Upcoming features from the June 20 patch
Tuesday 20th of June 2017

Here are the items from the Heart of the Mists update

Loading Screens

Bonus: Looks like the location of the second loading screen can be found in the lobby


[&CzMAAAA=]Dynamics Exo-Suit Outfit
1701553_0432Fuzzy Aurene Hats now available!
[&CnYcAAA=]Fuzzy Aurene Hat (Light)
[&CnAcAAA=]Fuzzy Aurene Hat (Medium)
[&CnMcAAA=]Fuzzy Aurene Hat (Heavy)
Back Item
[&CnUcAAA=]Back Item
Mini Pets
[&AgGdPgEA]Mini Plush Aurene
1701553_0234Miniature Plush Aurene Now Available!
1664243_0022Reward for placing third in PvP monthly tournaments.
1664238_0564Mini Bronze Llama
1664239_0444Mini Fancy Bronze Llama
1664242_0459Mini Elegant Bronze Llama
1664240_0692Mini Lavish Bronze Llama
1664245_0273Reward for placing second in PvP monthly tournaments.
1664238_0052Mini Silver Llama
1664242_0809Mini Fancy Silver Llama
1664241_0460Mini Elegant Silver Llama
1664239_0406Mini Lavish Silver Llama
1664242_0844Reward for placing first in PvP monthly tournaments.
1664242_0200Mini Gold Llama
1664242_0538Mini Fancy Gold Llama
1664240_0315Mini Elegant Gold Llama
1664245_0822Mini Lavish Gold Llama
1678057_0197Lost Fancy Black Llama
[&CnQcAAA=]God-Slayer Longbow
[&CnEcAAA=]God-Slayer Short Bow
1711443_0402God-Slayer Bow Pack
1701553_0604God-Slayer Bow Pack now available!
1701553_0257This package combines both the God-Slayer Longbow and God-Slayer Short Bow at a discounted price. These weapon skins have no stats of their own.
Summer Solstice
1701553_0712Wintersday in Summer
109890_0421Midsummer Wintersday is here!
1711443_0597Wintersday in Summer Mystery Box
1701553_0370Each chest contains up to five personalized Wintersday gifts, plus an additional themed item. This includes tonics, mortars, and dyes. Chests also have a chance to contain new miniatures and rare, themed weapon-skin tickets.
1701553_0210Each chest contains up to five personalized Wintersday gifts, plus an additional themed item. This includes tonics, mortars, and red and green dyes. Chests also have a chance to contain new mini pets and rare themed weapon skin tickets.
PvP Lobby
[&AgGWPgEA]Champion's Rest Pass (2 weeks)
1670158_0487Grants access to Champion's Rest in the PvP Lobby. Redeemable at any time. Expires two weeks after first use. Double-click to display the pass.
[&AgGQPgEA]Tournament Title Scroll Flavor of the Month
1467148_0919Capture the Orb of Impending Doom and keep it close to the center of the map to earn maximum points.
1467151_0323The player who controls the Orb of Impending Doom will deal more damage, but will also take damage over time and is doomed to die a tragic death.
1479052_0806Large Orb Score
1479054_0365Medium Orb Score
1479054_0752Small Orb Score
1620517_0355Players will never respawn. Once all players on a team are dead, the round will end.
1624075_0085No Respawn
1624076_0041The number of victories required to win a game.
1692223_0616Balthazar's Brawl
1692222_0419Dwayna's Duos
1692225_0114Grenth's Game
1692222_0581Kormir's Clash
1692221_0335Melandru's Matchup
1701553_0657Core Ice Dye
[&AgGePgEA]Eternal Ice Dye
[&AgGZPgEA]Frostbite Blue Dye
[&AgGAPgEA]Frostbite Green Dye
[&AgG2PgEA]Frozen Scales Dye
[&AgGjPgEA]Permafrost Dye
109797_0330Purple Ice Dye
109768_0559Use either mouse button to change direction
109667_0365Use scrolling gestures to change direction
109667_0366Control camera angle and player direction using scroll gestures. (Note: Gestures don't scroll UI.)
1701552_0314Tormented weapon set returns to the Black Lion Weapons Specialist!
1692226_0925Inventory Shuffle
1701548_0926Dodge Step
1701549_0758Gear Grind