Left on the table in 2015
Wednesday 30th of December 2015
The end of the year is near and a lot of people (including myself) are wondering what’s in store for 2016. ArenaNet has a bit of a habit being completely silent about future content (Edit: although they will give anoverview of 2016 soon) so a lot of times we only get a glimpse by mining the client… Without further ado here’s a small list of things that showed up the past year but haven’t been implemented yet.


Apart from the many maps (Fortunes Vale, Basket Brawl, the Mist Islands etc) that showed up in earlier years a couple more were added this year:
  • Map Guild Dale - This appears to be a smaller Krytan styled guild hall, it has lots of unfurnished buildings (tavern, dungeon, stables, halls, etc) and first showed up with the alpha maps.
  • Map Guild Coliseum - A small guild hall composed of a hub and an arena for all your PvP needs
    • Lobby (entrance to the right, arena to the left)
    • Arena (as seen from above)
  • Work in progress


Just before the reveal of HoT a couple of new armor skins showed up (human only). These all have a basic and improved version. Some believe these will be the pre-cursor and legendary armor skins.


During the preview weekends we got our hands on several weapon skins that are currently unobtainable
[&AgGWDwEAAA==]Fargate opener
[&AgFcDgEAAA==]Quetzal Weapon (dagger)
[&AgGADQEAAA==]Quetzal Weapon (sword)


Before HoT launched a lot of masteries showed up in the DAT file. Some were changed (for the better) but others were never used at all:
  • You learn to bind the wings of your glider with stronger straps, allowing you to fly through downdrafts without being blown out of the air!
  • The Exalted have taught you to use springs found throughout the jungle to cure your ailments and receive beneficial effects.
  • The Nuhoch have taught you to stand in defiance of the wyverns. They can no longer knock you down with their wing buffets.
  • Your attacks now do three times the normal damage to the break bar of creatures using Impenetrable Bark.
  • Chak Lore
  • Dinosaur Lore


A bunch of creature variations were never used in HoT, these vary from color variations to unused models altogether. Some examples:

Ranger pets

Several lines of flavor text could indicate more ranger pets were planned but never made it in to the final cut
  • The spotted beetle releases noxious gas in order to disorient enemies.
  • Pocket raptors normally travel in packs.
  • The spikenose beetle charges its foes when enraged.

Super Adventure Box

At two points this year SAB related items showed up: just before April Fool’s and after the release of HoT. These vary from NPC’s to hints that they’ve made changes to the maps.

Missing regions

Currently there are two regions missing in Dragon’s Stand. You can however find these by breaking out of the map. There also appears to be a lot of room behind Rata Novus - the uncovered map reveals there’s going to be more to it.

Other stuff

Last but not least some other stuff that does exists but is still unused

In need of translation

Full album with some more images (including the armor sets)