Upcoming features from the April 19 patch
Tuesday 19th of April 2016
Lots of items today, enjoy!



Repair Canister
[&AgGJMQEAAA==]Endless Repair Canister
[&AgF3MgEAAA==]Endless Repair Contract
1411799_0728Double-click to instantly repair broken or damaged armor.
[&CycAAAA=]Sentinel Outfit
Ad Infinitum
1367051_0697Ad Infinitum Glider
Mini Pets
[&AgFRMQEA]Mini Pocket Raptor
[&AgEhMwEA]Mini Axemaster Hareth
[&AgGyMQEA]Mini Stonehead
[&AgFrMgEA]Mini Vinetooth Faolain
[&AgFJMgEA]Mini Charr Car
[&AgF6MgEA]Mini Tiger Spirit
1411798_0766Black Lion Miniature Claim Ticket
1411799_0462Double-click to access a vendor that accepts tickets in exchange for a miniature of your choice. The ticket is consumed after choosing a miniature.
[&Cj0aAAA=]Chuka and Champawat
[&ClEaAAA=]The Ambush
[&Ci4aAAA=]The Hunt
1411799_0142Chaos Gloves Have Arrived!
1411799_0296These gloves glow with memories of dust and ectos.
[&AgFLMwEAAA==]Chaos Gloves Skin
[&CkcaAAA=]Chaos Gloves (heavy)
[&CkwaAAA=]Chaos Gloves (medium)
Spectral Weapons
1378015_0295Spectral Torch
1378015_0664Spectral Greatsword
1378016_0097Spectral Warhorn
1378016_0126Spectral Short Bow
1378016_0159Spectral Mace
1378016_0217Spectral Scepter
1378016_0266Spectral Focus
1378016_0288Spectral Hammer
1378016_0538Spectral Staff
1378016_0629Spectral Dagger
1378016_0661Spectral Rifle
1378016_0790Spectral Axe
1378016_0828Spectral Sword
1378017_0558Spectral Longbow
1378017_0560Spectral Pistol
1378017_0687Spectral Shield
Triumphant Armor (light)
[&CjcaAAA=]Triumphant Hero's Masque
[&Ch4aAAA=]Triumphant Hero's Epaulets
[&CjIaAAA=]Triumphant Hero's Raiment
[&Cj4aAAA=]Triumphant Hero's Armguards
[&Ci0aAAA=]Triumphant Hero's Leggings
[&CjMaAAA=]Triumphant Hero's Footgear
[&ClMaAAA=]Triumphant Masque
[&CkIaAAA=]Triumphant Epaulets
[&CjwaAAA=]Triumphant Raiment
[&ClIaAAA=]Triumphant Armguards
[&CkgaAAA=]Triumphant Leggings
[&CjEaAAA=]Triumphant Footgear
Triumphant Armor (medium)
[&CicaAAA=]Triumphant Hero's Faceguard
[&CiYaAAA=]Triumphant Hero's Shoulderguards
[&CikaAAA=]Triumphant Hero's Brigandine
[&CiUaAAA=]Triumphant Hero's Wristplates
[&Ch8aAAA=]Triumphant Hero's Shinplates
[&CisaAAA=]Triumphant Hero's Legguards
[&CkUaAAA=]Triumphant Faceguard
[&Ck0aAAA=]Triumphant Shoulderguards
[&Ch0aAAA=]Triumphant Brigandine
[&ChwaAAA=]Triumphant Wristplates
[&CiIaAAA=]Triumphant Shinplates
[&CiAaAAA=]Triumphant Legguards
Triumphant Armor (heavy)
[&CjsaAAA=]Triumphant Hero's Warhelm
[&ClAaAAA=]Triumphant Hero's Pauldrons
[&CioaAAA=]Triumphant Hero's Breastplate
[&CjkaAAA=]Triumphant Hero's Gauntlets
[&CkEaAAA=]Triumphant Hero's Legplates
[&CiMaAAA=]Triumphant Hero's Wargreaves
[&Ck4aAAA=]Triumphant Warhelm
[&Cj8aAAA=]Triumphant Pauldrons
[&ClQaAAA=]Triumphant Breastplate
[&CkoaAAA=]Triumphant Gauntlets
[&CkYaAAA=]Triumphant Legplates
[&ChoaAAA=]Triumphant Wargreaves
1411799_0098Permanent Portable Provisioner
1411798_0177Improves your ability to gather loot and grants access to the wares of the portable provisioner.
1411798_0692Allows you to also purchase tricks and traps from the portable provisioner.
1411798_0080Allows you to also purchase food and utility consumables from the portable provisioner.
1378017_0835WvW Ability: Provisions Master I
1411798_0753WvW Ability: Provisions Master II
1378017_0862WvW Ability: Provisions Master III
WvW Tracks
1378015_0029Earned __ reward-track points for the WvW tick.
1373400_0149Players given squad participation earn WvW participation based on the performance of their squad rather than their own performance. Larger squads can give more players squad participation.
1411798_0868Your participation level determines the number of reward-track points you will earn each tick. Participation is earned by participating in a variety of WvW activities, such as capturing and defending objectives, completing events, and killing enemy players.
1411799_0695Indicates the number of reward-track points required to earn the next reward on your active WvW reward track. Click here to change your active reward track.
1411799_0279Members Sharing Participation: Members receiving shared participation are rewarded by the activity of their squad members instead of their own (WvW Only)
1424793_0245Earned when ranking up in World vs World. Spent at any Notary of Heroics in World vs. World to obtain hero points.
1373399_0301Double-click to open. Contains 150 Ascalonian Tears.
