Upcoming features from the May 17 patch
Tuesday 17th of May 2016
Not much today but here's a few more things from the patch that can't be found in the patch notes. Enjoy and go hunt some bandits!



1433486_0056Moth Wings Glider Combo
[&AgGZMwEAAA==]Moth Wings Backpack
[&AgGwMwEAAA==]Moth Wings Glider
Makeover Kit
1438700_0314Makeover Preview
1438700_0118Black Lion Aesthetician • Previews New Character Appearances
Cavalier Weapons
1424793_0615Cavalier Weapons
1438701_0433Cavalier Axe
1438702_0053Cavalier Dagger
1438700_0384Cavalier Focus
1438701_0113Cavalier Greatsword
1438701_0179Cavalier Hammer
1438700_0324Cavalier Longbow
1438701_0014Cavalier Mace
1438701_0916Cavalier Pistol
1438700_0152Cavalier Rifle
1438700_0994Cavalier Scepter
1438700_1022Cavalier Shield
1438701_0300Cavalier Short Bow
1438701_0684Cavalier Staff
1438700_0819Cavalier Sword
1438701_0469Cavalier Torch
1438701_0816Cavalier Warhorn
1433486_0965Guild Cavalier Axe
1424793_0918Guild Cavalier Dagger
1424793_0955Guild Cavalier Focus
1433487_0637Guild Cavalier Greatsword
1433486_0719Guild Cavalier Hammer
1433487_0736Guild Cavalier Longbow
1433487_0781Guild Cavalier Mace
1424793_0589Guild Cavalier Pistol
1433487_0586Guild Cavalier Rifle
1433487_0099Guild Cavalier Scepter
1433487_0311Guild Cavalier Shield
1433486_0841Guild Cavalier Short Bow
1424793_0674Guild Cavalier Staff
1424793_0915Guild Cavalier Sword
1433487_0129Guild Cavalier Torch
1433486_0106Guild Cavalier Warhorn
PvP Leagues
1378016_0539Guild Challenger League
1378016_0697The top-ranked guild teams that competed in the current PvP season. Conquest Only
1378017_0173Earned when the PvP season ends and your guild team's placement is 1st on the Guild Challenger League leaderboard.
1378016_0778Earned when the PvP season ends and your guild team's placement is between 2nd and 25th on the Guild Challenger League leaderboard.
1378017_0624Earned when the PvP season ends and your guild team's placement is between 26th and 100th on the Guild Challenger League leaderboard.
1378017_0424Earned when the PvP season ends and your guild team's placement is between 101st and 250th on the Guild Challenger League leaderboard.
1424793_0556View Previous Season
1373400_0811Legendary: Prestige Rank Season Three
1378015_0046Legendary: Prestige Rank Season Four
1378016_0701Legendary: Prestige Rank Season Five
1378015_0632Legendary: Prestige Rank Season Six
1419041_0633Majestic Legend
1424791_0532Illustrious Legend
1424791_0539Resplendent Legend
1424791_0982Prestigious Legend
1424792_0264Unyielding Legend
1424792_0454Indomitable Legend
1433486_0703Changes when player nameplates are displayed.
1433486_0031Player nameplates will always be displayed.
1433486_0732Player nameplates will not be displayed.
1438700_0431Simplified nameplates will apply to every player in World vs. World.
1438701_0848Simplified nameplates will only apply to enemy players in World vs. World.
1438701_0264Simplified nameplates will not apply to anyone.
1433486_0147Nameplates will only display on players who are in the same squad or party as you.
1438701_0172New World vs. World Opinion Poll!
1438700_0392The World vs. World team is seeking your feedback on the future development of WvW. Let your voice be heard! Follow the link below and share your thoughts with us!
1433487_0644Shining Blade War Supplies