Upcoming features from the June 1 patch
Wednesday 1st of June 2016
With just a tiny bit of delay here is today's data-mining post.. with not much to write about. Some other things worth nothing:


[&AgHGMwEAAA==]Floral Glider (preview in hero panel)
Electromagnetic Ascender
1424793_0766Electromagnetic Ascender
1433486_0079Traverse Tyria in style with this new travel item!
Free Camera
1411798_0702Free Camera
1411799_0377Switch to a free camera that can fly anywhere on the map.
1424793_0491Free Camera—Up
1424793_0719Free Camera—Left
1433487_0479Free Camera—Forward
1433487_0772Free Camera—Right
1438702_0824Free Camera—Boost
1444563_0147Rapidly increase the acceleration of the camera.
1424793_0496Move the camera down while in Free Camera mode.
1424793_0722Move the camera backward while in Free Camera mode.
1424793_0875Move the camera forward while in Free Camera mode.
1433486_0159Move the camera right while in Free Camera mode.
Crystallized Magic
1444565_0413Crystallized Magic Collector
1444563_0274Crystallized Vendor
[&AgHHMwEAAA==]Crystallized Magic
1444565_0561Disable Player Chatter
[&CoEaAAA=]Glowing Ball of Doom
1444563_0786Fun in the Southsun Sales Happening Now
1438700_0807Miniature Kasmeer Meade Now Available!
1444564_0770Living World Season 1
244391_0797A shard of pure power used to create legendary weapons.