Upcoming features from the October 18 patch
Tuesday 18th of October 2016
Hello everybody, it's Halloween!!
Here are the new items from today's update.



Mini Pets
1494769_0178Scary Pets
[&AgEjNwEA]Mini Feline Familiar
[&AgEmNwEA]Mini Oxidecimus the Shadow Raven
[&AgE4NwEA]Mini Thailog the Gargoyle
[&AgFENwEA]Mini Charles the Hellfire Skeleton
[&ClIbAAA=]Grim Pact
[&CysAAAA=]Ghostly Outfit
1504235_0708Bloodstone Glider
Gargoyle Weapons
1504239_0477Gargoyle Longbow
1504239_0595Gargoyle Focus
1504239_0886Gargoyle Mace
1508279_0572Gargoyle Sword
1508279_0676Gargoyle Short Bow
1508279_0777Gargoyle Greatsword
1508280_0143Gargoyle Warhorn
1508280_0230Gargoyle Scepter
1508280_0441Gargoyle Staff
1508281_0694Gargoyle Pistol
1508281_0972Gargoyle Rifle
1508282_0796Gargoyle Torch
1508282_0889Gargoyle Dagger
1508282_0998Gargoyle Hammer
1508283_0138Gargoyle Shield
1508283_0154Gargoyle Axe
Mad Mirror
1508279_0527Summon the Mad Mirror to carry you along the ground. You will be removed from the travel toy if you engage in combat. This item has no movement-speed bonus or additional skills.
1508281_0094King-Sized Candy Corn Node
[&AgETNwEA]Endless Halloween Enchantment
[&AgEZNwEA]Demon Statue
[&AgEaNwEA]Eternal Flame
[&AgEdNwEA]Mad Moon
[&AgEoNwEA]Hanging Tree
1508281_0374Tyrian Explorer's Knapsack
1508279_1023Double-click to receive 1 Hairstyle Kit, 1 Zephyrite Color Swatch: green, 6 Transmutation Charges, 1 Top Hat skin, 5 Metabolic Primers, and 5 Utility Primers.
1479051_0203Deploy Cannon
1479052_0444Cannon Build Site
1479052_0894Beta Cannon Blueprint
1479053_0253Cancel Build
1479054_0030Use to construct a cannon build site. The cannon's primary function is to deal heavy area damage to players. The cannon has a range of 3,750 and requires 50 supply to complete.
1479054_0698Build Cannon
1485754_0889Deployable cannons are now in beta! Buy Cannon Blueprints from the Siege Master and Permanent Portable Provisioner today!
1494771_0054Deployable Cannon Beta
1494772_0888Fire a quick shot in an evasive retreat. Gain swiftness. This can be used while retreating.
1504232_0190Fire an arrow that bleeds your target. Attacks are stronger from behind or from the side.
1504232_0652Fire a spread of five poison arrows. Poison lasts longer if the target is hit from behind.