vicious Claws, 50 Large Claws, and 10 Globs of Dark Matter in the mystic forge to create a Mystic Essence of Success.
1303054_0694Combine win 20 Ancient Bones, 50 Large Bones, and 250 Empyreal Fragments in the mystic forge to create a Mystic Essence of Challenge.
1303054_0728Combine the Thrill of Battle, Tapestry of Sacrifice, Monument of Legends, and Hymn of Glory in the mystic forge to create the Gift of the Competitor.
1303054_0192You must purchase the Essence of Challenge to purchase this item.
1303054_0233You must purchase the Essence of Discipline to purchase this item.
1313462_0588You must purchase the Essence of Determination to purchase this item.
1303054_0921You must purchase the Veteran's Wings of Glory to purchase this item.
1313462_0240You must purchase the Recruit's Wings of Glory to purchase this item.
1313462_0026You must purchase the Champion's Wings of Glory to purchase this item.
1313462_0240You must purchase the Recruit's Wings of Glory to purchase this item.
1303053_0518Essence of Discipline
[&AgHbLgEAAA==]Mist Core Fragment
[&AgGoLgEAAA==]Mist Essence
[&AgGuLgEAAA==]Certificate of Support
1232635_0516Essence of Determination
[&AgHsLgEAAA==]Hymn of Glory
[&AgG5LgEAAA==]Tapestry of Sacrifice
[&AgHiLgEAAA==]Monument of Legends
Guilds and Decorations
1058997_0327Spawns a guild banner that will give a +15% gathering chance and 10% movement-speed boost to any ally that touches it for 30 minutes. Does not stack with other gathering or speed banners.
1303054_0596Clear Decorations
1303054_0439Remove All Decorations
[&AgHLLgEAAA==]Guild Challenger League Decoration
1303054_0947Bring this token to your guild hall to unlock a special upgrade.
1303054_0936Player can remove all decorations from the guild hall and return them to guild storage.
1076074_0175Guild Challenger League
[&AgGyLgEAAA==]Platinum Guild Challenger Reward
1232634_0884The top-ranked guild teams that competed in the current PvP season. Conquest Only
1303051_0983Golden Sheen
1232637_0828Murky Grey
1303052_0909Dry Silver
1303053_0808Gold Fusion
UI Changes
1303054_0204Always Show My Name
1303054_0442Always show your own character name above your head.
1232637_0829Transition from following a player to a nearby camera facing that player.
1232637_0866Transition from a fixed camera to following the player nearest the center of your screen.
1303054_0182Invisible Berserker's Mushroom Spore
1303054_0517Invisible Chronomancer's Mushroom Spore
1303054_0437Invisible Daredevil's Mushroom Spore
1313462_0462Invisible Dragonhunter's Mushroom Spore
1313462_0435Invisible Druid's Mushroom Spore
1313462_0263Invisible Herald's Mushroom Spore
1313462_0215Invisible Reaper's Mushroom Spore
1313462_0184Invisible Scrapper's Mushroom Spore
1313462_0473Invisible Tempest's Mushroom Spore
Sharpening Stones
1313462_0116Berserker's Auric Sharpening Stone
1313462_0417Chronomancer's Auric Sharpening Stone
1303054_0567Daredevil's Auric Sharpening Stone
1313462_0540Dragonhunter's Auric Sharpening Stone
1303054_0379Druid's Auric Sharpening Stone
1313462_0526Herald's Auric Sharpening Stone
1313462_0338Reaper's Auric Sharpening Stone
1313462_0395Scrapper's Auric Sharpening Stone
1313462_0390Tempest's Auric Sharpening Stone
Guild Armor
1313462_0165Ornate Guild Boots
1313462_0254Ornate Guild Breastplate
1313462_0222Ornate Guild Cowl
1313462_0641Ornate Guild Gauntlets
1313462_0632Ornate Guild Gloves
1303054_0278Ornate Guild Greaves
1313462_0431Ornate Guild Helmet
1313462_0494Ornate Guild Jerkin
1303054_0389Ornate Guild Leggings
1313462_0598Ornate Guild Mantle
1313462_0522Ornate Guild Mask
1313462_0650Ornate Guild Pants
1313462_0607Ornate Guild Pauldrons
1303054_0480Ornate Guild Shoes
1313462_0445Ornate Guild Shoulderpads
1313462_0562Ornate Guild Tassets
1313462_0633Ornate Guild Vambraces
1303054_0916Ornate Guild Vestments
Mail Carriers
1232637_0465Exalted Mail Carrier