Upcoming features from the January 26 update
Tuesday 26th of January 2016
Today’s patch is a big one but I’ve got a bit of news as well: I’m afraid I’m going to have to take a break from data-mining everybody’s favorite game Charr Neko Atsume, I know a lot of you will be devastated by this but it was taking up several minutes of my life. When or if I will return to it I can not say. Stay Strong.


[&Ct0ZAAA=]Branded Backpiece
[&AgGqLwEAAA==]Phoenix Kite Glider
1232637_0570Golden Feather Wings Backpack
1303052_0845Golden Feather Wings Glider
1313462_0500You have found a Launch Pad. Train Glider Basics in the Gliding Mastery to be able to deploy your glider midlaunch.
1323114_0813You are entering a no-fly zone. Land or turn back now.
Lunar New Year
[&CtsZAAA=]Lucky Monkey Lantern
[&CtwZAAA=]Lucky Great Monkey Lantern
1335486_0900Celebrate the New Year of the Monkey
1341712_0261Red Lantern
1341712_0345Lunar Arch
1341712_0907Tokens of the Dragon Ball Champion
1341712_0967Monkey Statue
1341713_0068Red Festival Tent
1341713_0435Ram Statue
1341713_0482Place in the mystic forge with two rare zodiac lantern backpacks and fine essences of luck to receive a previous year's backpack.
1341713_0615Red Festival Umbrella
1341713_0835Only available during Lunar New Year. Purchase to deposit this decoration into guild storage. Double-click if it fails to store automatically.
1341713_0845Letter from Home
1341714_0126Memory of the Zodiac
1341714_0388Monkey's Gift
109873_0902Lucky Great Ram Lantern
Brew of the Month
[&CtoZAAA=]Brewmaster's Backpack
[&AgGxLwEAAA==]Master Brewer's Keg
1313462_0103Brewmaster's Backpack Skin
1323114_0220Brewmaster's Backpack Kit
1335489_0859Earned by completing the Eldvin Monastery Brew of the Month Club achievement.
1313462_0887A collection of items in celebration of your dedication to the Eldvin Monastery Brew of the Month Club.
1303054_0143Desch Metz, Master Brewer
1303054_0398Welcome to the Eldvin Monastery Brew of the Month Club
1303054_0184Bottle of Bloodstone Orange Summer Ale
1303054_0260Bottle of Rytlager Brimstout
1303054_0405Bottle of Istan Pale Ale
1303054_0466Bottle of Pale Tree Pilsner
1303054_0886Bottle of Eldvin Abbey Ale
1313462_0048Bottle of Dragon Bash Barley Wine
1313462_0128Bottle of Stonehealer Stout
[&AgHVLwEAAA==]Bottle of Black Lion's Reserve
1313462_0310Bottle of Barrel-Aged Ascalonian Amber
1313462_0537Bottle of Queen's Jubilale
1313462_0602Bottle of Empyreal Stout
1313462_0655Bottle of Mad King's Pumpkin Porter
[&AgHaLwEAAA==]Eldvin Monastery VIP Package
1303054_0982Eldvin Monastery Brew of the Month Membership
1303054_0315Eldvin Monastery Brew of the Month: Stonehealer Stout
1303054_0349Eldvin Monastery Brew of the Month: Barrel-Aged Ascalonian Amber
1303054_0938Eldvin Monastery Brew of the Month: Bloodstone Orange Summer Ale
1303054_0962Eldvin Monastery Brew of the Month: Istan Pale Ale
1303054_0963Eldvin Monastery Brew of the Month: Eldvin Abbey Ale
1303054_0983Eldvin Monastery Brew of the Month: Queen's Jubilale
1303054_0845Eldvin Monastery Brew of the Month: Dragon Bash Barley Wine
1303054_0504Eldvin Monastery Brew of the Month: Pale Tree Pilsner
1303054_0652Eldvin Monastery Brew of the Month: Mad King's Pumpkin Porter
1303054_0784Eldvin Monastery Brew of the Month: Rytlager Brimstout
1313462_0247Eldvin Monastery Brew of the Month: Empyreal Stout
1313462_0297Eldvin Monastery Brew of the Month: Black Lion's Reserve
1303054_0490Brewed from an ancient Elonian recipe, Istan Pale Ale is full of bitter hops with a unique citrus finish. The perfect beer for a summer day.
1303054_0582Rytlager Brimstout is a potent and unforgiving brew, much like its heroic namesake. It's also safe to assume that the brewers were well into their supply before deciding on the name.
1303054_0648With great fortune, adventurers rediscovered a long-lost recipe from Ashford Abbey, allowing Eldvin Monastery to resurrect this brew. Eldvin Abbey Ale possesses a deep brown color and a unique taste of spices that wonderfully accent the overall flavor.
