Upcoming features from the February 8 patch
Wednesday 8th of February 2017
Today's patch was huge (about 1400 new lines) so it took a bit longer to sift through everything. I've made sure I've left out a couple of mini-pets and items that could be considered story spoilers so you don't have to worry about those.



1635736_0112Necrotic Glider [»]
[&AgEsOQEA]Endless Miniature Tonic
Back Pack
[&AgHxOQEA]Seraph Backpack
[&CrEbAAA=]White Mantle Scroll
Mini Pets
[&AgFgOQEA]Mini Mursaat Overseer
[&AgGyOgEA]Mini Cairn the Indomitable
[&AgHHOQEA]Mini Ragged White Mantle Figurehead
[&AgGhOgEA]Mini White Mantle Figurehead
[&AgFaOQEA]Mini Samarog
[&AgFsOgEA]Mini White Mantle Battle Mage
[&AgHIOgEA]Mini Ghostly Cat
[&AgGQOgEA]Mini Fire Tornado
[&AgHwOQEA]Mini Convalescent Logan
[&AgEUOQEA]Mini Lady Valette Wi
[&AgHzOQEA]Mini Demmi Beetlestone
1635735_0737Mini Demmi Beetlestone Available!
1504232_0213Tribute to the Man o' War
1494772_0258Shard o' War
1504231_0893Recipe: Frigate
1504234_0745Recipe: Schooner
1504235_0032Recipe: Man o' War
[&CqgbAAA=]Man o' War
[&CqYbAAA=]The HMS Divinity
1635736_0493Fancy Greatsword
[&CsAbAAA=]Prisoner's Treasured Bough
[&Cs4bAAA=]Bloodstone Savant's Staff
[&CskbAAA=]Spire of Samarog
[&CrkbAAA=]Arbiter Greatbow
[&Cr0bAAA=]Indomitable Pistol
[&CtUbAAA=]Indomitable Gladius
[&Cu8bAAA=]The Gavel
[&CqQbAAA=]The Virge
[&CusbAAA=]Watchkeeper Trophy Warhorn
[&CvMbAAA=]Watchkeeper Trophy Bow
Devoted Skins
1624079_0622Devoted Scepter
1624079_0653Devoted Torch
1635734_0120Devoted Mace
1635734_0403Devoted Focus
1635734_0529Devoted Greatsword
1635735_0042Devoted Pistol
1635735_0100Devoted Axe
1635735_0128Devoted Longbow
1635735_0666Devoted Rifle
1635736_0263Devoted Shield
1635736_0744Devoted Dagger
1635736_0889Devoted Hammer
1635737_0317Devoted Warhorn
1635737_0382Devoted Sword
1635738_0089Devoted Short Bow
1635738_0811Devoted Staff
Obedient Gloves
[&CqUbAAA=]Gages of the Obedient
[&CssbAAA=]Gloves of the Obedient
[&CtEbAAA=]Gauntlets of the Obedient
Caudecus's Mask
1635738_0762Caudecus's Mask Box
1635736_0249Open to choose a Confessor Caudecus's Mask.
[&CuMbAAA=]Confessor Caudecus's Mask (light)
[&CqIbAAA=]Confessor Caudecus's Mask (medium)
[&Cs8bAAA=]Confessor Caudecus's Mask (heavy)
White Mantle Elite Guard Mask
1635736_0525White Mantle Elite Guard Mask Box
[&CqEbAAA=]White Mantle Elite Guard Mask (light)
[&CsIbAAA=]White Mantle Elite Guard Mask (medium)
[&Cr4bAAA=]White Mantle Elite Guard Mask (heavy)
1614968_0825This mask is worn by elite members of Confessor Beetlestone's guard. Equipping does not guarantee acceptance in White Mantle cliques.
