Using the Shadowstone causes side-effects
Monday 31st of October 2016
So I've been doing some experiments together with Ixillius these past two days trying to figure out why some players get separated from their bodies and turn into anomalies when they enter a Class I Magic Rift.

First of all it's very easy to turn into one yourself: Stabilize a rift using the Class II Rift Stabilizer, set it to coordinates II-II and keep jumping (video showing how).

Now for some reason I couldn't turn into an anomaly on my main account who sided with the consortium (we've tried for over an hour), so I decided to check a lot of possible situations on alt accounts trying to figure out what could've triggered this side effect:
  • Having done no living story content
  • After completing the first living story chapter
  • After seeing / defeating the legendary anomaly
  • After hugging a sad anomaly
  • After obtaining the broken shadow stone
  • After fixing the shadow stone
  • After using the shadow stone
  • After giving the shadow stone to the consortium
  • After consuming concentrated krait oil
Long story short: it's caused by using the shadowstone on yourself. All other situations ended in me jumping around for 20 minutes straight with no side effects whatsoever.
In all, I don't think it was such a great idea to use the shadowstone on yourself.