1303054_0823Brewed from ingredients that include Kryta's finest pumpkins, Mad King's Pumpkin Porter delivers a preferable alternative to the trickster spirits tormenting Lion's Arch.
1303054_0837The Pale Tree Pilsner was inspired by the Pale Tree herself. This brew is a light, crystal-clear brew, perfect for springtime. The hops provide a perfect balance with the other robust flavors found in this brew.
1303054_0275Every celebration should include a brew that's finely crafted for the occasion, and Queen's Jubilale suits that perfectly. A strong, medium-bodied brew with flavors of molasses, light spice, and roasted, dark fruit that will quickly make it a favorite.
1303054_0304Barrel-Aged Ascalonian Amber has a rich flavor that dominates the pallet. The deceptive copper color belies its strong flavors of fruits, oak, and a mild bitterness. This rare, ancient beer is highly sought after by collectors.
1303054_0929Bash dragons and celebrate your victories by drinking this unique barley wine! Its mild body and rich fruity flavors will always leave you wanting another sip, which can be dangerous, much like fighting dragons.
1335457_0713"Bash the dragon, smash the dragon, may it never rise up again!" —Excerpt from "Bash the Dragon"
1313462_0282Once a year, Evon Gnashblade opens the vaults and sends out small casks of this reserve to small breweries across Tyria. The aged, rich, full-bodied brew has slight coffee, vanilla, and pecan flavors with a caramel finish that is not overly bitter and not overly sweet.
1313462_0312A dark and festive brew re-created from an ancient Canthan recipe. This strong brew provides a flavor that reminds many of times long past and is prefect for cold nights with stars littering the sky.
1313462_0581Ogden Stonehealer reached out the Eldvin Monastery to re-create a beer that was an old dwarven favorite. This dark stout contains complex flavors of molasses, roasted coffee, and drops of licorice without being bitter or overly sweet. Surprisingly, the flavor strongly evolves with the temperature of the brew.
1313462_0727Mist Champion—Tybalt Reward Track
1313462_0751Tybalt Reward Box
[&AgG6LwEAAA==]Mini Tybalt
1313462_0909To unlock this reward track, complete the Mist Champion—Tybalt Reward Track.
1313462_0947Mini Tybalt Reward Box
1323114_0142This box contains a Tybalt miniature, dragonite ore, empyreal fragments, obsidian shards, and mystic clovers.
1335481_0060Steampunk Tybalt
1335457_0288Orrian Armor Tybalt
1335470_0455Elite Glorious Tybalt
1323114_0274Bonus Mist Champion—Tybalt Miniature Reward Track
1323114_0402Tybalt Leftpaw
1323114_0435This box contains Mist Champion Tybalt, dragonite ore, empyreal fragments, obsidian shards, and mystic clovers. Completing this track gives access to the "Bonus Mist Champion—Tybalt Miniature Reward Track."
1341712_0878Appoint Lieutenant
1341713_0147Show tags for commanders outside your squad.
1341713_0205Demote Lieutenant
1341713_0989Show All Commander Tags
1341714_0253__ was demoted from lieutenant.
1335455_0321Bronze Vale Guardian Trophy
1335464_0519Gold Vale Guardian Trophy
1335470_0648Silver Vale Guardian Trophy
1335472_0547Vale Guardian Pieces
1335458_0833Bronze Chak Gerent Trophy
1335454_0781Silver Chak Gerent Trophy
1335457_0590Gold Chak Gerent Trophy
1341714_0440Chak Gerent Eye
1335453_0174Bronze Sabetha Trophy
1335478_1014Silver Sabetha Trophy
1335481_0966Gold Sabetha Trophy
1335454_0092Sabetha Flamethrower Fragment
1335482_0607Bronze Mordremoth Trophy
1335453_0095Silver Mordremoth Trophy
1335462_0058Gold Mordremoth Trophy
1335476_0573Mordremoth Mandible
1335474_0878Bronze Triple Trouble Trophy
1335473_0559Silver Triple Trouble Trophy
1335465_0823Gold Triple Trouble Trophy
1335454_0011Triple Trouble Tooth
1335478_0941Bronze Shatterer Trophy
1335454_0970Silver Shatterer Trophy
1335454_0327Gold Shatterer Trophy
1335453_0411Shatterer Crystal
1335460_0388Bronze Tequatl Trophy
1335468_0330Silver Tequatl Trophy
1335464_0784Golden Tequatl Trophy
1335478_0659Tequatl Tailbone
1335475_0578Bronze Gorseval Trophy
1335466_0491Silver Gorseval Trophy
1335466_0480Gold Gorseval Trophy
1335456_0643Gorseval Tentacle
[&AgFxLwEAAA==]Primordal Legend