Upcoming features from the July 26 patch
Tuesday 26th of July 2016
Season 3 is here! I tried to this post limited to minor spoilers but you've been warned.


1452060_0362__ is talking to __.
1452060_0725__ is grateful.
1452060_0952__ thanks __.
1459381_0117__ crosses their arms.
1459381_0176__ is upset.
1459381_0341__ is talking.
1459381_0980__ is sad.
[&CygAAAA=]Verdant Executor Outfit
1452060_0853Shining Blade Backpack Glider Combo
[&AgHsNAEAAA==]Shining Blade Glider
[&CsYaAAA=]Shining Blade Backpack
Mini Pets
[&AgF7NQEA]Mini Ghostly Justiciar Hablion
[&AgEjNQEA]Mini Bloodstone Elemental
[&AgF9NQEA]Mini Jade Construct
Quality of life
1438700_0673Show Target Health Percent
1438701_0309Show remaining health percent on the health bar of your target.
1438700_0591Salvage All Fine and Lower
1433487_0171Salvage All Masterwork and Lower
1433487_0437Salvage All Rares
1433486_0169Are you sure you want to salvage __ item?
1433487_0873WARNING: More than just equipment will be salvaged.
1433486_0452Salvage All Canceled
1444565_0955Lord Caudecus's Weapons Now Available!
1438702_0989Embellished Axe
1438702_0305Embellished Dagger
1444563_0959Embellished Focus
1444564_0173Embellished Greatsword
1444565_0209Embellished Hammer
1444562_0422Embellished Longbow
1444564_0153Embellished Mace
1438702_0927Embellished Pistol
1438702_0784Embellished Rifle
1438702_0383Embellished Scepter
1444565_0878Embellished Shield
1444564_0845Embellished Short Bow
1444565_0566Embellished Staff
1444563_0125Embellished Sword
1444564_0977Embellished Torch
1438702_0584Embellished Warhorn
[&CtAaAAA=]Mistwild Greatsword
1467149_0030Add special decorations that can be inscribed with custom messages to the basic decorations merchant's inventory.
1467149_0156Monuments cannot be placed with an empty inscription.
1467147_0408Guild Hall Monument Decorations
1438700_0386Erase Single Decoration
1467151_0275You do not possess the necessary permission to place or remove monuments.
1467151_0313Ability to place and remove monuments in the guild hall.
Guild Anthems
1452060_0365The Anthem of Adventure
1459381_0204The Anthem of Celebration
1452060_0859The Anthem of Determination
1459381_0512The Anthem of Doom
1459381_0666The Anthem of Dread
1452060_0518The Anthem of Dreams
1452060_0583The Anthem of Grandeur
1452060_0699The Anthem of Homecoming
1459381_0438The Anthem of Honor
1452060_0452The Anthem of Jubilance
1452060_0906The Anthem of Soldiers
1452060_0715The Anthem of the Fallen
1459381_0213The Anthem of Triumph
1459381_0356The Anthem of Victory
1459381_0375The Anthem of Whimsy
1424791_0132Report a player for not actively participating in the current match.
1424791_0827Report a player for inappropriately influencing the outcome of a match.
1424792_0299Idle Player
1424793_0362Match Manipulation
1438700_0216Abandon Queue
1438700_0491Continuing will remove you and your party from the PvP queue.
1467149_0013Bloodstone Fen Reward Track
Unbound Magic
1433486_0556Unbound Magic Collector • Trades Goods for Unbound Magic
1424793_0454Unbound Magic Collector
1424793_0464Unbound Magic Exchange
1411799_0834Unbound Magic
1467151_0051Gather Unbound Magic
1433487_0722Grants 10 agony resistance. With Fractal Attunement Mastery, this item grants an additional 5 agony resistance.
1433487_0605Massively Discounted Anguished Tear of Alba
1433486_0400Deeply Discounted Anguished Tear of Alba
1424793_0566Discounted Anguished Tear of Alba
1444565_0977Integrated Fractal Matrix
1452057_0794Ascended Salvage Tools
[&AgEBNQEAAA==]Ascended Salvage Kit
Bloodstone Fen
[&AgHhNAEAAA==]Bloodstone Fen Portal Scroll
1467152_0390Double-click to teleport to the Pride of the Pact in Bloodstone Fen. This item cannot be used while in combat.
[&AgGwNQEAAA==]Blood Ruby
[&AgGlNQEAAA==]Blood Ruby Pendant
[&AgEUNQEAAA==]Blood Ruby Band
[&CtsaAAA=]Blood Ruby Backpack
[&CuEaAAA=]Bloodstone Crown (light)
[&CsoaAAA=]Bloodstone Crown (medium)
[&CsgaAAA=]Bloodstone Crown (heavy)
1467148_0595Open to choose a Bloodstone Crown.
[&AgEkNQEAAA==]Noble's Folly Pass
1444565_0524Located in Verdant Brink. • Quick Travel to All Cities • Crafting Stations • Bank and Guild Bank Access • Mystic Forge • Merchants • And more! All within easy reach, for those who enjoy the ultimate convenience.
Trash Disposal
[&AgFdNQEAAA==]Sentient Anomaly
1467152_0457Double-click to feed 25 dragonite ore and 25 bloodstone dust to the . The Anomaly can devour a limited amount of materials each day.
Home Instance Nodes
[&AgGcNQEAAA==]Iron Ore Mining Node
1444565_0538This activates an iron ore mining node within your home instance for daily gathering.
1444562_0894An iron node has been added to your home instance.
1444564_0113A flaxseed node has been added to your home instance.
[&AgHtNAEAAA==]Hard Wood Logging Node
1467148_0932A hard wood tree node has been added to your home instance.
1467151_0617This activates a hard wood logging node within your home instance for daily gathering.
[&AgFxNQEAAA==]Bloodstone Crystal Node
1467150_0141Activates a Bloodstone Crystal Node in your home instance.
1467148_0633You've been affected by a powerful magical attack. Train the Counter Magic Mastery in Ancient Magics to counter the effects.
1467150_1021Unlocks the Pacified Magical Storm skill for use while gliding in Bloodstone Fen.
1467149_0691Unlocks the Ride the Ley Line skill for use while gliding in Bloodstone Fen.
1467149_0411Unlocks the Dogfight or Flight skill for use while gliding in Bloodstone Fen.
1467150_0300Move swiftly in a direction, knocking back enemies you collide with.
1467150_0537For continued health and well-being, train Basic Gliding before proceeding.
1467150_0551You must have Stealth Gliding to unlock this skill.
1467151_0107You must have Ley Line Gliding to unlock this skill.
1438702_0698Enemies Dye Pack
1438702_0804Color Sampler Dye Pack
1444562_0442This package contains 5 different dye kits celebrating color in all its applications. Each kit contains one random armor dye from a pool of 25 colors that includes exclusive colors.
1444563_0466This package contains 5 different dye kits remembering the trials of the past. Each kit contains one random armor dye from a pool of 25 colors that includes exclusive colors.
1444562_0950Improve Your Color Palette!
1459381_0227Character Slot and Experience Scroll Package
1444565_0805This package contains all kinds of musical instruments for you to learn.
1467149_0017This episode has been permanently saved to your account and will be playable once you purchase Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns.
1373400_0300TEST:Do things and stuff.