Axe of the Unseen
[&CrMbAAA=]Axe of the Unseen
1519331_0649Assaulter's Axe of the Unseen
1519332_0637Malicious Axe of the Unseen
1519332_0809Healer's Axe of the Unseen
1519333_0564Defender's Axe of the Unseen
1624079_0532Thackeray's Armor Recipe Book
[&AgHuOAEA]Thackeray's Weapon Recipe Book
1635734_0303A recipe to make an ascended heavy coat with Seraph (+Condition Damage, +Precision, +Concentration, and +Healing Power) stats.
1635734_0980Visionary Inscription
[&AgHaOAEA]Unknown Ring (ascended with yellow name?)
[&AgEbOQEA]Unknown Amulet
[&AgFxOQEA]Jade Pendant
Envoy Armor
1624073_0429Refined Envoy Boots
1624075_0420Refined Envoy Breastplate
1624074_0486Refined Envoy Cowl
1624073_0846Refined Envoy Gauntlets
1624075_0155Refined Envoy Gloves
1624075_0813Refined Envoy Greaves
1624075_0037Refined Envoy Helmet
1624074_1006Refined Envoy Jerkin
1624076_0051Refined Envoy Leggings
1620517_0387Refined Envoy Mantle
1620517_0428Refined Envoy Mask
1624078_0383Refined Envoy Pants
1624075_0964Refined Envoy Pauldrons
1624076_0155Refined Envoy Shoes
1624076_0527Refined Envoy Shoulderpads
1624075_0370Refined Envoy Tassets
1624077_1007Refined Envoy Vambraces
1624075_0520Refined Envoy Vestments
Perfected Envoy Armor (light)
[&AgF4OQEA]Perfected Envoy Mask
[&AgEDOQEA]Perfected Envoy Shoulderpads
[&AgHvOAEA]Perfected Envoy Vambraces
1624074_0494Perfected Envoy Jerkin
[&AgF8OQEA]Perfected Envoy Leggings
[&AgEPOgEA]Perfected Envoy Boots
Perfected Envoy Armor (medium)
[&AgGoOQEA]Perfected Envoy Mask
[&AgEROQEA]Perfected Envoy Shoulderpads
[&AgEhOQEA]Perfected Envoy Vambraces
[&AgHCOgEA]Perfected Envoy Jerkin
[&AgGVOQEA]Perfected Envoy Leggings
[&AgGZOQEA]Perfected Envoy Boots
Perfected Envoy Armor (heavy)
[&AgEAOgEA]Perfected Envoy Mask
[&AgEzOgEA]Perfected Envoy Shoulderpads
[&AgFNOQEA]Perfected Envoy Vambraces
1624077_0504Perfected Envoy Jerkin
[&AgHkOQEA]Perfected Envoy Leggings
[&AgGtOgEA]Perfected Envoy Boots
Lake Doric
[&AgFCOgEA]Jade Fragment Node
[&AgEQOQEA]Sentient Odity
[&AgHhOAEA]Lake Doric Cache
[&AgFuOQEA]Lake Doric Portal Scroll
1624079_0178Double-click to teleport to Doric's Landing in Lake Doric. This item cannot be used while in combat.
[&AgFKOQEA]Noran's Safe Room Pass and Key
1635737_0392A package containing Noran's Safe Room Pass and a Key to Noran's Secret Chest. Requires The Head of the Snake.
1635738_0684Travel to Noran's "Safe Room." Built to keep out his enemies and guard his valuables.
Miscellaneous and Decorations
1485750_1017Claim a tile for your team.
1624073_0558You cannot use the Crystalline Heart while in combat.
1624074_0334Bundle of Jade Shards
1624076_0753Magic-Imbued Peach Core
[&AgFWOQEA]Plush Rug
1624079_0527Warm Animal Pelt
1624079_0550Mounted Dolyak Head
1635736_0066Lynx Statue
1635738_0478Portrait of Logan Thackeray
1635734_0680Portrait of Caudecus
1635734_0478Letters from E
1494770_0791Game Over
[&Cu0bAAA=]Next Legendary Weapon