1378017_0410Double-click to open. Contains 100 Ascalonian Tears and 1 Tome of Knowledge.
1378016_0154Double-click to open. Contains 40 Ascalonian Tears.
1373400_0184Double-click to open. Contains a choice of 150 tokens from any dungeon.
1373398_0790Gift of Battle Item Reward Track
1373400_0033Triumphant Armor Reward Track
Home Instance
1367051_0800Personal Airship Cargo Voucher
1367051_0520Pact airship cargo has been delivered to your home instance.
1411799_0132Delivers a Pact Airship Cargo container to your home instance. Also contains 3 Pact Crowbars.
1367051_0760Personal Exalted Chest Voucher
1367051_0216An Exalted chest has been delivered to your home instance.
1411799_0478Delivers an Exalted Chest to your home instance. Also contains 3 Exalted Keys.
1367051_0344Personal Crystallized Supply Cache Voucher
1367051_0570A crystallized supply cache has been delivered to your home instance.
1411798_0454Delivers a Crystallized Supply Cache to your home instance. Also contains 3 Vials of Chak Acid.
1367051_0295A noxious pod has been delivered to your home instance.
Guilds & Scribing
1373400_0450Treasury Refund
1373398_0659Guild upgrade costs have lowered. Below are refunded items from the treasury.
1373400_0404Grants access to the Treasury Refund.
1129130_0588Arid Lumber Core
1232636_0341Used in decoration crafting. Found on saplings in the Maguuma Wastes.
1129131_0261Alpine Lumber Core
1232635_0141Used in decoration crafting. Found on saplings in the Shiverpeaks.
1129131_0324Krytan Lumber Core
1232637_0135Used in decoration crafting. Found on saplings in Kryta.
1232636_0811Mast Pole
Instant level 80
1411798_0889The Level-80 Boost item cannot be moved from your shared inventory until it's consumed.
1411799_0073Try playing your profession at max level in the Silverwastes before committing to make the boost permanent for this character or to use it on another character.
1411798_0949Instantly Level 80
1411799_0082Start playing at max level right now.
1411799_0101You must complete the tutorial before you can use this level-boost item.
1411799_0000Level-80 Boost
1411798_0541Level-80 Mentor • Learn About Endgame Builds and Content
1411798_0973This boost immediately raises a character to max level, equips the character for max-level play, and grants a package of endgame rewards.
1378015_0238Consuming this Level-80 Boost is a permanent action and cannot be undone. Are you certain you want to consume it for this character?
1378015_0288Undo Level-80 Boost?
1411798_0685Your Level-80 Boost item is now available in your inventory to boost one of your characters directly to level 80! Thanks for purchasing Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, and we'll see you in the Heart of Maguuma!
1378015_0339Can only be used by level-80 characters in the Heart of Maguuma.
1378015_0405Undoing the Level-80 Boost will return you to your home city with all the gear you had before using this boost. You'll keep any items you have picked up here in the Silverwastes.
1411798_0360Explore max-level Tyria with starting waypoints unlocked in Dry Top, Frostgorge Sound, and Straits of Devastation.
1378016_0052You must decide whether to consume this boost to permanently boost your character to level 80 before you can leave the Silverwastes. When you consume this boost, you'll receive the following:
1378016_0077Your Level-80 Boost has been consumed to permanently boost another character. This character has been returned to its home city with all the gear it had before boosting, along with any items your picked up in the Silverwastes.
1378017_0116Consuming this Level-80 Boost is a permanent action and cannot be undone.
1378017_0604All of the endgame content in Guild Wars 2 opens before you. Will you take up the challenge?
LFG & Squads
1367051_0157Heed the rallying cry! Tyria is under attack! Only a well-organized squad can take on this challenge!
1373399_0482You are not currently in a squad. In order to post into this category, you must create a squad.
1373399_0499You are currently in a squad and are trying to post in an LFG category that is intended for parties. You must leave your squad before posting in this category.
1373400_0767Your party is full. You are unable to advertise in LFG with a full party.
1373400_0639You are currently in a party and are trying to post in an LFG category that is intended for squads. Leave your party before posting in this category.
1373398_0294You are not the commander of your squad. Only the commander can advertise this squad.
1373399_0146Your squad's max size is larger than the allowed max size for this category. Try changing the squad type from Squad to Raid.
1373400_0767Your party is full. You are unable to advertise in LFG with a full party.
1367051_0759Gather others in a squad to explore the expanses of Central Tyria!
1373398_0245Search here to find other players who want to live in the world of Tyria.
1367051_0714World Bosses
1367051_0508Open World
1367051_0675Find others to help you rescue crash survivors, build fortifications, and take down terrible creatures that inhabit the sky! Requires Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion to access this map.
1367051_0690Find others to help you build alliances to take down a massive chak! Requires Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion to access this map.
1367051_0692Find others to help you reactivate the ancient pylons and defend the city of Tarir! Requires Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion to access this map.
1367051_0989Find others to help you take the fight to Mordremoth! Requires Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion to access this map.
1411798_0152Individuals and parties can post here, allowing established squads to invite them to explore Forsaken Thicket.
1424792_0427Build Waypoint
1411798_0720Aerodrome Waypoint
1424791_0988Rosko's Campsite Waypoint
1367051_0862The power of the enchanted armor is fading. Turn back to retain the enchanted armor.
1411798_0418Your Fate is Clouded
1411798_0587I apologize for reaching out to you unbidden, but from afar I sense an imbalance in your aura. Please come to me in Lion's Arch so that I can help you back on the path to realizing your destiny.
[&AgGJMgEAAA==]2 Gold