Left on the table in 2015 (Revised)
Sunday 17th of July 2016
It's been six months since I've done my "left on the table in 2015" post and with LS3 launching in just over a week I think it's a great moment to revise what has actually made it from our previous list and speculate what might come soon.

Made it

Super Adventure Box

  • Super adventure box made a glorious return in April

Partially made it


The armor sets that showed up before HoT's release both have been added to the game as Triumphant (Hero's) Armor. The regular version can be obtained via the new WvW reward tracks, Triumphant Hero's Armor can not be obtained.

Did not make it


  • Map Guild Dale - What appeared to be a smaller Krytan styled guild hall has been completely removed from our clients. Hard to tell if it will ever return.
  • Map Guild Coliseum - The smaller PvP guild hall however is still in our DAT file but no sign of it in game.
    • Lobby (entrance to the right, arena to the left)
    • Arena (as seen from above)
  • Work in progress


No sign of the weapon sets that were added with HoT's first beta. A dev however did comment on the Mist weapons being "forgotten" and will probably be added to the game at a later stage.
[&AgGWDwEAAA==]Fargate opener
[&AgFcDgEAAA==]Quetzal Weapon (dagger)
[&AgGADQEAAA==]Quetzal Weapon (sword)


Only raids received new masteries. The ones listed below will most likely never make it:
  • You learn to bind the wings of your glider with stronger straps, allowing you to fly through downdrafts without being blown out of the air!
  • The Exalted have taught you to use springs found throughout the jungle to cure your ailments and receive beneficial effects.
  • The Nuhoch have taught you to stand in defiance of the wyverns. They can no longer knock you down with their wing buffets.
  • Your attacks now do three times the normal damage to the break bar of creatures using Impenetrable Bark.
  • Chak Lore
  • Dinosaur Lore


Several variations of HoT creatures have never been used and didn't show up in the raid wings either

Ranger pets

Several lines of flavor text indicated more ranger pets were planned, none were added
  • The spotted beetle releases noxious gas in order to disorient enemies.
  • Pocket raptors normally travel in packs.
  • The spikenose beetle charges its foes when enraged.

Missing regions

All references to the "Deserted Coast" and "Thorn Hollow" have been removed form the achievement window. Rata Novus is being referenced on the Guild Wars 2 website.

Other stuff