Changes made to the world-map
Saturday 2nd of December 2017
As you probably have noticed ArenaNet updated the world map in the latest patch and they've made some subtle and not so subtle changes to it. I've already updated my Historical Guide with the updated files so you can get an idea what's there.

Updated tiles

The map uses a tile system of 512x512 pixel images that are placed next to each other to form a map, in this update they changed about 150 of them:

Charr Homelands

A very subtle change was made to the northern part of the map, right at the spot where Kralkatorrik was sleeping for thousands of years.


Even more subtle where the changes made to Dajkah, these are almost indistinguishable to the naked eye but a lot of the sea textures around the inlet have been changed.

Mahnkelon Waterworks

The main buildings from an important story mission in Guild Wars 1 suddenly showed up on the map

Fortress of Jahai

The Fortress of Jahai prevented Guild Wars 1 players from traveling directly from Kourna to Vabbi, forcing them to take the long way around.

Bokoss Prison

The prison where Kormir got locked up after the failed attack on Gandara and should've stayed.