The size of a certain enemy compared to Tyria - Part 2: adding a body
Thursday 11th of May 2017
Unlike yesterday's post this does not feature exact measurements but is more a "what if?" kind of thing I wanted to do, so it should be taken with a packet of salt.
Basically I took Primordus' skull, placed it somewhere on the map (this is to scale) and attached and scaled some bodies of known dragons to it. Result: damn.
So without further ado here are the results:
  • Contemporary Dragon (Claw of Jormag, Tequatl, the Shatterer) - This is how Primordus is more or less depicted in GW1. Its wingspan would reach all the way from Divinity's Reach to Arah making it very hard to travel underground without ripping the planet apart.
  • Snake-like Dragon (Mouth of Mordremoth) - Bit boring but would be able to travel underground. Would be half a zone wide.
  • Bipedal Dragon (Pudgy Mordremoth, Quaggan) - This looks silly... why did I create this monstrosity....