Upcoming features from the November 21 patch
Monday 21st of November 2016
Episode 3 is here!


1508283_0285Crystalline Dragon Wings Backpack Glider Combo
[&ClwbAAA=]Crystalline Wings Backpack
1519332_0699Crystalline Dragon Wings Glider
[&CywAAAA=]Braham's Wolfblood Outfit
[&AgHpNwEA]Endless Kodan Tonic
1602266_0427Combat Tonic: Double-click to transform into a kodan or return to normal.
Mini Pets
[&AgGnNwEA]Mini Arctic Quaggan
[&AgEgOAEA]Mini Icebrood Ogre
[&AgGWNwEA]Mini Aurene
[&AgGeNwEA]Mini Owl Griffon Hatchling
[&AgHNNwEA]Mini Chicken
[&AgEFOAEA]Mini Ice Beast
1519334_0469Glacial Gauntlets Box
[&CnQbAAA=]Light Glacial Gauntlets
[&CngbAAA=]Medium Glacial Gauntlets
[&Cl4bAAA=]Heavy Glacial Gauntlets
[&CmQbAAA=]Fire Quiver Backpack
[&Cm0bAAA=]Fire Longbow
[&Cm8bAAA=]Fire Staff
[&CncbAAA=]Eir's Longbow (alternate)
Ascended Gear
[&AgE2OAEA]Koda's Warmth Enrichment
[&AgHWNwEA]Icebrood Horn Backpack
[&AgFZNwEA]Black Ice Band
[&AgGBNwEA]Black Ice Earring
[&AgHeNwEA]Wegloop's Air Mask
[&AgGdNwEA]Coral Loop
[&AgGMNwEA]Griffon Feather
[&AgGYNwEA]Griffon Feather (Exotic)
Exotic Weapons
1602264_0564Frozen Exotic Weapon Fragment
1602263_0276Cold-Forged Exotic Weapon
1519331_0199Dragon Hatchling Doll
1508283_0590Dragon Hatchling Doll Adornments
1519333_0770Dragon Hatchling Doll Eye
1508283_0217Dragon Hatchling Doll Frame
1519334_0458Dragon Hatchling Doll Hide
1519335_0887Recipe: Dragon Hatchling Doll Adornments
1602261_0481Recipe: Dragon Hatchling Doll Hide
1602266_0055Recipe: Dragon Hatchling Doll Frame
1602266_0864Recipe: Dragon Hatchling Doll Eyes
1602261_0955You do not have all of the parts required to create a Dragon Hatchling Doll.
Nightmare Skins
1508283_0562Caustic Nightmare Anelace Skin
1519332_0700Double-click to choose a Caustic Nightmare weapon skin.
[&CmMbAAA=]Caustic Nightmare Thornblade
[&CmEbAAA=]Caustic Nightmare Anelace
[&CmsbAAA=]Caustic Nightmare Corsage
[&CmwbAAA=]Caustic Nightmare Nettleguard
[&CmgbAAA=]Nightmare Anelace
[&CnkbAAA=]Nightmare Corsage
[&CmcbAAA=]Nightmare Nettleguard
[&CnYbAAA=]Nightmare Thornblade
1494772_0136Unlocks all recipes needed to craft Trust.
[&AgFjNwEA]Recipe: Loyalty
1494771_0320Unlocks the recipe to craft Loyalty.
1494771_0456Unlocks the recipe to craft Friendship.
1494767_0912Used to craft the legendary-shield precursor, Friendship. Combine in the Mystic Forge with Mystic Runestones, a Gift of Metal, and a Gift of the Mists to create the Gift of Shooshadoo.
[&AgF9NwEA]Recipe: Friendship
[&AgGoNwEA]Shard of Friendship
1494767_0381Tribute to Friendship
1494769_0019Use weaponsmithing to refine Tribute to Friendship into Shards of Friendship, which are used to craft the legendary-shield precursor, Friendship.
Ember Bay
1602264_0815Petrified Wood Node
1602262_0522Activates a Petrified Wood Node in your home instance.
Bitterfrost Frontier
[&AgGyNwEA]Bitterfrost Vantage Point
[&AgEhOAEA]Bitterfrost Frontier Portal Scroll
[&AgEfOAEA]Winterberry Bush
1602260_0377Bundle of Winterberries
1602260_0429Activates a Winterberry Bush Node in your home instance.
1504231_0188Get fresh winterberries from gathering nodes.
1519333_0370Shiny Bit of Ice
[&AgFoNwEA]Recipe: Winterberry Seaweed Salad
[&AgGxNwEA]Bowl of Winterberry Seaweed Salad
[&AgGENwEA]Winterberry Pie
[&AgEUOAEA]Legendary Torch (with a shortbow skin..)
[&AgGANwEA]Exalted Portal Stone
1519334_0170__, Siege Master!
1519332_0260__, Demolitions Expert!
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