Upcoming features from the May 2 patch
Tuesday 2nd of May 2017
Here's some stuff that you've probably already read about.



[&AgFdPAEA]Endless Embiggening Tonic
[&CzEAAAA=]Kasmeer's Regal Outfit
Glider & Backpack
1670158_0316Vine-Touched Destroyer Glider
[&CiIcAAA=]Vine-Touched Destroyer Wings
1670160_0202Vine-Touched Destroyer Glider Combo
Mini Pets
[&AgHcPAEA]Mini Dragon's Watch Kasmeer
[&AgFxPAEA]Mini Dragon's Watch Rox
[&AgF6PAEA]Mini Dragon's Watch Marjory
[&AgHQPAEA]Mini Dragon's Watch Taimi
[&AgH/PAEA]Mini M.O.X.
[&AgHYPAEA]Mini Smogscale
[&AgEOPQEA]Mini Nature Spirit
[&AgGNPAEA]Mini Hound of Balthazar
[&AgG1PAEA]Mini G.O.X. 2.1.23
[&AgEkPQEA-Q.Q]Mini Lone Wolf Braham
Weapon Skins
[&CigcAAA=]Mirror Focus
Druid Stone Backpack
[&CikcAAA=]Druid Stone
[&CjAcAAA=]Living Druid Stone
[&Ci4cAAA=]Blooming Druid Stone
[&CjIcAAA=]The Wayfarer's Henge
1664238_0621Houndskin Mantle Box
[&CiocAAA=]Heavy Houndskin Mantle
[&CiscAAA=]Light Houndskin Mantle
[&Ci0cAAA=]Medium Houndskin Mantle
Ascended Gear
[&AgGAPAEA]Gilded Orchid Band
[&AgERPQEA]Fire Orchid Garland
1653796_0837Fire Orchid Blossom
1635738_0962Bundle of Fire Orchid Blossoms
1653799_0370Fire Orchid Node
1653797_0925Activates a Fire Orchid Node in your home instance.
[&AgGVPAEA]Superior Sigil of Bounty
1653801_0173Recipe: Superior Sigil of Bounty
[&AgHDPAEA]Superior Rune of Nature's Bounty
1653796_0177Recipe: Superior Rune of Nature's Bounty
[&AgEFPQEA]Magnanimous Maintenance Oil
[&AgG3PAEA]Magnanimous Tuning Crystal
[&AgGKPAEA]Magnanimous Sharpening Stone
1664244_0501Recipe: Magnanimous Tuning Crystal
1664239_0774Recipe: Magnanimous Sharpening Stone
1664240_1021Recipe: Magnanimous Maintenance Oil
Flames of War
[&CiYcAAA=]Flames of War
[&Ci8cAAA=]Neophyte's Beacon
[&CiccAAA=]Forgotten Brilliance
1508280_0957Used to craft the legendary torch precursor Liturgy.
1508279_0739Recipe: Liturgy
1508280_0841Tribute to Liturgy
1508282_0302Shard of Liturgy
1508281_0017Unlocks the recipe to craft Liturgy.
1508281_0322Recipe: Forgotten Brilliance
1508279_0365Unlocks all recipes needed to craft Forgotten Brilliance.
1508283_0190Recipe: Neophyte's Beacon
1508280_0937Unlocks the recipe to craft Neophyte's Beacon.
Sentient Singularity
[&AgHgPAEA]Sentient Singularity
1653802_0244You do not have enough unbound magic to feed the sentient singularity.
1664240_0862The sentient singularity appears stable now.
PvP / WvW
1664240_0765Draconis Mons Reward Track
[&AgGkPAEA]Draconis Mons Portal Scroll
[&AgF2PAEA]Technomagical Detector
1664241_0334__ is casting.
1664238_0521Bonus Chest of the Draconis Mons Hero
1653795_0910Luminous Magical Primer
1653795_0996Shimmering Magical Primer
1653801_0975Liquid Mana
1653795_0587Ray of Mana
1653796_0769Mana Seed
1602260_0777Not-So-Secret Secret