Upcoming features from the October 17 patch
Tuesday 17th of October 2017
Happy Halloween and the first mount skins finally arrived!


Mount Skins
1862780_0216This package contains the Spooky Raptor, Spooky Springer, Spooky Skimmer, Spooky Jackal, and Spooky Griffon, ready to celebrate Halloween in scary style!
1862778_0444Spooky Mounts Pack
1825766_0983Spooky Raptor
1862781_0840Spooky Springer
1862779_0699Spooky Skimmer
1862778_0671Spooky Jackal
1862780_0960Spooky Griffon
85491Resplendent Avialan
85491Draw every eye with a magnificent Peacock Raptor!
1862781_0200This will unlock access to this mount variant for all characters for this account.
[&AgHeTQEA]Riding Broom Glider
1825765_0709Riding Broom Glider Combo
1862783_0281This package combines the Riding Broom travel toy and Riding Broom Glider at a discounted price. Ride the wind with grace and style while gliding or running.
[&CzoAAAA=]Awakened Zealot Outfit
1825759_0364The new Awakened Zealot Outfit is now available!
[&CzkAAAA=]Fallen Balthazar Outfit
[&AgGITQEA]Touch of Madness
Mini Pets
1862778_0338Mini Choya Pumpkin Gang is now available!
[&AgHpTQEAAA==]Mini Choya Pumpkin Gang
1862783_0674Mini Elonian Familiar now available!
[&AgECTgEAAA==]Mini Elonian Familiar
[&AgEHTgEA]Mini Failed Attempt
[&AgHMTQEA]Mini Forgal
[&AgHKTQEA]Mini Gustav the Caramel Corn Elemental
[&AgGXTQEA]Mini Halloween Gourdon
[&AgHWTQEA]Mini Sieran
1862782_0411Mini Spooky Mounts Pack
[&AgHVTQEA]Mini Spooky Griffon
[&AgGZTQEA]Mini Spooky Jackal
[&AgG7TQEA]Mini Spooky Raptor
[&AgHbTQEA]Mini Spooky Skimmer
[&AgHSTQEA]Mini Spooky Springer
[&AgEFTgEA]Mini Trahearne
[&AgH7TQEA]Mini Bradford the Skeleton Ghost
[&AgHdTQEA]Mini Lord Humphrey Faren
Black Lion Weapon Skins
1773903_0206Haunted Axe
1862781_0448Haunted Dagger
1862778_0572Haunted Focus
1862784_0278Haunted Greatsword
1862778_0078Haunted Hammer
1862778_0376Haunted Longbow
1862784_0129Haunted Mace
1862780_0441Haunted Pistol
1862781_0724Haunted Rifle
1862779_0935Haunted Scepter
1862782_0952Haunted Shield
1862778_0789Haunted Short Bow
1773903_0922Haunted Staff
1862784_0182Haunted Sword
1773904_0890Haunted Torch
1862782_0505Haunted Warhorn
[&ClAeAAA=]Mad Memoires: Complete Superstition
[&Cl8eAAA=]Mad Memoires: Complete Ignition
1862782_0809Bloodstained Lunatic Noble Coat
1862780_0413Bloodstained Lunatic Noble Mask
1862784_0108Lunatic Acolyte Boots
1862783_0861Lunatic Acolyte Coat
1862784_0349Lunatic Acolyte Gloves
1862779_0744Lunatic Acolyte Mantle
1862781_0529Lunatic Acolyte Mask
1862779_0456Lunatic Acolyte Pants
1862780_0670Lunatic Noble Boots
1862780_0842Lunatic Noble Coat
1862779_0305Lunatic Noble Gloves
1862778_0416Lunatic Noble Mask
1825766_0576Lunatic Noble Pants
1862778_0173Lunatic Noble Shoulders
1862779_0110Lunatic Templar Breastplate
1862782_0686Lunatic Templar Gauntlets
1825766_0616Lunatic Templar Greaves
1862780_0190Lunatic Templar Helm
1862781_0531Lunatic Templar Pauldrons
1862778_0009Lunatic Templar Tassets
1825759_0059Lunatic Gossamer Insignia
[&CmYeAAA=]Fallen Balthazar Helm (Light)
[&CngeAAA=]Fallen Balthazar Helm (Medium)
[&CnweAAA=]Fallen Balthazar Helm (Heavy)
109598_0442Add an extra bag slot to a character's inventory. Each character can have up to 10 bag slots.
109807_0792Maximum bag-slot limit has been increased!
1862782_0239DPI Scaling
1862783_0027Ogre-Sized Yo-Yo
1862783_0685Endless Desert Mystery Tonic
1862778_0223Haunted Armchair
1862780_0004Haunted Loveseat
1862778_0126Spooky Dining Table
1862778_0906Spooky Dining Chair
[&AgEATgEA]Champion's Mad King
[&AgG6TQEA]Champion's Laurels