Upcoming features from the August 23 patch
Tuesday 23rd of August 2016
Hello everybod... wait Basket Brawl has been released after 3 years?! Anyhow, here are today's items. Enjoy! (Bonus new beard!)


Mini Pets
[&AgHINAEA]Mini Garm
1485753_0515Miniature Garm Available
[&AgEBNgEAAA==]Mini Jungle Lord Faren
[&Cv0aAAA=]Peg Leg (heavy)
[&CvkaAAA=]Peg Leg (light)
[&CgQbAAA=]Peg Leg (medium)
[&Ch8bAAA=]Hook (heavy)
[&Cv4aAAA=]Hook (light)
[&CvcaAAA=]Hook (medium)
[&CugaAAA=]Crown (heavy)
[&CvMaAAA=]Crown (light)
[&CvQaAAA=]Crown (medium)
[&ChcbAAA=]Amethyst Shield
1485749_0410Flawlessly cut amethyst capped with a smooth golden trim, this shield was the ultimate prize for soldiers of the past.
[&ChwbAAA=]Peacock Scepter Skin
1479055_1003This elegant scepter was the most desired weapon amongst mesmers of the past.
[&Ch4bAAA=]Kurzick Dual Axe Skin
1485751_0509Threatening yet elegant, this Canthan axe was the weapon of choice for Kurzick warriors.
[&CvoaAAA=]Dragon Kama Skin
1485751_0456This was said to be one of the most sought-after weapons in the Echovald Forest.
Bloodstone Weapons
1485751_0005Bloodstone Weapons
1479055_0441Bloodstone Warhorn
1479055_0825Bloodstone Hammer
1479055_0945Bloodstone Shield
1485749_0527Bloodstone Scepter
1485749_0721Bloodstone Staff
1485749_0851Bloodstone Short Bow
1485750_0231Bloodstone Torch
1485750_0886Bloodstone Focus
1485751_0064Bloodstone Greatsword
1485751_0241Bloodstone Rifle
1485752_0681Bloodstone Sword
1485752_0690Bloodstone Longbow
1485752_0874Bloodstone Mace
1485752_0942Bloodstone Axe
1485753_0269Bloodstone Dagger
1485754_0536Bloodstone Pistol
Primordus weapons
[&AgEENgEAAA==]Great Destroyer's Talon
1485751_0348Still burning with an inner fire.
[&AgEpNgEAAA==]Destroyer Weapon Crate
1485750_0170Double-click to open. Contains a choice of one account-bound Primordus weapon. Unlocks the Primordus Weapons collection.
1485751_0270Complete the Primordus Weapons collection to earn this staff skin.
Mist War
1485752_0654Mist War Skirmish
1452059_0477__ remaining in current skirmish.
1485752_0905You have received extra map-bonus reward points.
1479055_0579Edit Squad Message
1485750_0974View Squad Message
1485751_0752Allow uninvited players to join?
1485754_0342No Commander
1485754_0354Yes, with approval.
1485754_0588Yes, anyone can join.
1485749_0548Raid Squad
1485752_0099Raid Mode (10-Member Limit)
1485749_0706View as Grid
1485751_0134Coming soon.
[&CykAAAA=]Placeholder outfit (NSFW)