Upcoming features from the December 13 patch
Tuesday 13th of December 2016
Merry Wintersday!


[&Cy4AAAA=]Ice Encasement Outfit
[&CocbAAA=]Scruffy Backpack
[&AgGSOAEA]Infinirarium Glider
Mini Pets
[&AgGsOAEA]Mini Festive Aurene
1602265_0127Miniature Festive Aurene Now Available!
1614968_0352Many Merry Minis
[&AgG7OAEA]Mini Tiny Snowball
[&AgG1OAEA]Mini Snowball
[&AgFtOAEA]Mini Large Snowball
1602266_0259Create in the Mystic Forge with mini snowballs.
[&AgGhOAEA]Mini Black Llama
[&AgGNOAEA]Mini Lavish Black Llama
[&AgG0OAEA]Mini Fancy Black Llama
[&AgFaOAEA]Mini Elegant Black Llama
1504231_0258Created by combining 3 Mini Fancy Black Llamas in the Mystic Forge with an Essence of Llamatic Elegance.
1504233_0506Created by combining 3 Mini Black Llamas in the Mystic Forge with an Essence of Llamatic Elegance.
1504235_0184Created by combining 3 Mini Elegant Black Llamas in the Mystic Forge with an Essence of Llamatic Elegance.
[&AgFHOAEA]Winter's Heart Infusion
[&AgFJOAEA]Hemisphere of Snow
[&AgFQOAEA]Wedge of Snow
[&AgFSOAEA]Cube of Snow
1614967_0886Large Hemisphere of Snow
1614964_0295Cuboid of Snow
1614966_0681Large Wedge of Snow
[&AgGFOAEA]Snowman Ice Sculpture
1602265_0481Bank Job Package
1602267_0164"This pack is so good, you're practically robbing me." —Evon Gnashblade
1602267_0858Lava Lounge Pass Bundle
1614964_0745Lava Lounge Pass Bundle (2 weeks)
[&AgGdOAEA]Candelabra Staff
[&CoUbAAA=]Ice Crown (ligtht)
[&Cn4bAAA=]Ice Crown (heavy)
[&CoAbAAA=]Ice Crown (medium)
1614967_0665Frostforged Axe
1614969_0188Frostforged Dagger
1614968_0944Frostforged Focus
1614964_0658Frostforged Greatsword
1614969_0838Frostforged Hammer
1614968_0316Frostforged Longbow
1614968_0476Frostforged Mace
1614968_0198Frostforged Pistol
1614968_0776Frostforged Rifle
1614967_0505Frostforged Scepter
1614965_0812Frostforged Shield
1614966_0517Frostforged Short Bow
1614964_0609Frostforged Staff
1614969_0217Frostforged Sword
1614965_0958Frostforged Torch
1614964_0850Frostforged Warhorn
[&CpIbAAA=]Wrapped Greatsword
[&CpcbAAA=]Wrapped Scepter
[&CpUbAAA=]Wrapped Shield
[&CoMbAAA=]Wrapped Staff
[&Cn0bAAA=]Wrapped Sword
[&AgGCOAEA]Mist Talisman
1494767_0033Central Tyrian Talisman If you listen carefully, you can hear the Mists calling you back.
[&AgF7OAEA]Shards of Glory Converter
1494772_0779Central Tyrian Ascended Trinkets
1494769_0430Mist Band (Infused)
[&AgFsOAEA]Mist Pendant
1485754_0927God of PvP
1494767_0076Legendary Demigod
1485754_0703Immortal Legend
1494767_0701Relentless Legend
1494770_0280Ruthless Legend
1494770_0923Merciless Legend
Central Tyrian Rewards
1485754_0684Chest of Central Tyrian Warhorns
1485754_0743Chest of Central Tyrian Longbows
1494767_0143Chest of Central Tyrian Tridents
1494767_0256Chest of Central Tyrian Greatswords
1494767_0842Chest of Central Tyrian Swords
1494768_0332Chest of Central Tyrian Staves
1494768_0361Chest of Central Tyrian Maces
1494768_0476Chest of Central Tyrian Foci
1494768_0709Chest of Central Tyrian Hammers
1494769_0091Chest of Central Tyrian Scepters
1494769_0731Chest of Central Tyrian Torches
1494769_1008Chest of Central Tyrian Rifles
1494770_0222Chest of Central Tyrian Harpoon Guns
1494770_0320Chest of Central Tyrian Pistols
1494770_0343Chest of Central Tyrian Daggers
1494770_0732Chest of Central Tyrian Axes
1494771_0302Chest of Central Tyrian Shields
1494771_0499Chest of Central Tyrian Short Bows
1494771_0848Chest of Central Tyrian Spears
1602263_0056Central Tyrian and Maguuma Ascended Cap
1602263_0107Central Tyrian and Maguuma Ascended Helm
1602263_0241Central Tyrian and Maguuma Ascended Shoulderguards
1602263_0353Central Tyrian and Maguuma Ascended Footgear
1602263_0811Central Tyrian and Maguuma Ascended Brigandine
1602263_0927Central Tyrian and Maguuma Ascended Epaulets
1602267_0932Pot of Cat-Made Soup