Upcoming features from the June 14 patch
Tuesday 14th of June 2016
The last raid wing is here and still no sign of those new hairstyles.. But anyway, here’s a bunch of items from today's patch enjoy.



1438700_0885Phoenix Glider
[&AgE9NAEAAA==]Glitter Bomb Harvesting Tool
1452058_0862Toss glitter bombs at plants and attract shiny-hungry Skritt to dig them up for you. Unlimited use.
Mini Pets
[&AgEqNAEAAA==]Mini Keep Construct
[&AgHsMwEAAA==]Mini McLeod the Silent
[&AgHfMwEAAA==]Mini Xera
Experimental Envoy Armor
1373398_0235This armor attempts to channel the power of the envoys.
1367051_1016Experimental Envoy Cowl
1373398_0156Experimental Envoy Breastplate
1373398_0176Experimental Envoy Tassets
1373398_0379Experimental Envoy Vestments
1373398_0575Experimental Envoy Gauntlets
1373398_0601Experimental Envoy Mantle
1373398_0676Experimental Envoy Gloves
1373398_0708Experimental Envoy Shoes
1373398_0752Experimental Envoy Boots
1373398_0837Experimental Envoy Mask
1373398_0900Experimental Envoy Leggings
1373398_1016Experimental Envoy Pants
1373399_0405Experimental Envoy Jerkin
1373399_0544Experimental Envoy Helmet
1373400_0006Experimental Envoy Greaves
1373400_0319Experimental Envoy Pauldrons
1373400_0383Experimental Envoy Shoulderpads
1373400_0647Experimental Envoy Vambraces
1419041_0889Chest of Medium Experimental Armor
1424791_0350Chest of Light Experimental Armor
1424793_0219Chest of Heavy Experimental Armor
1444564_0758Chest of Refined Envoy Armor
Raid Skins
[&CpkaAAA=]Keep Construct Mask
[&CrQaAAA=]Keep Construct Torch
[&Cp0aAAA=]Xera Scepter
[&AgHiMwEAAA==]Malicious Xera Backpiece
1378016_0308Burning with the eerie light of the Keep Construct.
White Mantle Skins
[&CpoaAAA=]White Mantle Axe
[&CoQaAAA=]White Mantle Gladius
[&CpUaAAA=]White Mantle Sledge
[&CqUaAAA=]White Mantle Icon
[&CrMaAAA=]White Mantle Rifle
[&CpQaAAA=]White Mantle Rod
[&Cp8aAAA=]White Mantle Seax
[&CqkaAAA=]White Mantle Spire
Privateer Weapons
[&AgFwNAEAAA==]Account-Bound Privateer Weapon Choice
1452059_0894Each weapon case contains a single Privateer weapon skin of your choice to unlock for your account. The skin is not tradable.
1438702_0385Privateer Axe
1444564_0995Privateer Dagger
1444562_0251Privateer Focus
1438702_0976Privateer Greatsword
1444562_0218Privateer Hammer
1444563_0502Privateer Longbow
1444565_0238Privateer Mace
1444564_0229Privateer Pistol
1444562_0026Privateer Rifle
1444565_0391Privateer Scepter
1444565_0388Privateer Shield
1444564_1011Privateer Short Bow
1444564_0180Privateer Staff
1444563_0244Privateer Sword
1444563_0813Privateer Torch
1438702_0464Privateer Warhorn
1438701_0326Hero Weapon Reward Track
1373400_0677Potion of WvW Rewards
1373398_0745Grants a small amount of WvW Reward Track progress.
1444564_0260Unlocks Heart of Thorns recipes, sigils, and runes for the Heroics Notary vendor.
1438702_0926Found in World vs. World reward tracks.
1444562_0191Guild WvW Reward Track Boost
1444562_1011Increase WvW reward-track gain by 3%.
1444563_0229Increase WvW reward-track gain by 4%.
1438702_0807Increase WvW reward-track gain by 5%.
1444563_0368Guild Enhancement: World Reward Tracks
1444562_0728Increase WvW experience gain by 6%.
1444565_0411Increase WvW experience gain by 7%.
1444562_0760Increase WvW experience gain by 8%.
1444565_0630Increase WvW experience gain by 9%.
1444562_0767Increase WvW experience gain by 10%.
1444562_0413Add a personal enhancement at the tavern that increases the rate of WvW reward-track gain.
[&AgGCNAEAAA==]White Mantle Portal Device
1444563_0137Add 5 Guild Commendations to your account that can be spent at guild vendors.
1452058_0783Satchel of Poster-Making Supplies
[&AgEmNAEA]Bandit Death Mark
1452059_0060You've been marked for death by the bandits of Kryta. Carrying this item increases the chance of Bandit Executioners attacking during a bounty hunt.
1411799_0585Crafting Rewards
1438702_0322Home Instance Node Pack
1444563_0877This package contains a collection of home instance nodes for you to use once a day.
1438702_0703Plated Weapon Cache