Upcoming features from the September 20 patch
Tuesday 20th of September 2016
Huge patch today but we're finally going north to Vabbi to the fire islands

Huge Annoyance

So Anet changed something to the chat codes that if you paste one that doesn't work it will shout: Cannot link from this location.. This makes it impossible to batch check chat codes from now on (legit ones won't show up either). So currently I'm spamming them 1 by 1 and getting more annoyed by the minute.
Edit: that's about it for this patch.. took a bit longer than expected thanks to the new chat code changes (nothing a tool update can't fix). Expect a guide update later this week!


[&CjsbAAA=]For Science
[&CykAAAA=]Taimi Outfit (placeholder)
[&CyoAAAA=]Mursaat Robes
Backpack & Glider
[&CiwbAAA=]Lava Skull Backpack
1494767_0869Mursaat Backpack and Glider Combo
[&CjUbAAA=]Mursaat Wings Backpack
1494768_0152Mursaat Wings Glider
Weapon skins
1494769_0740Carnival Axe
1494772_0235Carnival Dagger
1494770_0646Carnival Focus
1494767_0788Carnival Greatsword
1494768_0116Carnival Hammer
1494771_0206Carnival Longbow
1494767_0313Carnival Mace
1494769_0950Carnival Pistol
1485754_0772Carnival Rifle
1494768_0588Carnival Scepter
1494772_0000Carnival Shield
1494767_0957Carnival Short Bow
1494769_0971Carnival Staff
1494769_0238Carnival Sword
1494769_0585Carnival Torch
1494767_0661Carnival Warhorn
1494768_0667Patron Weapons
Destroyer Collection
[&AgEuNgEAAA==]Pulsating Destroyer Heart
[&CgIbAAA=]Pirate Hat (Light)
[&CgMbAAA=]Pirate Hat (Medium)
[&ChMbAAA=]Pirate Hat (Heavy)
1494771_0090Light Dragonscale Headdress
1494771_0214Medium Dragonscale Headdress
1494769_0688Heavy Dragonscale Headdress
1494767_0782Light Dragonscale Epaulets
1467149_0598Medium Dragonscale Epaulets
1494771_0600Heavy Dragonscale Epaulets
1485754_0940Dragonscale Epaulettes Box
1494771_0947Open to choose Dragonscale Epaulettes.
Mini Pets
[&AgFPNgEA]Mini Vine-Touched Destroyer Crab
[&AgGFNgEA]Mini Lava Elemental
[&AgEzNgEA]Mini Rolling Devil
[&AgGCNgEA]Mini Captain Grumby
[&AgFJNgEA]Mini Pirate Captain Huuhes
[&AgHhNgEA]Mini Holographic Taimi
[&AgFANgEAAA==]Pocket Jade Armor
[&AgFONgEAAA==]Petrified Karka Egg
[&AgHHNgEAAA==]Petrified Karka Egg (exoctic)
[&AgGHNgEAAA==]Aqueous Amulet
[&AgHpNgEAAA==]Aqueous Amulet (exotic)
[&AgFUNgEAAA==]Sparkling Petrified Wood
[&AgFnNgEAAA==]Lava Skull Backpack
[&AgHfNgEAAA==]Endless Jade Construct Tonic
1494768_0676Fractal Tonic Exchange
1494767_0947Ember Bay Reward Track
1494767_0009Ember Bay Reward Track
1494767_0730Eternal Gladiator
[&AgG0NgEAAA==]Indomitable Legend
Solid Ocean
1438702_0178Block of the Solid Ocean
1438702_0451Chunk of the Solid Ocean
1459381_0159Crystal Block of the Solid Ocean
1444563_0038Fragments of the Solid Ocean
1438702_0500Large Block of the Solid Ocean
1459381_0986Large Crystal Block of the Solid Ocean
1444563_0382Large Wave of the Solid Ocean
1438702_0634Spire of the Solid Ocean
1444564_0391Wave of the Solid Ocean
1467148_0096Click to select a build.
1467151_0540Missing Build
Revive Orb
1479055_0544Revive available in: __
1479055_0816Consume a Revive Orb
1452057_0659Revive orb cannot be summoned at this time.
1485751_0433__ is tipsy.
1485754_0199__ toasts.
1411798_0579__ staggers.
[&AgFpNgEAAA==]Unbound Logging Axe
[&AgHnNgEAAA==]Unbound Harvesting Sickle
[&AgHdNgEAAA==]Unbound Mining Pick
1494769_0377Used to mine all metals. Rewards unbound magic on each swing in addition to mining results.
[&AgHGNgEAAA==]Sentient Aberration
[&AgFgNgEAAA==]Ember Bay Portal Scroll
[&AgF0NgEAAA==]Circus Voucher
[&AgGeNgEAAA==]Contract of Patronage
[&AgGoNgEAAA==]Skritt Worker Contract
1494770_0564Cannot link from this location.
1467148_0274Male Norn Holo-Dancer
1467148_0309Large Female Norn Holo-Dancer
1467148_0484Female Norn Holo-Dancer
1467148_0818Large Male Norn Holo-Dancer
1433487_0887New Map
109627_0987The guild, squad, or party is full.
109628_0441The player is already in another party, squad, or guild.
109791_0058Permanent Bank Access Contract
109791_0059Permanent Black Lion Merchant Contract
109791_0060Permanent Trading Post Express Contract
109810_0823Permanent Hair Stylist Contract
1367051_0789Do things and stuff.