Upcoming features from the November 7 patch
Tuesday 7th of November 2017
Here are the new and upcoming items from today's patch.


Glider & Backpack
[&AgFaTgEA]Wild Magic Backpack Combo
[&CoMeAAA=]Wild Magic Backpack
1877043_0810Wild Magic Glider
1877043_0862This package contains the Wild Magic backpack and glider.
Outfits (retrofitted town clothes)
Mount Skins
[&AgEiTgEAAA==]Reforged Warhound
[&AgFMTgEAAA==]Mount Adoption License
1877045_0432Consuming this item will grant you one random mount from the Black Lion Stables.
1877043_0350Mount Adoption License 30 Pack
1877045_0889Get 30 mount adoption licenses. Consuming these items will give you a random mount.
1877044_0716This will change the appearance of your mount and unlock this mount skin for all characters on your account.
1877045_0399Unlock a random new mount.
1862784_0779Adopt Another
1862784_0986Adopt a new version of your mounts.
1862784_0711All Mounts Unlocked
[&CokeAAA=]Salvaged Forged Gloves (Light)
[&CoseAAA=]Salvaged Forged Gloves (Medium)
[&CpMeAAA=]Salvaged Forged Gloves (Heavy)
[&AgFvTgEAAA==]Salvaged Forged Gloves
1862784_0745Salvaged Forged Gloves now available!
[&Co0eAAA=]Salvaged Forged Helm (Light)
[&Cn4eAAA=]Salvaged Forged Helm (Medium)
[&CoYeAAA=]Salvaged Forged Helm (Heavy)
[&AgEYTgEAAA==]Salvaged Forged Helm
1877044_0692Salvaged Forged Helm now available!
Mini Pets
[&AgENTgEAAA==]Mini Kormeerkat
1862784_0871Miniature Kormeerkat now available!
1877045_0015Really enjoys facing north for some reason. Double-click to summon this miniature to follow you around. Only one miniature may be in use at a time.
1877045_0878Have a free miniature claim ticket, on us!
Shifting Sands Weapons
1692225_0417Mysterious Sands Chest
1825766_0659Shifting Sands Rifle
1825766_0870Shifting Sands Short Bow
1825766_1017Shifting Sands Longbow
1862778_0717Shifting Sands Torch
1862778_0884Shifting Sands Shield
1862778_0991Shifting Sands Warhorn
1862779_0207Shifting Sands Greatsword
1862779_0945Shifting Sands Sword
1862780_0669Shifting Sands Weapons
1862780_0680Shifting Sands Staff
1862780_0838Shifting Sands Pistol
1862781_0621Shifting Sands Scepter
1862781_0750Shifting Sands Mace
1862781_0807Shifting Sands Dagger
1862781_0832Shifting Sands Axe
1862781_0891Shifting Sands Focus
1862782_0465Shifting Sands Hammer
Dye Kits
[&AgFqTgEAAA==]Dragon's Watch Dye Pack
85610Double-click to receive a Bloodstone, Primordus, Solar and Lunar, Vibrant, and Jormag Dye Kit.
Black Lion Store
1877043_0974Black Lion Arsenal Box
1877045_0395Receive a random Black Lion Weapon skin of the weapon of your choice.
1877044_0133Black Lion Material Bag: Elona
1877043_0182Contains a selection of crafting materials—hand selected for quality by highly trained Black Lion Buyers or gathered by licensed Black Lion Hunters from all across the world.
1877045_0769Outfit Choosy Box
[&AgFOTgEAAA==]Black Lion Universal Outfit Ticket
1877045_0103Use this ticket to select your choice of any outfit released before the Awakened Zealot Outfit. *Anniversary gifts not included.
1877043_0416The Evon Gnashblade Decorative Package
1877043_0885Dress to impress with Evon Gnashblade's exclusive decorative package.
[&AgF4TgEA]Legendary Belongings of the Great Zehtuka
1862783_0191Lost Treasure of the Great Zehtuka
1877043_0234Grey Market Diamond Exchange
Twin Dynasts Gear
[&AgE9TgEA]Battle Regalia of the Twin Dynasts
1862778_0298War Cache of the Twin Dynasts
1825765_0407The Twins' Artifact
1825754_0285The Twins' Bastion
1825760_0745The Twins' Blade
1825756_0891The Twins' Brazier
1825762_0739The Twins' Breastplate
1825757_0596The Twins' Breeches
1825755_0176The Twins' Claymore
1825765_0221The Twins' Doublet
1825756_0581The Twins' Epaulets
1825758_0293The Twins' Flanged Mace
1825764_0296The Twins' Footwear
1825754_0027The Twins' Greatbow
1825757_1011The Twins' Greaves
1825759_0051The Twins' Grieving Inscription
1825760_0840The Twins' Grieving Insignia
1825761_0753The Twins' Grips
1825766_0324The Twins' Guise
1825761_0583The Twins' Harpoon Gun
1825754_0993The Twins' Herald
1825758_0063The Twins' Impaler
1825759_0005The Twins' Leggings
1825761_0785The Twins' Masque
1825751_0924The Twins' Musket
1825752_0853The Twins' Pauldrons
1825750_0373The Twins' Razor
1825765_0103The Twins' Reaver
1825766_0397The Twins' Revolver
1825759_0474The Twins' Short Bow
1825757_0556The Twins' Shoulderguard
1825753_0633The Twins' Spire
1825763_0484The Twins' Striders
1825759_0182The Twins' Tassets
1825756_0262The Twins' Trident
1825756_0901The Twins' Visage
1825762_0781The Twins' Visor
1825761_0745The Twins' Wand
1825757_0211The Twins' Warfists
1825753_0658The Twins' Warhammer
1825757_0625The Twins' Wristguards