Upcoming features from the March 8 update
Tuesday 8th of March 2016
It's been a while since I've done one of these but here are some of the new items from today's patch.



[&AgH9LwEAAA==]Classical Glider
Hair colors
1373399_0323Spice up your look with new exclusive hair colors!
1367051_0931Country Blond
1367051_0214Golden Brown
1367051_0892Rich Butterscotch
1367051_0471Rich Chocolate
978967_0027Superior Sigil of Whirling Deflection
978967_0029Create a whirlwind that reflects projectiles when executing a whirl finisher. (Cooldown: 10 Seconds)
978969_0514Superior Sigil of Explosive Vortex
978967_0879Pull nearby enemies towards you when executing a blast finisher (600 radius). (Cooldown: 10 Seconds)
Dominator Weapons
1373398_0381Dominator Weapons
[&CvMZAAA=]Dominator Sword
[&CuUZAAA=]Dominator Hammer
[&CuQZAAA=]Dominator Longbow
[&CvcZAAA=]Dominator Short Bow
[&CvYZAAA=]Dominator Axe
[&CucZAAA=]Dominator Dagger
[&CvgZAAA=]Dominator Greatsword
[&Cu0ZAAA=]Dominator Mace
[&Cv8ZAAA=]Dominator Pistol
[&CugZAAA=]Dominator Rifle
[&Cv0ZAAA=]Dominator Scepter
[&CgAaAAA=]Dominator Staff
[&CvoZAAA=]Dominator Focus
[&CvAZAAA=]Dominator Torch
[&CuMZAAA=]Dominator Warhorn
[&Cv4ZAAA=]Dominator Shield
White Mantle Weapons
1335453_0111Fresh from White Mantle armorers.
[&CvwZAAA=]White Mantle Longbow
[&Cu4ZAAA=]White Mantle Short Bow
[&CuYZAAA=]White Mantle Sunderer
[&CvkZAAA=]White Mantle Gavel
[&CusZAAA=]White Mantle Pistol
[&CukZAAA=]White Mantle Censer
[&CuIZAAA=]White Mantle Bugle
[&CvsZAAA=]White Mantle Bulwark
1303054_0864Matthias's Chest
[&CvUZAAA=]Staff of Matthias
[&AgFXMAEA]Mini Matthias Abomination
1303054_0646Slothasor Chest
[&CvIZAAA=]Sloth-Hunting Hammer
[&Cu8ZAAA=]Slothasor Effigy
1313462_0792The effigy emits a musty odor.
1313462_0853Defender's Slothasor Effigy
1313462_0885Healer's Slothasor Effigy
1323114_0212Malicious Slothasor Effigy
1323114_0497Assaulter's Slothasor Effigy
[&AgEYMAEA]Mini Slubling
[&AgEuMAEA]Mini Slothasor
[&AgGfMAEAAA==]Infinite Slubling Tonic
1313462_0986Double-click to drink and transform into a slubling for 5 minutes. You are unable to fight while transformed.
[&AgGiMAEAAA==]Pact Band
1313462_0759A ring woven from the silky threads of Slothasor's mane.
[&AgFWMAEAAA==]Defender's Woven Band
1313462_0851Assaulter's Woven Band
1323114_0060Malicious Woven Band
1323114_0107Healer's Woven Band
1303051_0725Defender's Energized Loop
1303051_0769Malicious Energized Loop
1303052_0433Healer's Energized Loop
1303053_0266Assaulter's Energized Loop
Talismans and spectral stuff
1303052_0163A talisman from Sabetha's stores that resonates with ancient power.
1232637_0734Talisman of Irwyn
1303053_0209Talisman of Holt
1303053_0916Talisman of Manton
1303054_0067Talisman of Garr
1232637_0741Spectral Talisman
1303051_0960Spectral Ward
1303052_0854Spectral Balm
1303053_0737Spectral Juju
Miscellaneous Raid
[&AgEjMAEA]Mini Zane
[&AgFzMAEAAA==]Zane's Memento
[&AgH8LwEA]Mini Narella
[&AgGGMAEAAA==]Narella's Bauble
[&AgGzMAEA]Mini Berg
[&AgGkMAEAAA==]Berg's Token
1303052_0626You can now bathe in the healing Forsaken Thicket waters and cleanse your afflictions.
1335458_0367Double-click to attempt a spirit quest.
1335457_1011Create a Spirit Quest Tonic by combining Arcane Dust, Mushroom Medley, a Giant Beehive, and a Vial of Forsaken Thicket Waters.
1335456_0997The true nature of this item is obscured in the Mists.
1303053_0279Salvation Pass
1129130_0037Slothasor's Den
1129130_0262Prison Camp
1129130_0265Dead Man's Gorge
1129131_0300Labor Camp
1129131_0885Temple of Salvation
1303052_0472Forsaken Thicket Waters
Miscellaneous updated items
109830_0121Wizard's Hat
109830_0088From dragons to unexpected parties, this hat's wide brim is ready for anything.
109641_0600Personal Merchant Express
109641_0572Double-click to summon a personal Black Lion Merchant for 5 minutes, allowing you to access basic supplies and sell loot. Reusable.
109810_0757Permanent Self-Style Hair Kit
109810_0756Double-click to modify your appearance settings for hair style, hair color, horns, and facial hair.
109811_0784Reusable Mobile Crafting Station
109793_0462Stranded on a desert island? Now you can craft anything from anywhere!
109765_1013Mystic Forge Conduit
109765_0972Double click to open the mystic forge.
109874_0041Red Commander's Compendium
109874_0040Double-click to use. Unlocks the account-wide ability to become a commander and the red commander icon.
109874_0043Purple Commander's Compendium
109874_0042Double-click to use. Unlocks the account-wide ability to become a commander and the purple commander icon.
109874_0045Yellow Commander's Compendium
109874_0044Double-click to use. Unlocks the account-wide ability to become a commander and the yellow commander icon.