Upcoming features from the August 9 patch
Tuesday 9th of August 2016
Tiny patch today but it had quite a lot of hidden items. I did hesitate for a moment putting the back-pack links in this post, but they look like gemstore items to me (and not this year's birthday gift)


[&CvUaAAA=]Staff [»]
[&Cu4aAAA=]Longbow [»]
[&CvAaAAA=]Bloodstone Visage (light)
[&CusaAAA=]Bloodstone Visage (medium)
[&Cu0aAAA=]Bloodstone Visage (heavy)
1479052_1006Bloodstone Visage Skin [»]
1479051_0908Bloodstone Visage
1479051_0063Bloodstone Sliver
Anniversary Packs
1467151_0133Anniversary Backpack and Mail Carrier Pack
1467150_0707Double-click to choose an exclusive city-themed backpack and receive an anniversary mail carrier.
1479053_0064Anniversary Mail Carrier
[&CvIaAAA=]Divinity's Reach Rucksack [»]
[&CuwaAAA=]Hoelbrak Mountain Pack [»]
[&CuoaAAA=]Rata Sum Apparatus [»]
[&CvYaAAA=]Grove Hydria [»]
[&Cu8aAAA=]Black Citadel Engine [»]
1467148_0442Bloodstone Violet
1467148_0621Bloodstone Indigo
1467149_0568Bloodstone Dark Indigo
1467150_0923Bloodstone Dark Violet
1479053_0441Bloodstone Dark Coral
1479054_0622Bloodstone Coral
Krait Oil
1467149_0204Bottle of Refined Krait Oil
1467151_0108May cure sickness, ailments, flesh wounds, or other general maladies. Claims not evaluated or guaranteed by the Captain's Council.
109892_0948Use to equip a hammer that can repair siege weapons. Requires supply.
109892_0949Repair Hammer
Test please ignore
1479051_0705TEST:Lucas' Funtimes Map
1479053_0842TEST:Loading Map-O-Funtimes